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Make your transportation hassle-free with the best folding e-bikes of 2024!

Folding e bikes
Folding e bikes

Electric bikes are a terrific option for city riding, reducing the sweat out of running errands, and folding e-bikes are even better. No need to worry about making space for your bike at home, on public transportation, or at work. You just have to simply fold it down and store it neatly out of the way.

There’s a wide selection of foldable e-bikes to bring you a thorough list of the finest on the market. These bikes have put through all of their paces in real-world situations, mastering their folding mechanics, evaluating their battery life, analysing their comfort, and determining their overall viability for city riding.

Gocycle G4

Folding e-bikes

Gocycle is one of the most well-known manufacturers of folding e-bikes, and the G4 is its most advanced model to date. The star of the show is a fresh new motor that provides seamless power assistance when you need it the most, and it’s fueled by a huge capacity battery that can keep you going for up to 40 miles per charge. It also charges rapidly, so you won’t have to keep it put in charge overnight.

The frame is a design masterpiece, folding down quickly but remaining reassuringly strong when completely built. It’s hardly featherweight, but Gocycle has shaved 1kg off the weight by cleverly combining various materials throughout the chassis. This results in a bike that is well-balanced and simple to transport.

It, like many folding e-bikes, has tiny wheels that may be harsh on uneven ground, but a little shock absorber behind the seat absorbs the worst of the bumps.

It comes at a premium price, and if you’re on a tight budget, the fantastic MiRider One below will be a better fit, but if you’re looking for a foldable e-bike to be your new daily rider, the price is justified.

Mycle Compact

Folding e-bikes

If you’re looking for a machine for short trips, the Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike is a fun, vibrantly little number that’s well worth investigating. There are two battery sizes available, each with a range of 20km or 30km. That’s quite short for an e-bike. However, most bike trips are much under that distance, so it shouldn’t put you off.

If the range isn’t an issue, this is a lightweight and practical e-bike that folds up and stores easily at home, on public transportation, or at the workplace. The power supply isn’t very smooth, but it successfully smooths out your path and allows you to get to your workstation without breaking a sweat.

The Mycle Compact is also one of the most economical folding e-bikes on the market, with prices beginning at £899. That’s less than the price of most fixed-frame electric bikes, much alone those with the extra technical complications of a folding mechanism.

MiRider One

Folding e-bikes

The MiRider One is a pretty outstanding folding e-bike — it folds up in less than a minute, it’s one of the lightest versions available, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive. It’s also incredibly pleasant to ride, and it’s incredible how robust its magnesium alloy chassis feels when riding it. There are no sacrifices; it does not feel at all like a folding bike.

The power controls of the MiRider One are simple to operate and all within easy reach of your thumb.

When it comes time to store the bike, the frame neatly folds in half, the seat post pulls back, and the handlebars stem folds down. The pedals also tuck in, and the whole thing fits into a waterproof case.

It doesn’t have enough range for a lengthy touring trip, but if you want a foldable e-bike for everyday use, the MiRider One is the best option.

Brompton M6L Electric

Brompton e bike

Given its background, it’s no surprise that the Brompton M6L Electric is a superbly build folding e-bike. Brompton, a British business that has been making folding bikes since the 1970s, has now put a 250W engine and a 300Wh battery to its trademark curving frame. If your pocketbook can withstand the price tag, it’s a winning mix.

The M6L Electric rides surprisingly well, thanks to a front hub motor developed in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering — a team better recognised for its efforts in Formula One and Formula E. It feels extremely different from a bike with a rear hub engine, and it’s a lot of fun riding it; it seems like you’re drag racing it along.

Unlike many folding e-bikes, the M6L Electric’s power pack is located on the front of the bike. It’s not especially stylish, but it allows you to quickly detach the battery for recharging rather than plugging in the complete bike, and it makes the bike considerably lighter and simpler to take upstairs with the pack removed.

E trends

If you’re on a tight budget, the E-Trends Fly is a great choice. It was initially priced at £899. However, it has subsequently reduced as low as £699. However, making it an exceptional bargain for any electric bike – let alone a foldable one is a more difficult feat of engineering.

The ride is smooth, and the controls are simple to use with a flick of the thumb. There’s also a pushing mode, which allows you to step off and wheel it along the sidewalk for a distance with a little aid from the battery.

The design is unusual, and it appears less sophisticated and coherent than other electric bikes, but at such a low price, it’s a small gripe. It’s worth mentioning that it employs V-brakes, which perform admirably. However, there’s a lack in the stopping strength of the disc brakes. It’s also clearly hefty, which might be a problem if you require a portable folding e-bike.

Mate City

Folding e-bikes

The Mate City is a genuine conversation starter, with its elegant frame gaining a lot of compliments. It’s also well-made, with a sturdy frame that folds up quickly and can be simply modified to fit your height and ideal riding posture.

On the handlebars, a tiny LCD monitor shows the battery status, your speed, and the distance and time of your current ride. It’s a useful feature that eliminates the need to mount your smartphone on the bike, which is always problematic if you’re prone to forgetfulness and leave your phone behind.

The Mate City, on the other hand, is rather heavy, weighing about 22.5kg with the battery affixed. You won’t be gliding up and down stairs on it. However, if the simplicity of storage at either end of your journey is your primary motivation for purchasing a folding e-bike, it’s well worth your attention.


Due to the necessity for sturdy frames with resistant joints, folding e-bikes are often heavier than non-folding equivalents, although even this is becoming less of an issue. The Gocycle G4 and MiRider One, the two top-rated e-bikes in this guide, weigh just over 17kg apiece, making them simple to take on a train or up a flight of stairs.

Don’t be thrown off by the cost; folding e-bikes are much less expensive than you may think. They’re still a significant investment, although costs are only slightly more than comparable non-folding versions.

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