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Best electric razors to keep your beard well-shaped and groomed!


When it comes to keeping your facial hair, the greatest electric razor and beard trimmer are vital. Whether you have short, trendy stubble, a thick bushy beard, or simply want a smooth, clean look, the finest electric razor, and beard trimmer will help you accomplish it with the least amount of effort.

Are you unsure whether to use an electric razor or a beard trimmer? It all depends on how much fuzz you want to get rid of. The greatest electric razors, also known as electric shavers, are perfect for individuals who seek a fully hair-free appearance.

Electric shavers are available in two styles: foil and rotary. Oscillating blades are behind a tiny layer of metal with a mesh design in foil electric shavers (the foil essentially). When pressed against the skin, the hairs in the mesh are captured, standing upright and ready to be chopped off by the blades. They’re more exact than rotary shavers, but they can’t manage thick or very long hair, so they’re best for daily shaving.

Philips Norelco Shaver series S9000 Prestige

Electric razors

It’s painful to consider how filthy electric razors may become: clogged with hair, dead skin, and hidden bacteria, they’re difficult to clean. The S9000 Prestige brand of Philips Norelco shavers, on the other hand, includes a watertight core that can be scrubbed clean at any moment. Some models also have an automated cleaning station, which cleans and dries the S9000 Prestige while also lubricating the NanoTech blades to keep them sharp.

The S9000 Prestige series, which costs more than twice as much as the 6000 series, has about every function you might desire in a rotary-style electric razor. It has an eight-direction head that contains a sensor that detects the length of your beard and adjusts the blades appropriately. The razor also has a convenient digital display that displays how much time is remaining, three shaving speeds, as well as an anti-friction coating on the rings to ensure your safety even more.

BaByliss Men Super Stubble Beard Trimmer

Best electric razors to keep your beard well-shaped and groomed!

If the thought of a tight shave makes your skin creep, the BaByliss Men Super Stubble might be the product for you. It’s the ideal tool for shaping your beard into a range of lengths, and it’s especially helpful for preserving designer stubble. You may pick between 0.4mm and 5mm, and also the trimmer is 100% waterproof, so you can use it whether the beard is dry or wet.

The beard trimmer glides across your hairy visage with ease thanks to the skin-friendly comb as well as flexible contouring head, and you will never be cut by the blades. The battery remains up to 70 minutes and features a quick-charge capability to offer enough power for one shave, so you won’t be caught off guard mid-shave. On the trimmer, there’s also a bright LED that lets you know how much longer you have till you run out of energy.

Braun Series 9

Electric razors

This model is Braun’s best electric razor, with a 10-directional head, titanium coating for extra-sharp shaving, and an ergonomic grip. The changes between Series 7 and 9 are, surprisingly, fewer than you might assume. Both reach 10,000 CPM, have the same battery life, as well as using four blades. The Braun Series 9 does not have the speed options of the Series 7, but it does feature a second middle foil for raising those annoying flattened hairs, and it will give you a better shave in less time. But, to be honest, you’ll have to determine whether the price difference is worth the extra $100.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000

Philips’ Multigroom 7000 comes with a whopping 23 attachments, making it an amazingly flexible package. A foil shaver, nose, and ear trimmer, detail trimmer, and 14 various trimming guards for hair, stubble, beard, body, and eyebrows are included in addition to the usual metal trimmer. It also arrives with a storage container as well as a cleaning brush, as if that wasn’t sufficient. You can count on the Multigroom 7000 to provide anything you want.

More significantly, regardless of the setting, you receive five hours of battery life, which is far superior to the competitors. Consumers praise its stainless steel DualCut blades for their strong finish, regardless of the length of facial hair you choose.

Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Groomer

Electric razors

This trimmer comes with the greatest lithium battery on the market today. It’s said to last six hours, so you might get a week’s worth of fast cuts before needing to recharge. If you need to charge the battery quickly, just plug it in for three minutes and you’ll have plenty of energy. When you head to work, plug it in, and the green charging technology will shut off the charge whenever the battery is full, extending the lithium battery’s life.

This device is good and compact for travel, according to reviewers, especially because you don’t need to carry the charger with you. However, take in mind that it can only be utilized for dry shaving and that it lacks a battery indicator.

Wahl Lithium Ion Vacuum Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Ion Vacuum Trimmer

While growing and maintaining a beard takes less time than shaving, it also creates a lot more mess. The vacuum trimmer from Wahl effectively tackles this problem: while you shave, a little suction suckers up the hair, and once you’re done, you may adjust the aperture bigger (or smaller) as you cleanse your shaving area. It consists of a nose trimmer as well as guide combs, and the LED indicator lets you know how long the battery lasts.

Philips Norelco Shaver Series 6000

Best electric razors to keep your beard well-shaped and groomed!

Philips is the brand to choose if you have very sensitive skin and require a shaver that is both efficient and delicate. Norelco’s 6000 series shavers contain 72 tiny SkinProtect blades that catch hair without scratching your skin. The blades are held in position by three ComfortGlide rings that bend in different ways to help with difficult neck angles. To avoid annoyance, you can even run it at a slower speed.

It allows you to shave with shaving gel for added comfort, but it is not entirely waterproof. Hope it had a bit longer battery life, but despite these flaws, one will enjoy the 5-minute rapid charge option and the LED indication that lets you know when you’re out of energy, need to clean it, or need to change the head.

Panasonic Arc5

Best electric razors to keep your beard well-shaped and groomed!
Best electric razors to keep your beard well-shaped and groomed! 10

If you shave every day, you might choose a multi-blade electric razor over a rotary blade type. You get a closer shave with these shavers, despite the fact that they provide less skin protection. The Panasonic Arc5 is a powerful and efficient electric razor that routinely ranks as among the most popular and finest electric razors on the market. Its five blades are powered by a 14,000-cuts-per-minute (CPM) linear motor, compared to four or less in conventional razors.

It contains a watertight frame, a digital LCD battery display, a sensor to determine beard length, and a rotating head, just like the Philips Prestige. However, unlike Prestige, it only has a 45-minute battery life, but it outperforms it in terms of pricing and capacity to rotate in 16 directions. If you’re confident in your neck’s ability to handle the Arc5, it’s a simple electric razor to suggest.

Braun Series 7

Electric razors

With its unique four-blade configuration, this electric razor provides 10,000 CPM, and its eight-directional head can trim your hair as short as 0.05mm. With its central foil blade, which raises flat-lying hairs so that the other blades may clip them away, the Braun Series 7 demonstrates the advantages of this type of electric razor. It also allegedly uses smart tech’ to boost power while shaving rougher regions, although we’d have to put it to the test. However, we like that you can lock the tip in one direction so it doesn’t move while shaving at an awkward angle.

The remainder of its specifications is comparable to those of its rivals: a high price when there is no sale, a waterproof body, and a shaving duration of 50 minutes. It doesn’t have the large battery display that some other razors have, but it does have five distinct speed settings ranging from “turbo” to “sensitive,” giving it a suitable choice irrespective of how you feel about comfort versus power.

Is it possible to shave as close as a blade using an electric razor?

Electric shavers can’t get as near to the skin as a blade can. Although high-end shavers such as the Panasonic Arc 5 can come close to a blade’s performance, they can’t quite equal it.

Is it preferable to shave with an electric razor wet or dry?

When compared to wet shaving, dry shaving leaves fewer nicks and cuts. Since the blades of an electric shaver do not come into direct contact with the skin, they cannot cut you. Wet shaving, on the contrary, requires a little more care and expertise to avoid nicking your skin.

Is it preferable to shave your hair up or down?

One must shave in a downward direction to avoid razor burns and ingrown hair. Although shaving across the grain will offer one a closer shave, it is not a thing you should do if your skin is sensitive.


When choosing the finest electric razor or beard trimmer for you, there are several factors to consider before settling on a particular model. Begin by deciding whether you want to fully defuzz your face or merely trim up your hair. This will allow you to choose if an electric razor or a beard trimmer is the appropriate tool for the task.

You may choose between a foil or rotary razor when it regards to electric razors. Foil razors are more exact, but they can’t manage a lot of hair, whereas rotary razors are excellent for thicker hair and simpler to navigate around the face’s contours.

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