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Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Bigger in sound and value!


The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro truly wireless earbuds from Anker Soundcore deliver excellent sound. It is tailored to your specific hearing profile. A pair of inexpensive buds like these benefit greatly from the wide and detailed soundstage coverage as well as the high dynamic range.

With a thick body that sticks from your ear and can get heavy and borderline unpleasant when worn for long periods of time, the design could undoubtedly be improved. Anker, on the other hand, provides a variety of tips and wings to enable the Liberty 2 Pro perfectly match your ear canal and stay in place – enough so that you may use them for a workout, as the buds are IPX4-certified for sweat and water resistance.

Mind you, they’re not unattractive. A glittering Soundcore logo glistens just where it meets the light, made of matte black plastic featuring a gunmetal grey top surface. As you slide the buds into the charging case, magnetically clicking into place, an LED flashes brightly beneath this grey cover.

Specs at a glance:

  • LDAC technology
  • Transparency mode
  • 7-Hour Playtime
  • Playtime with charging case: 26 hours
  •  11mm driver 
  • USB-C cable or a wireless charger
  • Multiple sizes of liquid silicone Earwings and Eartips 
  • Transparency、App(HearID Sound Effect), Codec Technology
  • Bluetooth 5
  • With 4 microphones and cVc 8.0 noise reduction
  • 11mm dynamic driver


Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

This is a similarly large but well-designed Qi wireless charging shell, but it also has a USB-C fast charging port, with a 10-minute charge providing up to 2 hours of gaming. In 90 minutes, it will be fully charged.

The USB-C port is buried behind a fussy rubber flap for some reason, but we appreciate the sliding cover that snaps securely into place.

The Liberty 2 Pro can play for up to 8 hours when fully charged, and the case can be recharged three times for a total of 32 hours of listening time. Three LEDs on the side indicate how much power is left, but at this rate, you shouldn’t worry about running out.


Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

A single customizable button is located on each wireless earbud. This is easily reachable while they are inserted into your ears. A single press plays or pauses a song or accepts and ends calls; a double press skips ahead or backward; while holding down the button enables or rejects your phone’s voice assistant.

On the negative, when you pull the buds out of your ears, they won’t automatically halt. This makes it impossible to have a talk.

The Liberty 2 Pro from Anker does not feature a Google Assistant built-in. However, still, it worked brilliantly with the voice assistant. For speaking with Google or Siri or making calls, there are four mics featuring uplink noise reduction. Although they aren’t the finest quality, with a somewhat muffled sound.

If you want to manage volume via the buds themselves, you’ll have to give up one of the aforementioned features. Or else you may use Google Assistant or Siri to do so. The Soundcore app, which also includes a variety of preset EQ adjustments and access to HearID, allows for this customization.

Custom sound


We recommend downloading the app and going through the HearID setup procedure. This just takes a few minutes and asks you to touch the screen when you hear a noise and release it when you don’t. Anker can map your particular hearing pattern as well as optimize playback for your ears. This helps in delivering significantly better quality personalized music.

Also without HearID, the sound quality is outstanding, with excellent clarity and fidelity as well as a broad soundstage. The bass is well-controlled, and the mids and highs are well-defined. A large part of this is due to a well-thought-out internal architecture, which includes a unique ‘Astria’ coaxial layout that coordinates the driver module with the ear directly.

With a balanced armature driver and an 11mm dynamic driver, Anker delivers accurate highs and mids, as well as tight though not overpowering bass.

Each Liberty 2 Pro bud connects through Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support, allowing for CD-like sound via a wireless connection when coupled with transmitting devices that assist aptX. Although there is no active noise suppression, background noise was rarely an issue.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Bigger in sound and value!

Is it possible to keep the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro connected?

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0 and does a lot of things right in terms of technology. Furthermore, it supports both aptX and AAC, so lip-sync problems should be negligible when watching movies on your tablet or phone, whether you’re on Android or iOS.

It is simple to pair. Simply insert the earbuds into the charging case and then close the lid to turn off the earbuds. Then open the lid however leave the earbuds in place. A white flashing LED should signal that the buds have achieved pairing mode, and you can discover them in the Bluetooth settings of your device. It will pair to the left earbud after the right earbud has been paired, and you may then remove the earbuds from the case and use them ordinarily.

Is the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro up to the task of making phone calls?

While the mic is adequate for answering personal calls, the quality is inconsistent and unsuitable for critical conference calls. Despite the fact that these contain four noise-canceling microphones, the frequency goes off dramatically at around 250Hz. In practice, this implies that your voice’s deeper notes will be quieter, which is better for speech intelligibility. However, it will make you sound odd to the people on the receiving end of the line, just like any other phone call.

Is background noise blocked by the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro?

Because the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro isn’t a pair of active noise canceling true wireless earbuds, low and middle frequencies aren’t effectively blocked. Higher frequencies (over 1kHz) are muffled to some extent, but not consistently. These earbuds block out background noises like adjacent conversations and the clang and ding of dishware in your local coffee shop. However, they’re no substitute for a good pair of noise-canceling headphones or earphones.

Is the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro worth your money?

If all you want are nice-sounding true wireless earphones, this is a good choice. Even though it’s a little bulky, the sweat resistance, ease of use, and sound quality make it a good choice. The charging case is a delight to use, and the sliding mechanism gives it one of its all-time favorite designs. I have few skips or hiccups because the connection is strong.

Basically, these should be on your shortlist if you want a pair of truly wireless earbuds for daily use.


Anker’s Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds are hard to blame for all the issues that truly matter. Clear, well-defined music, Bluetooth 5.0 aptX support, and a better battery that just keeps going. However, we’d want to see a more streamlined design with active noise-canceling. Also, these buds may not be your first option for making phone calls. Overall, the Liberty 2 Pro provides excellent value for money.

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