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GoPro Volta – Get your GoPro some extra juice and grip!

GoPro Volta
GoPro Volta

GoPro manufactures some of the greatest action cameras available. The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the top option due to its unrivaled picture and stabilization quality, while the Hero 9 Black remains competitive after more than a year on the market. The brand’s focus on accessories, the newest of which is the battery grips tripod hybrid – the GoPro Volta – also makes GoPro cameras stick out.

The Volta is a highly useful attachment to the GoPro Hero 9 or Hero 10 black, packed with features, and ideal for anybody who doesn’t require a waterproof grip. It’s easy to use and adds a lot of utility to the line, transforming into a tripod, prolonging the battery life of your camera, and providing both wireless networks remote control over your Hero. You’ll need to get the Volta as part of the Hero 10 Black Creator Edition, which also contains certain Mods, for a completely finished vlogging setup.

When disconnected, the Volta’s fixed USB-C cable coil is cumbersome, and putting the USB-C connection into the socket may be difficult, whether you’re using a camera independent or as part of the Production Mod system. Once everything is in place and linked, the Volta alleviates battery concern and provides a comfortable hand-held shooting experience, as well as a stable one when used with a tripod.

If you don’t already own a Hero 10 Black, the Creator Edition is an excellent choice for Youtube users or vloggers wishing to build a small video setup with external sound. The Media Mod aids in the collection of high-quality audio, and the superb light mod is a fantastic tool for videographers, whether used as part of the GoPro setup or on a remote shoot.

Specs at a glance:

  • The built-in battery provides over four hours of 5.3K/30 recording time
  • Integrated camera buttons for easy one-handed control
  • Built-in tripod legs flip out for stable shots
  • Wirelessly controls camera from up to 98 ft (30m) away²
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Status lights for battery life + camera mode
  • Compatible with GoPro Mods + Accessories
  • Mounting fingers rotate and tilt the camera
  • Charges other USB-C devices
  • Battery capacity: 4900 mAh
  • Power input/output type: USB-C
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours with GoPro Supercharger

Price And Availability

While the Volta is an excellent attachment on its own, when combined with the Hero 10 Black, Light Mod, and Media Mod, it forms part of the Creator Edition package, which includes a powerful microfilming setup.

The Volta is available for £83.99 / $90.99 with a GoPro membership or $129.99 / $119.99 without one. However, pricing becomes more complicated when you include the Creator Edition.

The Creator Edition is available at the greatest price for new GoPro customers – £508.45 / $531.95/ AU $820.33. Pretty expensive for a system this strong, especially when paired with a mic like the DJI Mic or Rode Wireless Go II.

If you already have a GoPro subscription, the Creator Edition package will cost you £558.46 / $581.96 / AU$890.33. While those without a membership would pay £759.95 / $784.95 / AU$1204.75. Picking up a GoPro membership at $49.99 / £49.99 / AUS $69.99 a year is a no-brainer.


You can probably guess what Volta does just by looking at it. To begin with, it’s a grasp. The coiled, hanging USB-C cord hints that it powers your action camera, but the switches on its side regulate shooting modes and video capture. There’s also a tripod connection at the bottom, which means it’s also mountable and you can also mount your GoPro on top of it.

When you look closely at the Volta, you’ll see a USB-C connector behind a flap that allows you to charge the Volta’s battery, as well as a hidden action cam mount that must be pushed into view with the press of a spring-loaded lever.

This means that you can attach the Volta to your bars or car hood without having to remove your GoPro. Finally, the grip flaps on the front side extend, transforming the Volta into a tripod.

Swivel Stick

If you’ve never used a camera grip previously, it’s just a big stick that you attach your camera on and wave like an Olympic torch. Why? It’s comfier to carry for extended periods of filming – especially when you’re out and about.

It’s easy to hold the Volta. Volta is hefty enough to hold with purpose, but not so thick that you can’t wrap your fingers around it firmly. The tripod legs of the Volta contribute to its sleek design by easily slipping into place when not in use.


Linking your action camera to your Volta is simple enough if you have the current firmware. The Volta comes with a battery gate that replaces the standard gate and allows you to plug the grip into your camera.

This reduces weatherproofing to waterproofing, but it also allows you to manage your camera without having to couple it with your Volta. Wireless control is as simple as connecting Bluetooth to the camera’s settings. Also, no need to fiddle with the GoPro app.

Usability of GoPro Volta

GoPro Volta

In real-world usage, the Volta’s grip is comfy, its capabilities are sensible, and its design performs a wonderful job of extracting even more from your GoPro. It simply turns into a tripod, is secure when the legs are secured in ‘grip mode,’ and having the option to install the Volta is really useful.

The main area the Volta drops the ball is awkwardness. USB Type-C cable, It’s a tassels curled thing that swings from the grip base and won’t be replaced. A removable USB-C cable rather than a fixed one is preferable, or another more elegant solution.

The Volta is also sluggish to charge, taking nearly 2 hours to charge with a fast charger. Given that some smartphones with comparable battery sizes, like the OnePlus Nord CE 2, power up in just over 30 mins, completely charging the Volta can be an unpleasant wait when you’re in a hurry.


GoPro already has a slew of grips. However, one floats another stretch, and now the Volta, the smartest of them all, with a 4600mAh battery, remote control, and the ability to transform into a tripod. It’s also available as part of the Creator Edition package with the Hero 10 Black and various modifications, making it an appealing alternative for mobile designers.

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