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Brompton P-Line: Foldable bike with a slimmer and lighter design!


Anyone who wants a Brompton will appreciate the lighter, slimmer P-Line, which weighs just 9.65kg and can be handled with ease when needed. The bike has an unremarkable ride when folded, which is hampered by small wheels & tires, as well as a saddle that isn’t designed for long periods of sitting. Four gears are handled by a handlebar shifter, and the brakes are caliper-style. The Brompton P-Line foldable bike may be folded and stored in a variety of places, including railway luggage holds, automobile trunks, and even a cabinet under the stairs. However, Brompton bikes are pricey, and if you don’t mind carrying a little extra weight, you’d be better off opting for one of the standard-issue Brompton models.

This Brompton P-Line foldable bike is a lighter variant of the company’s original folding bike, which even the British company has been modifying and fine-tuning for the past 45 years. You get the typical odd design lines and a high price tag, but you also have the added benefit of being able to ride along the road with a bit less weight to carry.

Owing to lighter components & technical modifications, the overall weight was reduced by approximately two pounds when compared to a conventional Brompton C-Line model. Its Brompton P-Line foldable bike weighs just 9.65kg overall, which is a fantastic start.



Brompton is keen to emphasize the attractiveness of the newest P-Line (like in P for Performance) version, owing to its 1.85kg weight reduction over the ordinary version with this folding classic. That may not seem like much, but if you have to carry the bike for any length of time, you will notice it. By substituting the steel-framed original with such a titanium rear frame piece and forks. As well as a variety of additional weight-loss adjustments to other components, 700g of weight saving.

To look at, though, this is a traditional Brompton, with the same folding mechanism as the rest of the line. Now it appears that you either know how to unfold and fold a Brompton bike or you don’t. You’ve always found them cumbersome, especially in comparison to other folding bikes, such as the Axon Pro Lite and or chunkier but still excellent GoCycle G4. Brompton has undoubtedly made a creative design.

The Brompton P-Line foldable bike was no exception, requiring considerable effort to set up. The technique included two persons, a YouTube video, and a greasy chain falling off. It was extremely difficult to climb into the saddle. Perhaps the fact that this was a refreshed bike that had already been evaluated didn’t help matters. Perhaps this was also why there was no toolkit or anything else for that matter. But after roughly 30 minutes, the Brompton P-Line was complete, and it looked great in shiny black as well.

Brompton P-Line: Four-speed derailleur gear

Brompton P-Line: Four Speed gear

The design is fantastic because it has a four-speed derailleur gear set, that’s even handier because you can quickly hinge the bottom arm upwards & thread a chain back on. This left-hand side of a handlebars’ shifting mechanism is nice and effective. There are also two little wheels here on the back of the bike that allows you to transport it half-folded if necessary. If you trap in an unexpected out on the road. A suspension block with a frame design provides some comfort.

There’s also a bracket on the front of your bike for a carry bag attachment, with an example supplied in the package with our model. In classic cycling form, traditional 16-inch wheels of Schwalbe tires and basic caliper/rim brakes complete the picture. You particularly loved the complete mudguards, which have quickly become an important part of the kit. If you commute to work in the rain and want to keep your suit clean.

This bike comes equipped with reflectors but no lights. You’d also want to see a kickstand, but it is still simply a cheap plastic attempt for convenience’s sake. You’ll need to account for the lights in your budget, particularly if you’ll be driving home at night.


  • Frame: Steel mainframe, titanium rear frame.
  • Fork: Titanium with a threaded headset.
  • Weight: 9.89kg claimed.
  • Gearing: 4-speed.
  • Rear derailleur: Direct mount 4-speed.
  • Cranks: 6061 forged aluminum crank with 50t chainring and integrated chainguard.
  • Shifters: Brompton 4-speed trigger shifter.
  • Cassette: Brompton 4-speed, 11-13-15-18.
  • Brakes: Dual pivot rim brake.
  • Tires: Schwalbe One Black 16×1 1/3in.
  • Wheels: Brompton 16-inch alloy.
  • Seatpost: Brompton Extended Chromoly steel.



When riding the Brompton P-Line down the road, the feeling is very similar to that of the lesser Brompton models. Even with such tiny small wheels, the bike is wonderful on the flat. Whether you have accessibility to smooth purpose-built cycling paths. Of course, there’s the slightly strange sensation of gripping handlebars that you know you folded up previously. But there’s also the certainty that the sturdy bracket won’t fail you. Everything feels a touch more hazardous when you hit less-than-ideal British road conditions.

That has little to do with its Brompton P-Line, which handles less smooth surfaces admirably. Over terrible potholes or speeding up over low curbs. You’ll want to pull your rear off the saddle. But that’s par for the course for any cycling experience within the UK.

Meanwhile, taking the Brompton P-Line throughout its paces in mountainous places necessitates careful gear selection, as this is a bike that, despite its reduced weight, isn’t well suited to severe inclines. Coming down the opposite side, on the other hand, is a blast, and those brakes do the job. But they lack the sophisticated power of discs & rotors.

The Brompton P-Line on a variety of terrain, including gravel walks, performed admirably. The tiny tires might catch you off guard if you’re not careful. But, the design of bikes is especially on city streets. Nonetheless, knowing that the Brompton can aid you with any cross-country shortcuts is useful if you’re running late for a workplace meeting.

Given the trend toward home and hybrid working. It’s unclear how so many P-Line versions will wind up used as true commuter bikes. This is a costly bike to purchase for casual usage, as good as it is.

Price and release date

Brompton P-Line: Price and release date

This Brompton P-Line Urban is now available in the UK and costs £2,264 ($2793 in the US). However, a Brompton P-Line Urban with Roller Frame, which starts at £2,344 ($2,892 in the US) and has bigger trolley-style wheels for easy moving when needed, is also available.

Brompton also has a wonderful variety of bike accessories that design exclusively for the range and can customize at an extra cost.


A folding bike is nearly unrivaled in terms of utility for a genuine city bike which will take you from work to the stores, on the train and bus, and home through the café. As well as the Brompton P Line blends that convenience with low weight and a quick, small-wheeled ride.

Although the P Line’s weight reductions are useful for carrying & climbing. Especially if upper-body strength isn’t your strong suit (as it is for all of us). It comes at a hefty price premium over Brompton’s more cheap versions.

The P Line delivers the zippy ride & character you’ve come to expect of Brompton in a lighter, carry-friendly design if weight reductions are essential to you.

Otherwise, the brand’s less expensive selections will provide you with enough cash to buy lighting, baggage, and whatever else you need.

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