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Best iPhone XR Screen Protector Review by iSOUL


iPhone XR Edge to Edge and Ultra HD

We’ve rounded up the best iPhone XR screen protector for your iPhone, so you can stop the scratches and cracks on your iPhone screen before they happen.



iphone xr tempered glass

Ultra HD Clear

Most screen protectors as we know are made from glass however this is partially true and most of the time it made from the PET (Plastic) material which is very inferior to glass and it does not have good quality or light pass-through rate as real glass. This Protectors made from crystal clear real HD glass. Using iSOUL screen protector which is very superior to glass made from PET, you can rest assure that you will get perfect retina quality display without losing any details.

iPhone xr glass screen protector

Oleophobic Coating

Coating plays a very important role in the daily use of your phone. If the coating is not correctly applied then you have tons of fingerprint, smudges and rough surface. Unfortunately, most screen protectors have this coating applied only partially which means it will deteriorate in less one week of use, iSOUL glass has a full oleophobic coating on complete glass and it can remain there for at least 30 times longer than any other screen protectors.

iphone xr tempered glass

Anti-Scratch Protection

Scratches and glass are like made for each other and glass products gets scratches very easily and especially the iPhone screen. Screen protectors claim that it is anti-scratch but in reality, they turn out quite the opposite, However, iSOUL screen protectors are 100% scratchproof and if you have this glass on your device it will have no scratches and your phone screen will remain brand new for years to come!

iphone xr screen protector glass

Premium Quality

Made from high-quality material that can withstand persistent sweating, oils, bubbles or heavy dust, Normally it just sticks on your screen but thanks to PUREHD technology, iSOUL screen guard will remain clear for a longer period so you can enjoy the screen time.

iphone xr screen protector tempered glass

Ultra-Smooth 3D Touch

3D touch support is not an option but requirements now as the new iOS system has this core functionality inbuilt and you will need a screen protector that supports this core feature. Many screen protectors claim to have support for this feature but it’s not accurate and due to lack of multi-layer system it doesn’t accurately capture the response. Thanks to 3D Touch support feature and XF Glass layer that will give you an amazing browsing experience! Feels like you are touching the real screen!

iphone xr full screen protector

Round Edges

You don’t want to get a cut from a glass as its very painful and general screen protectors does not have rounded edges and it makes it somewhat dangerous to use as you may get serious cuts if you are not careful enough. iSOUL glass has rounded edges which are ultra-smooth and it will not give you nasty scratches no matter how you use it. Be careful out there!

iphone xr screen protector edge to edge


There are various types of designs in iPhone XR screen protectors and most of them do not cover the full screen and has cut out for notch, This is an old design and it was designed to support face ID, However, iSOUL Screen Protectors covers the full screen, including the top-notch and it works absolutely fine with the face ID as they have not only improved the design but also added a layer that is anti-reflective for the face id and you will never have any issue and as a bonus, This glass is an edge to edge and protect every corner of your screen and it is fully compatible with iPhone XR or iPhone 11.

iphone xr screen protector 2 pack

Pack Of 2 & Case Friendly

iSOUL screen protectors are case-friendly so you don’t have to worry about finding the case that is compatible with screen protectors, You can buy any case that you like and you can rest assured that screen protector will fit without any fuss and most important it comes in a Pack of 2 so you can use it twice in case the first one gets damaged.

best iphone xr screen protectors

Best Quality and Price

They are so confident in the quality that iSOUL giving a lifetime warranty on protectors and offering a very special price to our customers for a limited period on iPhone XR Screen Protector.

What to look for when buying a Screen Protector?

  • 3D TOUCH COMPATIBLE: All screen protectors fully compatible with Apple iPhone XR 3D Touch technology.
  • REAL GLASS: Glass made from real glass and its not a PET or other plastic material so it gives you a premium feel.
  • ULTRA STRONG: 9H Glass so that you can rest assured that it will protect your phone from scratches and bumps.
  • EXTRA THIN: These protectors are very thin so you won’t even notice that it’s on your phone.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: iSOUL Glass comes with Lifetime Warranty so you don’t have to lose a penny! Ever!!
  • FREE NEXT DAY UK DELIVERY: Free Next Day Delivery for Prime Members and others can get free from the seller!
  • Check out this awesome article to get a FREE DELIVERY for any Amazon order of any value.





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