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Here are the best laptop bags to carry your gadget!


Whether you’re returning to the office or ready to return to school, you’ll need a dependable laptop bag to transport not just your important computer but also other possessions. Laptop bags come in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs. It’s best to choose something that doesn’t draw attention to the fact that you’re carrying costly equipment, selected a number of styles at varying price points so there’s certain to be something that works for you.

Choosing a purse isn’t simply about price. It should have enough room for whatever else you need to bring with you. And it will depend on your destination.

The majority of the alternatives offered are all-purpose, which means they may be used to move your belongings to and from work. They can, however, be useful when traveling, whether for vacation or for work.

Mission Workshop Khyte 

Mission Workshop Khyte 

If you’re looking for a quality all-weather messenger bag that can hold a 15-inch laptop, go no further. The Khyte messenger by Mission Workshop is a modern design masterpiece that comes with a lifetime warranty.

We fell in love with the Khyte’s austerity and practicality, which was designed with bikers in mind yet is ideal for anybody. The waterproof zippered pocket against your body holds your laptop, while the flap unfolds to expose a compressible 24L main compartment. The innovative magnetic buckles on the bag are quick-release, and whenever you use them, you’ll never go back.

From the design that suspends your laptop off the bottom of the bag to minimize drop damage to the soft-lined exterior zip pocket for your phone, the Khyte is an expensive laptop bag that performs that rare feat of entirely justifying its high price.

There’s even an extra gear pouch that elegantly slips on and off the bag’s well-stitched rails for those days when you need to carry even more gadgets. They’re pricey because they’re created in tiny numbers in San Francisco, so you’re unlikely to see too many of them. Hello and welcome to the club. The Mission Workshop ships internationally.

Riutbag+ laptop bag

Riutbag+: laptop bags

The Riutbag+ is substantial. When it came, it appeared to be the size of a hiking bag rather than a city bag, but this is exactly what makes it adaptable for travel. It’s very secure, with all of the zips behind your back. Aside from enough space for your 15-inch laptop, there is also plenty of storage for clothing, toiletries, and other necessities. If you adore pockets, you’ll love this bag.

The Riutbag was designed to withstand a pandemic. Sarah Giblin, the founder of Riut, designed this backpack with physicians and healthcare professionals in mind. The PVC surface is smooth enough to clean with a disinfectant wipe, making it appropriate for entering and exiting hospitals, and there are special straps for attaching your hand sanitizer and face mask. This easy-to-clean feature makes it ideal for overseas travel as well.

Given that it’s constructed of PVC, it does have a somewhat plastic appearance, which may turn some people off. However, if you value the practicality above design, the Riutbag+ is an excellent choice.

Moshi Muto

Moshi Muto: laptop bags 

The Moshi Muto is a very elegant and useful bag for laptops ranging in size from 11 in to 13in. You may use this three-way convertible bag as a backpack, crossbody sling, or briefcase.

It’s well-made and built with anti-theft and RFID protection in mind. It’s also really comfortable to wear, thanks to the cushioned straps.

Understanding how to re-orient the straps to use the bag as a sling was a little less evident than clipping in the straps to use the Muto as a backpack. Hint: attach one of the straps diagonally and put the other one under the flap on the back.

If you want to use the bag as a briefcase, tuck both straps beneath the back flap. A brief instructional note would be helpful, but that’s about all I have to say about the Muto.

The sleek simple style appealed to me. It’s ideal for the workplace or a stroll across the city. With peace of mind, you can keep all of your essentials in one location. There is also a water bottle compartment.

Stubble & Co:

Stubble & Co: laptop bags

Stubble & Co produces some of the most attractive and well-made bags available. And featured two since they’re both so wonderful.

The first is ‘The Backpack,’ which isn’t an excessively sophisticated knapsack with more pockets than you can count. Instead, it’s basic and functional, with simply a front pocket and a little one inside. You also have side pockets for essentials like a bottle of water.

This revised model includes a 21L main compartment and a shielded portion at the back that can accommodate up to 16 laptops. Furthermore, the material has been upgraded to a water-resistant superior Tekwax canvas. If you need a completely waterproof bag, go no further than The Roll Top.

The workmanship of The Backpack, which is available in All Black, Pirate, and Olive, is outstanding. The lid’s magnets have been changed with a more secure G clip.

The Commuter is available in five different colors. It offers a more classic design and a somewhat bigger 22L capacity, as well as extra sections and pockets if that’s what you require.

These may not be the most ‘techy’ laptop bags available, with USB connections and the like, but they are unquestionably the best in terms of elegance and quality. We adore the small features, such as the stitched mountain range and the dependable YKK zips.

STM Banks:

STM Banks: laptop bags

STM Banks is the newest laptop bag from Australia-based STM, featuring a reasonable 18L size and a thin design. There’s also breathable mesh fabric on the back, which helps to prevent the unpleasant back perspiration that comes with carrying a knapsack.

It’s intended to be both a daily bag and a laptop bag, with plenty of room for your laptop, charger, phone, lunch, and even a jacket – trust me, I tried. There are several compartments of all shapes and sizes to accommodate everything from sunglasses to smartphones to power packs and more.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have some great laptop-specific features, such as Slingtech protection, which suspends the laptop sleeve from the ground to protect it from drops while also offering extra cushioning at the corners.

It also has the all-new CableReady navigation system, which allows you to route cables through different portions of the bag, ideal for keeping your smartphone or laptop charged while on the road. While there is enough storage, we found the apertures to be a touch too tiny for our comfort, making gazing into the bag’s contents a rather difficult task. It’s a similar issue with front pockets, which means you’ll have to rely on your sense of touch rather than sight to find your iPhone wire or headphones.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 525r Backpack

Ogio Alpha Convoy 525r Backpack

The Ogio Alpha Convoy 525r Backpack features a contemporary roll-top design (for customizable storage) and a zippered rear slip pocket for storing a 15-in or smaller laptop and tablet. It looks fantastic, feels sturdy and durable while being lightweight, and is enough cushioned for comfort and device protection.

It gets bonus marks for being created from recycled and abandoned materials. With the back pocket, it’s simple to remove your electronics at airport security and quickly put them back into the bag after you’re done. We packed for two different business trips, with changes of clothing, a wash bag, books, and other needs. That was a bit much, so we’d save it for the daily drive or an overnight stay.

The main adjustable rolltop compartment offers a generous 28-liter capacity, more than enough for most daily packs and even a shopping excursion. It’s narrower than a conventional backpack, so it’s not ideal for bulkier stuff, but we fell in love with this bag for its beauty and functionality.

It has adjustable shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and compression straps on the sides and bottom. On the front, there’s a zipped pocket, a key clip, and an open stash compartment that feels secure enough to keep goods you need quick access to. Two water bottle compartments are located on the sides. The bag also includes a luminous trim for added protection at night. It comes in either black or camo.


If you intend to leave the house with your laptop, you will most likely require a laptop bag. Of course, you are well aware of this. However, you may be unsure about which laptop bag to choose. There appear to be a plethora of possibilities available.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which laptop bag is the best. We wish we could, since, let’s be honest, writing the name of a single bag is a lot easier than writing a full guide on a bunch of bags. Regrettably, there is no such thing as the “best” laptop bag because everyone’s demands and tastes are different.

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