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Best Flash Drives for outstanding backup!


A flash drive makes it a snap to back up documents, photos, videos, and then some, or move records between your cell phone and PC, and the best flash drives for iPhone are extraordinarily compatible with your phone and deal a lot of extra room. They’ll likewise move between gadgets at high speeds, because of USB 3.0 innovation.

When shopping, you’ll need to ensure that your iPhone model is compatible with a flash drive.

Dissimilar to a standard USB streak drive, you’ll require a drive with a USB connector toward one side and — if that you have an iPhone 5 model or later a Lightning cable on the other.

What’s more, to transfer and move videos from cameras, a glimmer drive with a miniature USB port can likewise be great to have.

SanDisk iXpand streak flash drive

flash drive for iPhone

The SanDisk iXpand streak flash drive is an awesome choice for most iPhone clients. Download the iXpand application, and when you plug in the flash drive, it’ll naturally back up documents and permit you to move photos and videos off your phone, opening up storage space.

There’s likewise a choice to utilize the in-app camera to immediately take and store photos. The flash drive is equipped with secret word security, however, there’s no touch ID included.

This drive includes a Lightning connector that is joined to an adaptable circle that fits through most iPhone cases and it works with USB 3.0. Furthermore, it comes in a few stockpiling abilities to suit your necessities.

Sunany 128gb flashdrive

affordable flash drive

This iPhone flash drive is another reasonable choice, and it has in excess of 17,000 audits from Amazon customers.

This drive is for iPhone highlights USB 3.0 and miniature USB ports and a Lightning connector, and it likewise accompanies a Type-C connector.

The flash drive for iPhone features USB 3.0 and small-scale USB ports and a Lightning connector, and it in like manner goes with a Type-C connector. This drive is amazingly simple to use, you plug it in and follow the prompts to download the related application from the App Store and that’s it.

iDisk 128 gb 4 in 1 Flash Drive for iPhone

four in one flash drive with more space capability

Giving significant flexibility, the iDiskk 4-in-1 flash drive is the ideal choice for anybody needing to associate their iPhone to a camera, tablet, or one more sort of gadget. This drive for iPhone includes a Lightning connector for your telephone, a USB 3.0 port, a USB Type-C connector (which works with the Macbook Pro), and a miniature USB connector for cameras and Android gadgets.

The downloadable app makes it simple to move and back up records, and there’s likewise a touch ID and secret word assurance element to keep everything secure. Nonetheless, you may need to eliminate your telephone case to utilize this flash drive for iPhone.

Sandisk 64 gb iXpand Flash Drives for iPhone

This high-analyzed SanDisk streak drive has a basic keychain circle. Making it simple to join your keychain and take it anyplace. It includes a Lightning connector and USB 3.0 port for high-velocity record moves to your PC.

You can use the iXpand flash Drive app to set up a programmed backup from your iPhone. And your documents can be password ensured.

JSL JDTDC 128 gb Flash Drives for iPhone

Featuring a smooth silver plan, this 3-in-1 glimmer flash drive has Lightning, USB 3.0, and Type-C connectors. To rapidly move documents between various gadgets.

You can back up storage from your iPhone with a single tick using the matching app. And it’s likewise simple to store photos and videos continuously on the drive-by utilizing the in-app camera.

In addition, the flash drive upholds document encryption to keep your information secure.

Qubii 128 gb Flash Drives for iPhone

The Qubii photo collect flash drive naturally backs up your records. Each time you charge your iPhone, you never need to make sure to do it. Simply insert a micro SD card into the capacity solid shape and fit the crash into your charging block.

Then, at that point, it’ll safely back up documents each time you plug in your iPhone. And it’s not difficult to change to another miniature SD card when you want extra stockpiling.

Likewise, you can plug the Qubii into the USB port on your PC to see, alter, and move records.

HooToo Flash Drives for iPhone

HooToo flashdrive for iPhone

Available in both 128GB and 256GB limits, this iPhone USB flash drive is MFI affirmed to work with your iPhone. However, this flash drive goes past drag and dump storage.

You can set a password with iTouch encryption and your pin code to protect your contents. The other end is a USB 3.0, so assuming you’re hoping to move photos and videos to another MacBook, you will require a USB-C dock.

Eatop USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drive

Eatop USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drives for iPhone

With a lighting connector for your mobile phone, just as a USB 3.0 and USB-C connector, you can move photographs and pictures from your iPhone to both new and old PCs. It composes generally rapidly too with 30MB of writing speed at up to 80MB of reading speed (when associated with a PC). Furthermore, it incorporates encryption programming to password protect anything you store.


Most importantly Flash drives are for saving up your data and you can restore that saved data at the time you need. And for that, you have to purchase 128 Gb of data storage in a flash drive. With a flash drive, you can transfer your saved data to any other device you choose. For that iDisk 128 GB, 4 in 1 Flash Drives for iPhone is best. You can transfer to any device you want without any problems with a pin. But at the last it’s your choice what you buy.

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