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Power Up your Trip With the Best Travel Adapter of 2024!


Travel is defined by technology. It used to be all about cards, trip journals, and discovering oneself, but can you ever feel calm overseas if you don’t know you can charge your tech? A universal travel adapter is required for all international journeys, and whether you’re traveling with a smartphone, iPad, laptop, headphones, camera, or Bluetooth speaker, you may as well grab a nice one.

Don’t be a moron at the airport, as universal travel adaptors are pricey and rudimentary. Get things arranged before you leave on your trip with our selection of the best available.

Basic adaptors that convert from one nation to another are available, but it is advisable to invest in a global travel adaptor that accommodates everything. So, what should you be on the lookout for?

Skross World Travel Adapter Pro Light USB

travel adapter

This Skross adapter appears identical to the one described above, but it has one important difference: it has an earth pin and is rated for up to 1575W, allowing you to securely (and rapidly) charge high-power devices such as laptops.

As with other three-pin plugs, it won’t fit each plug socket – the earth pin isn’t detachable, thus it won’t fit 2 pin sockets in the US or Australia, which means you may be unable to use some sockets.

Also, keep in mind that the product does allow European plugs. However, only when the detachable plug part is used. This means you can’t charge using the provided USB ports, even if they function in every other location.

Mytravelpal Worldwide Universal 10A Travel Adapter

travel adapter

This universal adapter from MyTravelPal stands out for a few reasons. The first is that it claims to be the world’s safest travel adapter — it’s one of the few all-in-one travel adapters that has met the extremely strict regulations standard BS:8546.

MyTravelPal’s four plugs have a ground/earth connection, which is an important safety feature for many electrical types of equipment. This means you may use this adapter with high-powered electricals like computers, curling tongs, hairdryers, laptops, phones, and so on.  There’s also a push-button fuse reset, which eliminates the need to carry additional fuses or run out to get replacements while on vacation.

MyTravelPal’s safety technology assures that it will shut down automatically if it detects any unusual behavior. It’s an excellent product that will not disappoint you.

Hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter

travel adapter

If you’re new to USB-C, this is the travel adapter for you. Although it features four regular USB ports that can charge a tablet, smartphone, and other low-power devices, the Hyleton has a USB-C port on the side for fast charging a smartphone.

Aside from that, the multi-function plug on this little converter is compatible with more than 150 nations that use UK/AU/US plugs. The adapter also has safety shutters to prevent you from direct contact with the live components of the socket outlet.

Epicka All in One Wall Charger

travel adapter

If you need to charge a few additional small gadgets or are traveling with a companion who also wants to charge their smartphone, Oneika Raymond, travel writer and host of Travel Channel’s Big City, Little Budget, and One Bag and You’re Out, recommends the Epicka all-in-one charger. “It covers 150 countries and includes 4 USB connections, allowing you to charge five gadgets at once.”

JOOMFEEN Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adapter

Power Up your Trip With the Best Travel Adapter of 2024!

Matthew Kepnes, the creator of Nomadic Matt and the book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter, travels with this basic global plug adaptor, which features two USB connections and one main outlet. “It works anywhere, is inexpensive, and has USB ports.” I believe it is the greatest, and it contains everything you require!” This straightforward plug adapter is an excellent choice for travelers who primarily charge headphones, mobile phones, as well as other portable devices when traveling, rather than larger equipment such as cameras or laptop computers.

Anker PowerPort 4 Lite

Power Up your Trip With the Best Travel Adapter of 2024!

The Anker PowerPort 4 Lite misses Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 compatibility, but not every device is, so these four normal USB-A ports will be enough for most, with adequate to satisfy a small family on the go.

PowerIQ and VoltageBoost are included. It does, however, include the replaceable UK and EU plug heads, but none for the US or Australia/New Zealand.

You must supply the USB cords that will be used with it. Because of the interchangeable plugs, this package is great as a travel companion, and it can be used if you are flying or sailing to North America, Europe, or the United Kingdom. In fact, having both plugs covers you everywhere you travel around the globe.

What travel adapter do I need for the USA?

There are two related plug types for the United States: A and B. The plug type A has 2 flat parallel pins, whereas the plug type B has 2 flat parallel pins plus a grounding pin. The United States uses a 120V supply voltage and a 60Hz frequency.

What travel adapter do I need for the UK?

What type of adaptor do I require for the United Kingdom? If the plug you want to use does not fit in a UK power socket, you will need to bring a Type G plug adaptor.


Because the finest travel adapters have USB ports, charging phones, tablets, and other portable devices should be quite simple. However, they are not all created equal. Most will have at least two USB ports; make sure they’re rated 2.4V, which will allow you to recharge your phone faster and also implies it can handle a tablet.

Much better, search for Quick Charge 3.0, which is even quicker. If your laptop charges through USB-C, seek a travel adapter with a built-in USB-PD, which can deliver 100W to your laptop.

The good news is that all EU nations have the same voltage as the UK. Therefore you just need to consider the USA, South America, Asia, Australasia, and Africa. High-powered gadgets, such as hair straighteners and hairdryers, you shouldn’t use with a travel adapter, and it is best to buy inexpensive ones after you are at your location.

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