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How to share an HBO max account?

how to share HBO max
how to share HBO max

HBO Max is now available in the United States (though UK customers can still watch through VPN), and if you’re seeking to divide the cost of a subscription, you’re in luck. A list of everything you need to know about sharing an HBO Max account, including the number of devices and profiles you may register, as well as tips on how to split payment amongst family and friends. If you’re interested, we also have a similar post on sharing a Disney Plus account.

Password sharing on HBO Max

Password sharing on HBO Max

You’ll need to make an account on the HBO Max website if you haven’t already. If you need assistance getting started, we offer detailed instructions for multiple devices in our article on how to get HBO Max.

We recommend that you use an email address and password that you are comfortable sharing with others. Do not share a password you also use for personal security, such as online banking.

Once you’ve created an account, all you have to do is share the login information with anybody you want to have access to it. However, bear in mind that there are restrictions to the number of profiles and concurrent streams, which are as follows:

  • Number of profiles – five
  • Number of simultaneous streams – three

Despite the fact that you may establish up to five distinct profiles. Also, only three devices can watch HBO Max at the same time. This is something to keep in mind if you don’t want to get shut out of your account owing to too many streams occurring use caution while sharing your account with others.

How to split payment for an account?

You can only register one payment option for your HBO Max subscription at a time, so if you want to divide the cost of your account. You’ll need to figure out a way to do it. Account sharers can set up a weekly standing order, or if you have numerous persons on the account, applications like Monzo can help you divide an embarrassing figure equitably.

Can you remove your friends from my HBO Max account?

Yes, you can cancel HBO Max at any moment by doing the following steps: Log in to your account and select “Manage Account” from the services drop-down menu. Enter the person’s name and choose “Remove From My Account” from the list of services you want them to have access to. The boxes next to their names will be unchecked, and a message at the top will state “Successfully erased user.”

Does HBO have kid shows?

Yes, HBO Max includes a lot of kid-friendly content. Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and more channels are available on the HBO App. On the HBO Max website, you may watch Family Guy, South Park, Big Mouth, and more shows! The kid programs are isolated from the adult shows on both the apps and the website. They have their own ‘genre,’ as well as an age grade. As an example: Next to My Little Pony in the app, it states “Rated 14+ for some provocative speech.” Let’s have a look at them all! Many people assume that HBO Max would play popular children’s shows such as Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins because they air on Time Warner networks, which control HBO.

However, no trustworthy sources have said whether or not these specific series would be available on the platform. Having said that, there is plenty of other fantastic series to watch on HBO Max. Paw Patrol is an American animated television series centered on a young boy called Ryder who leads a gang of animal rescue canines. Since its inception just under four years ago, the show has grown tremendously in popularity! Paw Patrol airs every day at 6:30 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon as of 2019. It will be interesting to see whether this program ever makes its way to HBO Max! Another Cartoon Network favorite, The Loud House, debuted in 2016 and will return for a third season in May 2019.

What does HBO think about password sharing?

“After all, sharing a password on HBO Max with three friends would include fewer individuals on a single account than a family of five all in the same household. But the latter is regarded the usual by streaming firms, while the former is recognized as a significant concern.”


You must subscribe to HBO Max or you can share an HBO max account and add someone to your account; you will need that individual’s email address. For the login details, you can use your HBO Max account or their email address. Go to “Manage Account” after entering in using their email address. Enter the person’s name and choose “Add To My Account” from the list of services you want them to have access to. When many persons share a single account, we only bill the principal account holder and issue a single monthly recurring payment to all receivers on a shared plan.

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