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Get a discount on HBO Max?


HBO Max is the destination of many of the finest films

if you’re thinking of subscribing, check out the discounts and deals on HBO Max.

HBO Max is also now available in the United States, with over 10,000 hours of TV episodes and films to satisfy all preferences. There are popular classics like the complete ten seasons of Friends as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and also thrilling new original content in the future like all of Warner Bros’ upcoming blockbusters.

Now at the moment of typing, HBO Max costs $14.99 monthly on a rolling contract. Yet, there are certain deals and discounts available to help you stretch your dollar further. 

How to get free HBO Max through AT&T or a cable provider?

There’s no better way to save money or get a discount on HBO Max than to get one for free, even if you’re an AT&T user, you might be able to do exactly that. AT&T is including HBO Max for free with some accounts; see the chart below to see whether yours is one of them.

get a discount on HBO Max

If the AT&T account falls into the ‘other’ category, you might be qualified for a free trial, that will save you money. The length of this may vary depending on the sort of contract you hold, which you can find out about on the AT&T site.

However, HBO cable members are not the only ones who may get free HBO Max. Select third-party providers are also eligible; below is a list of companies that can offer you, HBO Max, for free:

The sign-up procedure will vary based on who you have your account with, therefore check with the provider for additional information.

How to sign up for the ad-supported cheaper subscription?

get a discount on HBO Max

If the $14.99 membership seems a little steep, you’ll be glad to know that a lesser, ad-supported edition of HBO Max is now available.

HBO Max + Ads costs $9.99 monthly and marks the first time HBO has provided commercials to its consumers, albeit it promises to have “the lowest ad loading in the streaming market.”

However, there is another significant disadvantage to the ad-supported subscription: it does not contain same-day feature films such as Dune, The Matrix 4, and The Suicide Squad. In addition, you can only view up to 1080p video quality, but the full membership includes 4K material.

It’s a kind of discount as one does not have to pay the standard $14.99 monthly to enjoy HBO Max.

One can switch from HBO Now to HBO Max for free

switch to HBO Max

Another gift for active HBO Now subscribers. You will also be eligible to switch to HBO Max at no additional cost. This offer, however, is only available to customers who are directly charged by HBO. If you join HBO Now through a service like Roku or Amazon Prime Video, you are not eligible to upgrade at this time. If you’re streaming from the UK, you can use a VPN like NordVPN to access both of these streaming services.

How to get an HBO Max subscription at a discounted price?

get a discount on HBO Max

AT&T’s nice men now hold HBO stock, and Warner Media has now reduced its pricing by 20%. That’s correct, you can access HBO Max for $ 11.99 monthly instead of the standard $ 14.99.

1. Visit

2. Enrol for HBO Max straight from this website prior to 3:00 a.m. EST until May 27th.

3. A 20% membership reduction reduces the pricing of HBO Max down to $ 11.99.

4. The HBO Max membership deal is good for 12 months, and the terms are as follows:

This deal is valid for new subscriptions as well as qualified HBO NOW members. The quantity of subscriptions for this HBO NOW / HBO Max special deal is restricted between 9:00 p.m. from April 30th until 2:59 a.m. since May 27th, EST, and the discount is $ 11.99 / month. Participation necessitates an efficient payment mechanism. HBO Max will bill you $ 14.99 + tax (if any) every month once the 12-month discount term finishes unless you quit before renewal. Please visit “Billing Information” in the profile settings to amend or cancel your membership. HBO Max may support devices that are not supported by HBO Now. For further information, see the quote FAQ. During this offer, there will be no free trials.

Yearly plan

Moreover, to save money on HBO Max one can also pre-pay for its yearly subscription and save up to 20%, which costs $99.99 and $149.99 for the next 1 year.

Whether you’re a new or current Cricket Wireless subscriber, their Unlimited bundle includes a complimentary ‘With Ads’ HBO Max subscription.


There is a discount available on the official HBO Max site which will bring you to $11.99 per month from $14.99 per month. Moreover, one can use one of the above methods to get some benefits. One can enroll for cheaper but with ads plan to save some bucks or if some have AT&T as their cable provider can enjoy some benefits. Moreover, one can enjoy by switching from HBO Now to HBO Max, or else one can get some benefits by paying the yearly subscription amount.

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