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Blink Mini vs. Blink Indoor: Which one should choose!


Blink mini vs Blink Indoor -It is an Amazon-owned & operated firm that offers high-quality security cameras at a lesser cost than many other companies. When Blink Mini and Blink Indoor are two such cameras from the same business that is suitable for CCTV surveillance of your house. They both present you with low-cost home security choices.

Blink Mini vs. Blink Indoor: Which one should choose!

The key distinction between the Blink Mini and the Blink Indoor is that the Blink Mini is connected, while the Blink Indoor is not. Although both cameras record 1080 videos & include two-way sound conversation systems Blink Mini, as they are from the same parent business, the higher-priced Blink Indoor has various changes over the Blink Mini.

Blink Mini vs. Blink Indoor: Which one should choose!

Blink Mini is a networked interior security camera with a 1080 HD recording device that can record high-quality footage even at night. It contains a two-way audio system that connects the mobile app to a camera. It allows you to record, hear, and watch a live stream of what’s going on in your home. This provides free cloud storage for thirty days before charging a monthly charge to access the storage.

The Blink Indoor is a later version of the Blink Mini. It is a totally wireless security camera capable of recording 1080 HD video even at night. It, like its sister Blink Mini, offers a two-way audio system. If it allows you to live broadcast, record, and hear what’s going on in your home even when you’re not there. It also supports both local and online storage.

Similar specifications, minor OS variances

Similar specifications, minor OS variances

The Blink prefers to have consistent performance requirements and hardware design throughout its cameras, as evidenced by the spec table below. If you purchase either model, you have the same field-of-view, resolution, 2-way speaker, temperature range, or even weight down to the gram.

The parallels extend to how Blink manages video storage on both smartphones. Blink previously provided free cloud storage because of its cameras. Now, the Mini and Indoor receive free cloud storage until 2020, but beginning in 2021, you’ll have to pay $3/month per camera or $10/month for any amount of Blink cameras to get your video clips saved and available on the Blink Home Monitor app.

If you wish to store your film locally, you will use the Blink Sync Module 2 to save up to 64GB of video clips locally, sparing you cash to keep private footage of your house out of the cloud. This Blink Indoor Camera Kit includes the Sync Module 2. However, you must purchase a 64GB USB flash drive separately. You must purchase the Sync Module 2 or the thumb drive separately for the Blink Mini.

The Indoor Cam has begun to stand out with new capabilities accessible on Blink’s app. To begin, both cameras allow you to specify activity zones where alarms will (or will not) trigger to avoid false alarms. However, the Indoor Cam now includes privacy zones that’ll be greyed out in any video footage. The Indoor Cam allows you to monitor your child’s window at night while greying out their bed area.

Another enhancement would be that the Indoor Cam may monitor nearby temperature, alerting you if the camera’s conditions are too hot or chilly. This feature, however, is more helpful for the new Outdoor Cam than Indoor Cam. The Indoor Cam also features a red LED that flashes weakly when shooting at night, whereas both cameras get a blue LED that signals filming during the day.

Comparison Parameters of
Blink mini vs Blink Indoor
Blink MiniBlink Indoor
Video qualityThe video quality appears to be a little lower than that of Blink Indoor.Video quality appears to be superior to that of the Blink Mini.
AppearanceIt is spherical and flat, with a white exterior.With a black surface, it has a more smooth-edged appearance.
Sound qualityBecause they use the same technology, the sound quality was similar in both.Because they use the same technology, the sound quality was similar in both.
Vision at nightBlink mini features an excessively high infrared exposure, which washes out anyone in close proximity to the camera.Blink Indoor features improved infrared control, resulting in more detailed movies even at night, yet the same issue may exist and may be manually corrected.
StorageIt includes 30 days of free cloud storage, but beyond that, it needs an annual or monthly membership plan.It supports local storage via Sync Module 2. You can connect any thumb storage device you like, as well as the cloud storage that comes with the subscription price.
Detection of MotionThe sensitivity range for Pixel Difference Analysis is around 20 feet.Adjustable sensitivity for infrared hardware detection. 6 – 20 feet is the approximate range (2m to 6m).
Zones of ActivityTo individually prevent motion alerts, mask off sections.Photo zooming is available for enhanced zone selection.
LED indicators of statusGreen LED: energy Blue LED indicates an internet connection or recording (Disable the recording LED in the Blink app) No connection/system error: red LEDThe presence of a blue LED signifies an online connection or record (Disable recording LED in the settings screen) No connection/error in the system: red LED (The intermittent flashing below the camera’s PIR sensor indicates a loss of connection to a Sync Module and differs from the status LEDs the front of the camera.)
What exactly is Blink Mini?

Blink Mini is a low-cost plug-in video camera that could serve as an excellent security/surveillance camera in our homes. This has the following characteristics:

  • The video resolution is 1080HD.
  • Audio communication between the camera and the user via their mobile smartphone.
  • The app may be used to arm & disarm the camera at predetermined times.
  • Wi-Fi availability.
  • Camera with a 110° field of view.
  • Adjustable infrared exposure for night vision.
  • Blink users already have access to free cloud storage.
  • A subscription to online cloud storage is now available.
  • It is Alexa and Amazon Assistant compatible, making it available from a distance but even without the app.
  • Cloud storage is not available to new users.
  • The device’s price is relatively pricey in comparison to devices with comparable specifications.
  • The audio and video quality are both poor.
  • Some users have reported Mounting and Connectivity issues.
  • Plastic and fragile mount.
  • During night recordings, the infrared exposure is too high, causing the image to become bleached.

As a result, this little camera has sufficient specs to employ efficiently in the event that pets, family, or burglary warnings are required. However, it offers a speedy alerting warning time of about 10 seconds if motion is detected. It takes you to a live stream of what’s going on at the time.

What exactly is Blink Indoor?

Blink Indoor is another low-cost (friendlier than Blink Mini) connected video camera that can be used as a home security camera or to monitor the house’s knick-knacks. It has the following features:

  • Firstly, the video resolution is 1080HD.
  • Connection through wireless.
  • Two-way audio interaction between the camera and the user via the phone app.
  • Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Camera with a 110° field of view.
  • Night vision infrared.
  • Local storage options are offered in their Sync Module.
  • Micro SD card slot and USB connection for connecting to local storage devices.
  • Alexa, Amazon Assistant, and Echo devices are all compatible.
  • 20s video recording from the moment motion is detected
  • Firstly, It is not waterproof.
  • The infrared exposure out of its sister model is still not corrected in this model.
  • Because of its high sensitivity, it even notifies you when there is high wind as well as the notification cones every 30 seconds, which might be bothersome.
  • There is no such thing as free cloud storage. Storage access requires a membership.
  • When the gadget is more than 100m away from the Wi-Fi device, it loses connectivity.

As a result, the Blink Indoor is clearly a somewhat upgraded variant of the Blink Mini. However, its wifi capabilities make setup easier, and the app is incredibly user-friendly. This one differs from the previous one due to a little adjustment in the pricing range.


These cameras can provide home protection as well as low-profile surveillance for shops and other venues. However, Wireless cameras inherently have an advantage over wired cameras in terms of being more dynamic in their mounting location, which does not have to be near a plug outlet or have uninterrupted video production.

However, as the global crime rate rises and, the necessity to leave children and pets at home for job & work-related reasons has become the new social norm. Simultaneously, it is critical to have home security cameras for the safety of lives and property. Moreover, every home in the United States has a live indoor streaming camera.

These gadgets are not only compatible and functional. But the price is also reasonable, making them popular in the surveillance camera industry.

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