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Best Keyboard Cases for iPad 9th Generation!


The best iPad 9th gen keyboard case is a piece of equipment you can place over a keyboard to lessen contact with the outside world. They are prone to corrosion damage from liquid spills and the accumulation of dust and debris. However, Keyboards need to be cleaned and maintained frequently. Keyboard cases help close some gaps between laptops and tablets, making it more straightforward to use the iPad for tasks like word processing and emailing that might be challenging using the on-screen keyboard. If you’re using a physical keyboard frequently and prefer to keep one with you, consider purchasing an iPad keyboard case.

However, the following are several Keyboard cases with all their pros and cons mentioned for iPad 9th Generation you should consider purchasing.

Nanhent Keyboard case

Nanhent Keyboard Case

Nanhent Keyboard case is sleek and light, made of soft TPU and superior PU leather. The exact cutouts provide the best protection, ease of use, and accessibility to all features.

Your iPad 10.2 is protected from knocks, drops, and shocks by a soft, flexible TPU rear cover. A sturdy PU leather cover protects the Nanhent Keyboard case. Moreover, it is secured with non-slip rubber.

Stylus Pen

Your stylus pen won’t go lost thanks to the interior pen slot. Moreover, a portable Bluetooth keypad with a magnetic cover instantly converts your iPad into a laptop. A Rechargeable battery is built inside the keypad for extended use.

This Nanhent Keyboard Case is compatible with iPad 9th Gen 2021 10.2 inches, iPad 8th Gen 10.2 inch 2020, and iPad 7th Gen 10.2 inch 2019.

  • Auto Sleep and Wake Mode

Although, Auto-sleep/wake functionality is secured in case-only mode.


The technology for connectivity in Nanhent Keyboard is Bluetooth. However, unique qualities are rechargeable and Ergonomic Packaging. The item has 10.91 x 8.15 x 1.26 inches, weighs 1.94 pounds, and requires 1 Lithium Polymer battery. 

However, the Nanhent keypad case for the 9th Generation comes in green. 

  • Support the auto-sleep/wake feature.
  • Protection against dents, scratches, and stains
  • Case for Complete Protection
  • Holder for styluses
  • No colour variants are offered for the Keyboard case.
11/13/2023 10:50 am GMT

Phixnozar Rainbow Backlight keyboard case

Amazon's choice
Phixnozar Rainbow Backlight

The Phixnozar Rainbow backlit keyboard case’s clamshell bracket design guarantees a pleasant viewing angle, with built-in hinges that can spin up to 130 degrees.

This high-end iPad keyboard case has two backlit settings. However, one with a steady rainbow light while the other has a rainbow that breathes in a circle. For added comfort, it offers three brightness settings and breathing rate controls. The backlighting would, however, automatically turn off if you didn’t touch the keypad for 5 seconds to conserve electricity. When you click any key, it will light up again.

This exceptional small keyboard case does not restrict the use of any functions. Moreover, it is compatible with the iPad 9th generation, iPad 8th Generation, iPad 7th generation, iPad Air 3, and iPad Pro 10.5. Since the lithium-ion battery provides up to 350 hours of continuous use with the backlight off and 3 hours with the backlight, the keypad case has a long lifespan.

Key Characteristics

  • Absolute Protection
  • This keypad case was created especially for 10.2 and 10.5-inch iPad devices. It is the ideal complement to its sleek, lightweight style. The tough synthetic leather cover, anti-slip lining, and sturdy hard case surroundings protect the iPad from scratches and bumps.
  • Backlit Modes
  • There are two types of backlighting: a circular breathing multi-coloured backlight and a stable rainbow backlight. Under the backlight, lighting can add a pretty intriguing impression of the technology.
  • Press FN + light bulb to activate the stable backlight. By repeatedly pressing FN + light bulb, you can change the brightness of the backlight. It has three different light settings: high, medium, and low.
  • Press FN + RGB to change the backlight’s colour.
  • Press FN + Q to activate the keypad’s breathing lighting.
  • Press FN + W to adjust the backlight breathing rate.

  • Utilizable and simple
  • with two rainbow-backlit modes
  • Three levels of brightness
  • Integrated touchpad
  • flexible integrated hinges
  • ensures enough defence
  • an enduring battery
  • properly constructed keys with a key shortcut
  • Functioning is restricted
  • does not open wider

JUQITECH Keyboard case

Amazon's choice
JUQITECH Keyboard Case

The keyboard is simple to put on and take off the Juqitech keypad case. With the aid of the US Chipset, you can type quickly and steadily. Rechargeable batteries enable wireless keyboards to function for extended periods and allow users to read, browse, and work anywhere at any time. The mechanical scissor keys on the keyboard are silent and have a rebound feature, and the Bluetooth connection is reliable. However, JuqiTech Keyboard cases are among the best for iPad 9th Generation.

Key Characteristics

  • Complete body protection and precise cutouts
  • Precise cutouts provide the best protection, ease of use, and accessibility to all qualities. The iPad is simple to insert into the case. Moreover, it offers excellent all-around coverage for your priceless device while being scratch- and drop-proof.
  • With Built-In Apple Pencil Attachment & Multiple Angles
  • Removing the keyboard and adjusting the screen allows you to find the ideal viewing position. Suitable for working, reading, watching TV, or playing video games. Instantly transform your iPad into a laptop. The built-in pencil holder makes transporting your iPad and Apple Pencil simple.
  • Assurance
  • Juqitech provides a 24-hour after-sales reliable service. However, contact Juqitech if you have any issues with your purchase.


Juqitech Keyboard case is 10.2 x 7.7 x 0.8 inches and 1.35 pounds in weight. Lithium Ion batteries are needed. Moreover, it is compatible with iPad 9th Generation 10.2 2021, 8th Generation 10.2 2020 and 7th Generation 10.2 2019.

  • Adjustment at multiple angles
  • Featuring a wireless keyboard
  • comfortable experience when typing
  • Magnet Buckle provides Extra security
  • Protection for the camera
  • Built-in pen slot.
  • Troubles in connectivity
11/13/2023 11:24 am GMT

Logitech Rugged Folio

Our Pick
Logitech Rugged Folio

The Rugged Folio can integrate any task or setting. The Logitech Rugged Folio keyboard case has a sturdy membrane that protects it from working lunch crumbs and other daily calamities. Moreover, safely clean up the keyboard after an accident without risk of damage. A magnetic latch keeps the keyboard case tightly closed when not in use to safeguard the iPad’s screen.

Rugged Folio exceeds military-grade drop tests for new levels of protection from spills and other disasters thanks to proprietary shock-absorbent materials and technology. Rugged Folio has four different use modes that make it adaptable to any situation or work. However, namely typing, sketching, viewing, and reading. However, Logitech Keyboard cases are among the best for iPad 9th Generation.


Compatible Technology for tablet, Apple Pencil, and stylus. The iPad automatically connects and powers via the Smart Connector when you put the iPad in the holder. Rugged Folio in Style, Magnetic is its unique feature. 1.89 pounds of the item’s weight, and a Single CR123A battery is necessary.

Key Characteristics

  • Slim Design and High Protection:
  • The 9th generation iPad’s Rugged Folio is a thin keyboard case with safety that surpasses military standards. Because of the Smart Connector technology, pairing or charging are not necessary. This tool is ideal for work that needs to be done on the go because of its high-performance spill- and dirt-resistant sealed keys. It features a full-size keyboard, helpful iPadOS shortcut keys, and front and back iPad protection. Moreover, a handy place to store the Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil.
  • Angle Kickstand
  • The flexible kickstand has a 40° tilt range, allowing you always to find the ideal position for the task at hand. Even with vigorous tapping, the kickstand will remain firmly in position thanks to sturdy mechanical hinges.
  • Power and Connect, in one click
  • No complicated Bluetooth pairing is needed for the keyboard to connect to an iPad automatically. Additionally, it uses the iPad’s power directly, obviating the need for charging.

  • Four modes of use
  • Armed forces-grade safety
  • Keys with spill- and dirt-resistance
  • Silent typing
  • iPad iOS shortcut keys in the row.
  • Lacking backlit keys
  • To close the keyboard case, users have to pull firmly.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 09:52 am GMT

Boriyuan 7 colours Backlight detachable

Boriyuan 7 colours Backlight detachable

The Boriyuan 7 colours Backlight keypad case will quickly transform your iPad into a sleek laptop. It works with iPad Pro 2017, iPad Air 3, iPad 8th Gen, iPad 9th Gen, and iPad 7th Gen. When you wish to utilise the touch pen feature on your iPad, you can easily reach for your Apple pencil stylus. However, thanks to the iPad keypad case’s slot for holding it. Ideal for writing, watching videos or working. The wake and sleep feature is also featured in this keyboard case. Typing in light or darkness is enjoyable and straightforward, thanks to the three brightness settings and seven beautiful colours. The iPad 10.2 keypad can be magnetically fastened to the case or removed if not required. Connectivity via Bluetooth is simple.

Key Characteristics

  • The design is slim, strong, and appealing.
  • The case securely holds the iPad and offers adequate protection for everyday use.
  • Accessibility
  • Perfect access to the camera and all ports and buttons.
  • Magnet
  • A magnet holds the Bluetooth keypad inside the casing and keeps it responsive.
  • Use modes
  • a shield and actual sound keypad support. Three different use modes—typing, viewing, and reading—give you incredible adaptability. You can use it to support the iPad while watching videos.

  • Slim design
  • Fluid typing
  • Built-in slot with an adjustable angle
  • A magnetic keyboard
  • 1 Micro USB 2.0 Cable is only for the keyboard and not for the iPad.

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard case

Amazon's choice
Logitech Combo Touch iPad case

The Combo Touch Apple smart keyboard case brings a new level of compatibility and functionality to iPad users, specifically designed for the 7th, 8th, and 9th Generation models. With its precision trackpad, users can seamlessly navigate their iPads using familiar multi-gesture controls, revolutionizing the way they interact with their devices. This allows for efficient document editing, app navigation, and presentation creation, all with a remarkable level of speed and accuracy.

The keyboard itself features well-spaced backlit keys, reminiscent of a laptop-like typing experience. Alongside a full row of iOS shortcut keys, these backlit keys enable comfortable and accurate typing, ensuring productivity in any environment, day or night. Connecting the keyboard and trackpad to the iPad is effortlessly simple, as the Smart Connector facilitates a quick and seamless pairing process.

Flexibility is a hallmark of the Combo Touch, offering four distinct use modes and an adjustable kickstand that provides a customizable viewing angle of up to 40°. When typing isn't required, the keyboard can be detached, providing an unobstructed view of the iPad display. The case not only offers enhanced functionality but also safeguards the iPad, enveloping it in durable security while maintaining an elegant and sleek layout.

Furthermore, including a larger trackpad expands the range of tasks that can be efficiently executed with Multi-Touch™ gestures, such as swiping, tapping, pinching, and scrolling. This combination of advanced features and thoughtful layout makes the Combo Touch a comprehensive solution for iPad users seeking both productivity and style in their daily tasks. Please note that the Apple iPad itself is sold separately and not included with the Combo Touch keyboard case.

  • Keyboard With Full Row of iOS Shortcuts,
  • Numerous Functions,
  • One-Click Power and Pair
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Quite heavy
  • Lacking a powerful magnet for attachment
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/17/2023 07:06 am GMT

For a 9th generation iPad, what size keyboard case do users need?

However, for the iPad 9th generation, 10.2-inch Cases & Accessories are required.

Can the iPad 9th generation have a keyboard?

The Smart Keyboard is a keyboard unlike any other since it integrates cutting-edge technologies. It is a cosy, utterly portable keyboard that connects to the iPad using the Smart Connector. Simply connect the Smart Keyboard, then begin typing. When you’re through, it folds into a thin, light cover.

Using a Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad 9th generation is possible?

Initially, with the iPad 4th generation and continuing through the most recent iPad 9th generation, all full-size, standard iPad models can quickly and easily connect to an external keyboard over Bluetooth. This includes devices with a Lightning connector.


Following are several Best Keyboard cases for iPad 9th Generation. However, our pick for the only best keyboard case is Logitech Rugged Folio. In contrast, the Logitech Rugged Folio boasts a sleek design, military-grade security, ensures silent typing, has a versatile kickstand with a 40° tilt range, and the keyboard doesn’t require a sophisticated Bluetooth setup. The Logitech Rugged Folio have four different use modes. However, the following elements make Logitech Rugged Folio the best Keyboard Case for iPad 9th Generation.

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