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How to connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick to your Laptop or computer?


Users can stream videos, install apps, play music, and more on their TV through an Amazon Fire TV stick. This has a built-in remote control with voice control capabilities. It is built on the Android operating system and converts your standard TV into a smart TV. You can download Android apps to the device and use them to play games and listen to music. The primary use is for watching online material. Firesticks can be connected to a laptop or a computer in several ways. However, all the Fire TV subscriptions are accessible from the web browser. Consequently, it is a waste of time to utilize a Firestick to stream videos on a PC or computer monitor.

However, the following are a few ways to connect your Amazon Fire Tv Stick to your laptop or a computer.

Connect through HDMI

Most Laptops or computers allow you to connect HDMI-out ports to send video signals which will help you connect your Amazon firestick to a laptop or computer. However, to access the HDMI port to your computer/laptop, open the Windows taskbar, right-click the Volume icon, choose Sounds, and then select the Playback tab. The video and audio features for the HDMI port can be activated by selecting the HDMI option and then clicking Apply.

Steps to connect through HDMI

  • Verify whether the screen resolution is 720p or more significant to ensure that whatever you decide to stream will appear clearly on the laptop screen.
  • Next, confirm that your laptop can protect high-bandwidth digital content. This capability is present in almost all more recent models since HDCP decodes all streaming video and enables trouble-free viewing.
  • You must have your Fire Stick and laptop connected to HDMI ports if you need to switch between them. There are typically more on more recent laptops.

Advantages of using this Method:

  • This is the easiest way for those who are less tech aware. Searching for your model and resolution or HDCP on Google can reveal your computer’s resolution and whether it supports HDCP. For example, you may google”Dell XPS 13 resolution.
  • HDMI ports are typically found on the sides or back of a laptop or desktop computer. Sometimes they have an evident HDMI label.

Disadvantages of this Method:

  • Although most gaming laptops have HDMI ports, not all FireStick users will find them suitable. Gaming laptops are large and cumbersome, making them unsuitable for portability.
  • Not worth the effort and cost
  • Most laptops with HDMI connections date back more than ten years, and the software and hardware are highly ancient.

Connect through Video Capture Device:

To connect your Fire Stick to your laptop, if it lacks an HDMI-in port, you will require an HDMI video capture device. This gadget allows you to connect via a USB 3.0 port rather than an HDMI connector and converts your Fire Stick’s video output into a manner your laptop can understand. The Fire Stick must first be connected to an HDMI splitter before being connected to a video capture device.

Steps to connect: Video capture card and OBS Studio

These are the procedures to take if you want to connect using an OBS studio program and a video capture card.

  • Download OBS Studio’s free program
  • Plug your firestick up to the video capture card power using the USB or anything suitable
  • Put the capture card in your computer/ laptop using the HDMI port; OBS will open.
  • Then click on the plus sign down at the bottom
  • Select video capture device
  • Press okay
  • Select the USB video option
  • Scroll down to see the streaming device in the background
  • Check that you use a custom audio device and then click okay
  • From the right-hand corner, select settings
  • Go to Audio
  • Click on Advance
  • Select the drop-down option, and further select the speaker option
  • Set the speakers, and click on apply.
  • At the bottom, you shall see little widgets and choose the settings widget.
  • Select the advanced settings option
  • From there, choose your device name
  • Then select the monitor and output option
  • Select close
  • Now, coming to the final step, the last click anywhere on the Screen doesn’t matter where you click.
  • Then drop down to the full-screen option.
  • Then select the final choice that is there. You will see a Pop-up, and hence it is connected.

Advantages of using this Method:

Before correctly configuring your FireStick with the BASERY Video Capture Card, you must have special software. The free, open-source program OBS Studio does the job flawlessly. It is a multi-platform program that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux laptops.

Disadvantages of using this Method:

The FireStick uses a high-bandwidth Digital Content Protection protocol. This anti-piracy tool stops the duplication of digital content. The majority of video capture devices are HDCP incompatible. Thus, if your device is not working with HDCP, try using an HDMI switch with a video capture card.

Connect through VGA Adapter

You can use a VGA adapter to connect your laptop or desktop pc to a projector, monitor, or another gadget with a VGA connector.

Steps to connect VGA Adapter to Laptop

  • You need to have a VGA to HDMI adapter.
  • Your laptop’s VGA or HDMI port should be connected using the VGA or HDMI cable. If an HDMI or VGA adapter is used, plug it into your laptop and attach the supplied cable to the other end. You can find VGA ports on the back of the computer.
  • Connect the VGA adapter to the Fire Stick.

Advantages of using this Method:

Connecting through VGA Adapter is the easiest Method. The most popular connection type allowed you to connect your analog laptop screen to other monitors or televisions. This port type was called a VGA output.

Disadvantages of using this Method:

Many older laptops allow you to attach a VGA cable to the device.  Poor quality, expensive to purchase, and its signals rapidly deteriorate as cable length increases.

Screen Mirroring from Laptop to Fire TV stick.

The Method of projecting the display of a phone, laptop, tablet, or computer onto a TV is known as Screen mirroring or screen sharing. Suppose your personal computer or laptop runs the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. In that case, you can extend or display your computer screen on a TV that supports Miracast technology using the wireless Screen mirroring feature.

Steps to connect through screen mirroring

  • Ensure that the WiFi networks used by your laptop and Fire Stick are the same.
  • To reach Settings, keep holding the Home button on your Amazon remote.
  • Choose Mirroring.
  • On your taskbar, click the notifications bubble in the bottom right.
  • From the panels at the slider’s bottom, choose the Connect icon.
  • When Windows recognizes your Amazon Fire Stick, choose it.

Advantages of using this Method:

Allow members to share their displays instantly and without a complicated setup to promote cooperation. Both at home and in the office, screen mirroring has its uses. Moreover, Screen mirroring is the easiest method when talking about the setup.

Disadvantages of using this Method:

One of its main drawbacks is the inability to control what is shared on the Screen when it mirrors through cables and wires. Screen mirroring must be stopped by unplugging the line or turning off the display device each time you want.

Connect from Laptop to Firestick using PLEX

Using the digital media player and organizer Plex Media Server, you may use any other laptop or compatible mobile device to view the music, photographs, and movies on one machine.

Steps to connect using Plex

  • Installing the Plex app on your Fire Stick is the first step.
  • You’ll have the choice to sign in if you already have a Plex account. You must choose the Create Account option on the same screen if you don’t already have a Plex account.
  • Ensure your laptop, Fire Stick, and other devices are all connected to the same wifi network after logging into your Plex account.
  • Plex will then provide simple steps to complete the setup and begin streaming.

Advantages of using this Method:

The media management software provides playback apps for numerous platforms and assists you in building an always-accessible media server. Additionally, Plex enhanced its selection of free streaming media by adding pre-set channels, films, and television series.

Disadvantages of using this Method:

Most of the time, Plex Media Server could not locate the material in the anticipated place. Technically, the server fails to find the anticipated filename at the expected file path.

With what can you connect an Amazon Fire Stick?

If you don’t want the Fire TV Stick hooked directly into the screen, use an HDMI extender instead. Otherwise, put the Fire TV Stick straight into the HDMI connection on the back of your TV.


Above are all the steps to connect your laptop to Amazon Fire Tv Stick. The first two methods: 1) Connect through HDMI, 2) Connect through a video capture card, 3) Connect through VGA Adapter are the ways to connect Amazon Firestick to Laptop or a computer, while the remaining two methods: 4) Screen mirroring from a laptop or a computer to firestick and 5) Connect the laptop/ computer to firestick using PLEX, are the ways to connect Laptop or a computer to Firestick.

However, Screen mirroring from laptop to firestick is the easiest to connect as it has comparatively few steps, making it easy to set up.

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