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STM Goods ChargeTree Swing: Multi-device charger station for Travelling!


A desktop or bedside charger may not be the first thing that comes to mind while packing for a trip. But, as we travel with more devices that need to be charged more frequently, and hotels. To form it harder for the United States to try and do, therefore. I was eager to try out and review the STM Goods ChargeTree Swing.

The ChargeTree is a three-in-one wireless charger that is primarily meant for Apple devices. But it may be used with any device that supports QI wireless charging. It includes three charging surfaces for your smartphone, watch, and other small devices like wireless earphones and cases.

STM Goods is an Australian company that produces cases, chargers, and backpacks. What area unit is “all designed to safeguard your digital devices, smarter than most.”

Price of STM Goods ChargeTree Swing

The remembering merchandise ChargeTree Swing is oversubscribed at Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Staples, Target, and alternative stores, yet as on the company’s website. The pricing is roughly the same all over: $80. Choose between black and white.

Features of ChargeTree

The ChargeTree is a 3-in-1 charging device, as I mentioned earlier. But that statement only pertains to Apple users. As one of the three is a circular magnetic charger for Apple Watch. Because nearly everyone who uses Apple Watch will also need to purchase an iPhone, the ChargeTree favors Apple consumers.

The other two charging surfaces, on the other hand, are large and easily accessible for most other QI-enabled wireless charging devices. The main surface for smartphones is on the front, and the last wireless charging pad is on the back, on the upper side of the base. To keep your electronics from sliding around, both finish with a non-slip rubber surface.

Three charging LED indicators are built into the smartphone shelf and covered in a frosted material that dims the light they generate so they don’t light up a dark room. A solid light indicates that a device is charging. A flashing light, on the other hand, is to draw your attention to the fact. That something is not working properly on the wireless pad. When the device charges, all the lights turn off.

There is a single USB-C to USB-A cable included with the ChargeTree, but no power adapter. You’ll need your own, and STM suggests an 18W/2A wall charger. That is exactly what I used to put the ChargeTree through its tests during this review.

Power Performance

There are no quick charging options with the STM ChargeTree. Still, I didn’t think it was a big deal during the review because I’m sure anyone who chose to travel with one will keep it at the hotel. The ChargeTree, on the other hand, doesn’t waste time even when it doesn’t have QC capabilities.

The rate at which a device is charged is determined by the device and the number of devices. You attempt to charge at the same time. For example, I put the ChargeTree to the test on an iPhone 11 Pro and a Watch Series 5, both of which were initially entirely flat.

The Apple Watch took 2 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge. While the iPhone 11 Pro took 2 hours and 45 minutes. This is done at the same time with an 18W outlet. The ChargeTree is suitable for overnight charging, as per recommendation.

Design of STM Goods ChargeTree Swing

The design of the STM ChargeTree was one of the factors that attracted me. With no moving parts or arms protruding, the ‘C’ design is solid. This makes it a far superior travel charging alternative to those with protruding pieces that could easily break or snap off.

However, while the construction is solid, the color isn’t. The STM ChargeTree is only available in white. I was continually handling it and trying it in various cases and packing cubes during the review period. A small amount of dirt remained on the surface. Now, if you’re reading this review. Because you want to buy a ChargeTree for home usage solely, I’m confident this won’t be an issue for you.

If you keep the ChargeTree in your bag, it will surely show up on the surface.

An air vent on the back of the front panel prevents overheating, but the STM ChargeTree never felt even mildly warm during the review, and I used it as my main charger for three weeks.

The ledge for the Smartphone and the surface of the base charger are made of non-slip grey rubber, which contrasts well with the white frame. When I was tapping away on my phone while it was charging, both worked effectively to keep the ChargeTree in place.

Because the Apple Watch charger is magnetic, it is the only one of the three surfaces that does not have a grey non-slip coating.

STM Goods ChargeTree Swing: Multi-device charger station for Travelling!
STM Goods ChargeTree Swing: Multi-device charger station for Travelling! 2


The type of traveler you are will determine the answer. I like the ChargeTree since it provides me with a single charging platform for three devices and allows me to leave a few expensive chargers/cables at home.

When I travel to conferences, I usually include a tiny ‘tech’ packing cube in my carry-on bag. The ChargeTree fits neatly within the gap, which designs for earbuds, with the cord and a single power adaptor caught up in it, saving me a bit more space than before.

If you’re a master packer who can get by for a week on a carry-on, you’ll appreciate the need to pack less with the ChargeTree option, which circumvents hotel restrictions on the number of power outlets near the bed. Is anyone still using those alarm clocks in hotels?

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