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How to Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone?


Because iMessage allows iPhone users to send images, videos, voice notes, GIFs, and more through the Messages app, this can quickly fill up your iPhone’s storage, so it’s a good idea to delete fresh messages from time to time.

But what if you accidentally erase a vital text during your mass purge?

Don’t worry; you’ve all been there. The good news is there are a few options for recovering deleted texts from your iPhone, including using iCloud, iTunes, or a third-party tool.

You’ll walk you through each approach to get your important iPhone messages back right now.

Alternatively, if your Texts app is taking up too much room on your iPhone, we’ll show you how to delete all of your messages independently.

Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone by using iCloud

Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone: How to use iCloud to recover deleted texts?

If you’ve backed up your iPhone to iCloud before, you should be able to recover any messages that were on it at the time of the backup.

Note that Apple recently altered things up and added Messages to iCloud. Activating this feature in your iPhone’s Settings menu syncs messages across all of your devices that share the same Apple ID.

The drawback is that deleted messages erase from linking all devices, and messages aren’t there in typical iCloud backups while this feature is active.

If you’re lucky enough not to have the feature turned on, the only option to recover texts from an iCloud backup is to wipe your iPhone & restore it from the backup. Simply restore from a backup taken before the text messages were removed!

To discover which backups you have, go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.

You’ll need to factory reset the iPhone before recovering from an iCloud backup. If you find the exact backup you want. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to reset your iPhone.

Anything added to your iPhone after the backup date destroy. So back up any data, you don’t want to lose.

Recover deleted text Using iTunes/Finder

Using iTunes/Finder, recover deleted texts

There are two more alternatives to attempt if you could have iCloud Messages activated. To begin, you can use an iTunes (or Finder on macOS Catalina or later) backup to retrieve deleted text messages. This is frequently the best option.

Unless you turn off automatic sync in iTunes, your iPhone must back up every single time. You sync it with your PC or Mac.

  • Link your iPhone to the computer or Mac you’re using to sync it.
  • If iTunes (and Finder in macOS Catalina & later) does not open automatically, open it manually.
  • Your iPhone should appear within the top-left corner. Click it.
  • Select ‘Restore’ from the General tab.
  • All of the information you previously backed up will use to replace the information on your phone. It will just take a few moments. Those messages should resurface on your phone if you haven’t backed them up after deleting them.

Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone: Using a third-party app

Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone: Using a third-party app, recover deleted texts

Its time should go nuclear if neither of the previous solutions has worked. Well, maybe literally, but it could set you back a few pounds, so there’s no guarantee it will work.

You haven’t tried any of these, but Enigma Recovery, PhoneRescue by iMobie, WonderShare Dr.Fone on iOS, iMyFone D-Back Data Recovery, and Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery all look to have a decent online reputation.

Because even after you’ve ‘deleted’ messages. They stay in compact form on your iPhone until overwritten, these apps work without a backup. That implies these (and other) utilities may be able to restore deleted communications, but there are no guarantees.

The greatest advice we can give to anyone attempting this procedure is to do so as quickly as possible after deleting the text messages; the longer you wait, the more probable the data will overwrite and be lost forever.


Knowing how to restore deleted messages on iPhone can be crucial. If you mistakenly delete an important message or simply change your mind after a purge.

On iOS 15, there’s no way to get a message back once you’ve deleted it. You can’t undo your error no matter how hard you try shaking your gadget. You can’t go into the Settings app and look for a “undelete” option or find your texts in a “holding folder” like you can with deleted photographs.

You’ll go back in time to a moment before the message removes instead. However, this will be contingent on you having made a backup, whether on your computer or, more easily, on iCloud.

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