OneOdio Monitor 60 Review – Headphones for Professionals?


OneOdio Monitor 60 Review OneOdio has been making quality headphones for quite some time, creating a reputation and many positive reviews about its products. This proves that oneodio is concentrating not only on quality but also on the price, sound, and customer service.

Today we will look closely at their new entry, Oneodio Monitor 60 headphones. This is the third in line and, so far, has gained much traction among users. There are mainly two models available in this range: Monitor 60 and Monitor 80. I have received Monitor 60, so I can take you to each aspect of these headphones by Oneodio.

Oneodio has provided this monitor 60 for review and testing purposes, and it has no obligation for a positive review or negative review. It does not require us to return the product. 

Under $100
OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

  • Easy to Fold
  • Comfortable
  • Neutral Sound Quality
  • Dual Headphones connector
  • Good bass
  • Amazing build quality
  • Cable with a built-in microphone
  • Mid-level has overpowering treble.
  • Clamps could be better.
12/08/2022 02:20 pm GMT

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Monitor 60 Design Review

OneOdio is advertising these Monitor 60 headphones built for professionals, DJs, and audiophiles. This does not mean that the average user cannot use it, as it’s relatively easy to operate.

Design point of view, these headphones look stunning and well made. You will not feel any cheap plastic material, but it seems solid, robust and eye caching. Movements are not 360; however, when you use it in the combination, you can achieve almost any angle. It’s a brilliant design, and I face no issue adjusting it to my needs. Headphones are made from a quality plastic material; however, they are connected with a metal arm, giving a Royal touch to these studio headphones. In order to make it more classic, they have added chrome around the ear cups.

I was first annoyed with the movement of ear cups as it’s just too free; however, after using it for a couple of days, I seem to like this feature as it helps in movement and doesn’t hurt if you keep it for a long. Yolks that hold the cups seem to be a little wiggly, so just to keep in mind, don’t start going too harsh on them, or you may risk breaking them. @OneOdio, I hope you are listening! However, when it comes to studio headphones, I would say Oneodio has done an excellent job.

If you are looking for studio headphones, then you know about Audio Technika as they have been around for years; however, seeing their m50 range been going on for years and their speed of update is an absolute joke. We believe companies like OneOdio will soon fill the space these giants are creating. 

Features Review

Oneodio has marked this monitor 60 headphones as professional, so I expect some great features that come with this tag. Remember that these studio monitor headphones are priced under the $100 mark, which is the main point as it will be difficult to maintain sound quality; however, I can not give them the advantage of this as they have already advertised it. We buy under the impression that it should give us that professional advantage over other headphones. 

Sound Isolation:

Source: OneOdio Official Site

If you look closely, you will find the mesh on the cups, which confused me a bit if it is open-ended, but to my surprise, it’s just there and has no impact on the sound, and it is indeed close-ended. Now coming back to the sound isolation, it’s not getting extra points in my review as I am a little disappointed with sound isolation.  I am not expecting this to be as good as the earphones; however, there should be a more snug fit, which could have given more noise cancellation and listening experience. 

Storage Review

Source: OneOdio Official Site

You can fold the earcups for easy storage, and yes, it does flip outwards (very handy for DJs). You can find the 3.5mm jack on the right side earcup and the 1/4 inch jack on the left side of the earcup. As this supports HD sound quality, you can rest assured that you can use it with all of your equipment as it supports the two most essential cable types. 

So, usually, most headphones just come with one jack, and we need to use the adapter to use our cables, but oneodio Monitor has solved the issues by providing two ports so you can connect your favorite wire without worrying about the adapter. 

Comfort Review

Source: OneOdio Official Site

Monitor 60 is amazingly comfy and has a perfect weight. Synthetic leather around the cups. I found the clamps are slightly tight; however that doesn’t bother me much as it helps to keep the headphones in place, and I am happy with this.

Sounds Review

I usually start my test with a standard speaker test, and their low – high performance and gradually move to high ends. Oneodio Monitor has used 50mm, neodymium drivers, producing good punch and providing balanced sound. You can hear most bands, and the sound is extensive. You can listen to some beautiful tunes that are difficult to catch in other headphones, so oneodio has done an excellent job here.  One thing to note on high-pitched sound is that you will have a little bit of buzzing noise ( this I have found in most brands, and I can not figure out why they are unable to make the driver in such a way that it will not produce this high pitch sound ), it wasn’t something you need to be worried about as there are hardly any tracks that play on that level. 

After this, I ran a simple sound test to check each driver’s response from the left/right to the middle. The idea is to check the overall product range and how it scores on different settings.  It is possible to differentiate the singer’s and instrument’s exact location, and there is no issue with it. As previously found, it gives us a little buzz on the high frequency, but let’s check other songs before we conclude. 

I have started with Bass Boost songs to see if the audio driver can handle some solid punch. It performs well in the high bass range; however, when it comes to low bass settings, it completely ignores it, and you can barely notice it. When it comes to the mid-bass, it does a decent job, but the treble is too high on this level and just wiggles up the song completely. 

So just to compile, it performs well on high and produces the sound you can rely on. In mid-range, the treble is a little too much. I have found these headphones are perfect for everyday use, but when it comes to some serious low or mid-range test, you will be disappointed I doubt anyone out there even uses them for critical listening.

What’s in the box?

Oneodio monitor headphones come with a nice package. You can find the raw photos in the end.

  • Black Vinyl storage bag
  • 120cm 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with microphone – Mobile use
  • 150cm – coiled studio type cable 3.5mm to 1/4 inch
  • 300cm- Straight cable for home use – 3.5mm to 3.5mm
  • Instruction Manual

Very pleased with the quality of these cables, they are pretty good and thick, and you will feel their quality when you touch them. I had issues with thin cable as they will tangle and are not durable if they are thin, but these cables are way too good for the price, and especially the studio cable is a winner as it’s coiled and just don’t tangle at all. Monitor series has now updated cables.

Final Thoughts

In our oneodio monitor 60 reviews, We found this headphone is undoubtedly designed for professionals, and they kept the design as neutral as possible. The bass is good overall and only struggles at mid-range due to the voice overpowering the bass; however, it has its pros and cons, and everyone has their unique listening style. You can certainly use them for mixing or as DJ but don’t just assume that you will get a perfectly neutral outcome. I firmly believe that oneodio has done an excellent job, and any shortcomings will be taken care of by them in the next release. I hope you like our oneodio monitor 60 reviews. We have tried our best to provide a detailed review of these Monitor 60 headphones, but if we have missed any crucial point in this review, feel free to write to us, and you will get these Amazing Monitor 60 Headphones for free as a thank you from us.

Product Orders Details and Returns Information

If you are ordering these headphones from OneOdio or Amazon, you can return the item for up to 30 days if there is any issue. OneOdio return policy is precisely the same as Amazon‘s.

OneOdio also provides a warranty of up to one year from the date of purchase if your return window expires after your order. You can simply get in touch with them with your order information and get a replacement or arrange a free return for repairs.  Keep your order information; you will need to supply it with your return. 

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