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Lenovo LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review-Worth it?


A wireless headphone is a kind of necessity these days. Nobody wants to deal with the hassles of wires, so it is a good choice. If you are looking forward to buying the Lenovo LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, here is a review about it.

Lenovo LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Lenovo LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Lenovo has launched the LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and has stepped up its game in the earphones market. Now it has become a part of its extensive range of electronic devices. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip in these compact earphones ensures the lowest possible latency. Moreover, it practically instantly pairs with your device. This portable alternative to over-the-ear headphones is the best option for you even if you are on a budget. Moreover, it has low power consumption, and a robust connection, allowing you to enjoy your music in real-time.

Not only is the design is stylish and sophisticated appearance, but these earbuds are also designed to be comfortably put in your ear canal. Moreover, you will nearly forget you’re wearing them due to the comfortable fit. To link the earbuds to your device, you will have to go through the pairing process similar to other truly wireless headphones. All you need to do is to take them out from their charging case and they will be ready to use with an immediate connection. In the pack, you get the earbuds themselves, the charging case, replaceable silicone pads, and a charging cable. A user manual to address any concerns you may have about the device is also comes with the pack.


The sound quality is enhanced by the earphone’s 10 mm dual-frequency moving coil unit. This unit allows high-frequency analysis and the reduction of distorted details, giving you an incredible listening experience. These earbuds will provide you with the greatest sound experience possible. It comes with a frequency range of 20 to 20,000Hz and AAC/SBC high-definition audio decoding. There is no distinction between main and secondary headphones. Thus, each earphone acts independently and has a Master-Slave Mode built-in. With this you can swap the earbuds to minimise power usage, decrease delay, and make your experience more enjoyable. The silicone cushion also acts as a passive noise-cancelling device. The design fits effortlessly to give you a comfortable on-the-go experience.

Microphone Quality

Microphone Quality

Built-in microphones are essential to make calls while you are listening to music. Lenovo LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones inbuilt microphone has a sensitivity range of -42dB to 3dB. Moreover, it features ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) and CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology. So you can make any call in a noisy environment and yet receive a clear voice on the other end. Additionally, the LP2 offers a two-ear HD call, ensuring that no detail is missed on each earphone. Although some users have experienced that the audio quality degrades during calls.



Before you buy your new headphones, it is essential to know whether they will stand the test of time. So to check the IPX certification of the headphones is reassuring. The Lenovo LP2 has a level 5 certification in this case. This means the earbuds are waterproof and dustproof. Thus, preventing any damage caused by sweat or rain. This makes them a great choice for your workout partner. Although, most manufacturers only seek the IPX4 rating. Lenovo took a step further while still keeping the selling pricing affordable. Moreover, these earphones are made of high-grade materials that will withstand heavy use without affecting the sound quality.

Battery Life

The Lenovo LP2 performs exceptionally in terms of battery life. Each earbud has a 40mAh capacity, and the case itself has a 300mAh capacity. So, giving you roughly 350 hours of standby life and 20 hours of music playback. This is more than enough for a full working day. The charging case features a Type-C connector that allows it to be used with fast chargers. Moreover, it takes around 90 minutes to fully charge the case. The Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology plays an important role in allowing the LP2 to extend its battery life. So, you can still use your headphones even if you forget to charge them overnight.


Without any obstructions, the transmission distance of these earbuds averages 10 metres. To activate Siri and all of the voice commands you need to press the button for a long time. Typically, you may utilise the LP2 with a single tap to play or pause a song. The same action can be used to answer or hang up on an incoming call. The Smart Caller ID number function allows you to instantly recognise who is trying to contact you without having to glance at the screen. This unique feature is not available in headphones from other competitors. You can control the volume by double-tapping. This uses either the left or right ear to lower or increase the level.

Furthermore, a triple touch will take you to the previous or next song on the playlist if you’re listening to music and want to change songs. This same system is present even in other Lenovo devices because they don’t want to change something that isn’t broken. This feature is easy to use and effective.


The LP2 boasts significant features that set it apart from the competition in the market. It stands out, especially, in terms of low power consumption and long battery life along with high-fidelity sound. Moreover, the integrated microphone at this price range is quite difficult to find. This makes calling easier and more convenient. All these features, make us believe that Lenovo always makes good earphones. The design and materials provide stability when you’re on the move. Thus, making it an excellent choice for people who want to listen to music while working out. If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of headphones to connect to your smartphone and play mobile games, you may benefit from the Bluetooth chip’s reduced latency.

Which is your favourite truly wireless earphones? Tell us in the comments section below.

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