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Charge Bikes City E-bike: Classic urban e-bike for riders!


The Charge Bikes City is a classic urban commuter, packing a slew of important functions into a fairly priced E-bike. It’s also one of the very best for shipping directly to customers and unpacking with minimal effort. It’s therefore great for beginning riders or those who haven’t cycled in a while.

It is reasonably priced for an e-bike, starting at $1,699, and the City is available both in a low-step or a high-step variant, as well as two sizes, to comfortably suit riders ranging in height from 5 feet 1 inch through 6 feet 3 inches. It functions in pedal assistance mode like most e-bikes, but it can also switch to purely electric mode as needed. The Charge Bikes City later added the front-rear lights, complete tires, and a 50 m battery range. Read the remainder of the Charge Bikes City review to find out what else we liked.


Charge Bikes City E-bike: Classic urban e-bike for riders!
Charge Bikes City E-bike: Classic urban e-bike for riders! 7

The Charge City costs $1,699 and was released earlier this year (2020). The City is available in blue or silver, with a low-step and standard versions (all at the same price). It’s also available in two sizes: one for riders 5’1″ to 5’9″ and another for riders 5’10” to 6’3.”

The charge does have the XC for $2,499 if you’re looking for that for country roads. Charge’s Comfort, priced at $1,699, is a good option for older riders searching for a comfortable e-bike.


Many electric bikes are beginning to resemble traditional bicycles, as well as the City bike, will be no exception. Aside from the battery mounted on the frame, the City resembles a regular hybrid bike.

The battery is detachable, allowing you to charge it without having to take the entire bike inside, which is very beneficial for individuals who live in apartments.

Charge Bike City Display at handlebars

The bike has a display just on the handlebar that shows your speed and allows you to set a target speed. The display additionally shows the power assistance level, which is available in five different modes to assist you in climbing hills with ease.

You won’t have to worry if the sunset. While you’re still riding the City bike, has front and backlights that turn on instantly when needed.

puncture-resistant Goodyear tires

The puncture-resistant Goodyear tires are another useful feature. That allows you to ride in any condition without collapsing like you would on a less capable bike. You have some added security in combination with lights to keep you secure while commuting across city streets.

Folding handlebars

The City bike includes folding handlebars and petals for simple storage. While this feature might appear divisive, it is extremely useful for storage. A folded City bike may fit into almost any place because nothing protrudes too far from the edges. When riding, however, the petals feel weak and low-quality, as if they would break off at any moment. The handlebar, on the other hand, feels solid, and its foldability is less noticeable.

The fender is one conspicuous and irritating component. It’s supposed to keep mud off your trousers and legs, but if they’re a little out of place, they’ll scrape against the tire, generating a continual noise.


The City E-Bike features a battery that can be removed, but will it stay long enough to even for you? The battery offers a range of 500 m at 418 WH. This may be more than enough for some; for others, it may only get us you back home. Especially if you need speed and keep the throttle pressed down for the whole of the ride, 50 miles can rapidly become 40.

The throttle on the City bike acts as a type of pedal aid, allowing you to attain the bike’s top speed of 20 miles. While some may argue that this isn’t fast sufficient, many cities have it as the top bicycle speed restriction. Other bikes, on the other hand, can assist you to reach higher speeds if that’s what you want and it’s legal in your area. ​

The motor is the essential component that allows you to achieve 20 mph. Charge’s City bike can move you 1 mile in about 3 minutes at 250W. Even when traveling downhill, the motor keeps you moving smoothly. The City bike holds steady in which most bikes would become shaky and unsteady, giving you confidence in your journey. ​

The automated tire pressure sensors are a fantastic, surprise feature of these bikes. When your tire is properly inflated, the pressurization sensor indication turns green, but when it needs air, it turns red. Some may believe that since you can feel your tire pressure much more than a car. This is unnecessary but can help to get the most from your ride.


Charge Bike City Performance

The Charge City is extremely agile for such a large bike when riding around town. Whether you’re working its way your way through halted traffic or dodging past potholes, it handles admirably. It also maintains its composure at higher downhill speeds, with no extreme wobbles or vibrations that could undermine a rider’s confidence.

On putting this product on both rough city streets and gentler bike lanes and parkways, it performed admirably in both. In urban traffic, when riders must stick their minds up scanning for inattentive cars and pedestrians, its high riding stance and large handlebar grips made it feel safer. Front and rear disc brakes kept us through the trouble, and they were quick without being overly touchy or grabby. Furthermore, we found the backlight to be useful in making drivers aware of our existence (Cyclists are frequently rear-ended by autos, resulting in bike-car incidents).

A carbon fiber road bike or even a 20-pound trail jumper aren’t going to be running circles around the Charge City. But they’re thousands of dollars more and aren’t as pleasant to ride on city streets.

Battery life

Charge Bikes City Battery life

The Charge City’s lockable battery is detachable, allowing you to plug it in inside. It is rated at 50 miles by the company, but as with other e-bikes, your mileage may vary. If you press down on the left handlebar’s thumb throttle, the battery will drain faster. Then that if you keep it set up to only help you at low settings.

The bike has a monochrome display that allows you to simply set the electric help levels . It also displays the remaining battery charge and the distance traveled. To manage mild hills and standing starts, we usually kept it at 2 or 3. Taking off after stoplights on hills, the throttle button proved especially useful. We were able to accomplish three days or more of ordinary city travel before needing to recharge in this setup (very much by the company’s mileage rating). The bike’s lights lighted up the road well at night, and the throttle let us get past possible problems when we ran out of gas.

The 250-watt motor on the Charge City can also offer heavier riders a boost. Allowing them to really get to work or even across the city without burning a sweat. Even better, the City’s electric assistance is so smooth. Thanks to the Bafang hub motor & Shimano gears you’ll swear you’re doing all the effort yourself.

Other alternatives:

There is a slew of new e-bikes on the market right now. All attempting to capitalize on the heightened interest inside the category that has since the outbreak. There are quicker 28-mph urban e-bikes on the market, like the Gazelle Medeo T10+ HMB, and they can easily be worth $2,000 more. Models with a much more visually pleasing appearance and technical elements, like the VanMoof S3, are also included in this category. However, such bikes will set you back around $500 extra.

As a result, Charge Bikes City hits a sweet spot in terms of affordability and performance for those cliff dwellers wishing to rekindle their passion for biking not just on weekends and also during the week.


Charge Bikes City may be the greatest e-bike available right now if you plan on commuting to work. It not only has full-fenders to protect you tidy and a back rack. For just a pack or backpack but also accomplishes everything well at a very cheap price. It has a fluid five-level power assist and a full-power throttle option, which we liked. Indeed, the Charge City includes all of the required bells and whistles for a commuter, including a siren (In reality, it’s a superior and extremely loud electronic horn). If you don’t want to, you do not even need to pedal.

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