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UE fits earbuds review: Ultimate earbuds or not?


Earphone organizations take great measures to create earbud shapes that offer the most agreeable fit for most clients. Everybody’s ears are one of a kind, so even the best try won’t provide ideal wear for all. In any case, organizations keep mining information in the journey for lawlessness for UE fits earbuds.

Extreme Ears is one more organization with heaps of exploration of on-ear shapes because of its long periods of involvement in building custom in-ear screens for proficient performers. The organization has used that information in a couple of genuine remote earbuds that utilize light form tech to hotness and shape ear tips to your ears. As the name recommends, the ideal shape is the essential point of the $249 UE Fits earbuds.

Design for UE fits

Design for UE fits

Ultimate Ears needed to create an alternate earbud shape for UE Fits earbuds. To give the light-based tech space to do its thing. Most buds have a spout that goes inside your ear trench. Silicone or froth spills slide on top of that to offer the ideal seal. Since the gel on the Fits needs space to move around, these earbuds don’t have that spout piece. There’s a small elbow of parts highlighting your waterway, yet all of the hardware sit right outside. That includes the LED lights that power the fitting system.

The ear tips for the UE Fits are bigger than typical. They give both the exceptionally fit and sufficient security for the inner parts. A pill-formed board houses contact controls, amplifiers, and charging connectors. Most earbuds are level circles or ovals extremely, so these look rather interesting. Moreover, critically, structure follows work.

Contact controls are restricted to a twofold tap on each side or two choices complete. Naturally, they’re set to play/stop on both earbuds. However, you can modify those activities for different things. Indeed, track and volume controls are independent.

UE fits earbuds review: Ultimate earbuds or not?
UE fits earbuds review: Ultimate earbuds or not? 6

While these onboard choices are highly restricted, Ultimate Ears enable you to allocate them. So if you need both of those, you’ve recently utilized both accessible spaces. Likewise, there’s no programmed stopping when you eliminate one of the buds from your ears. So you’ll probably need that choice on one side.

Software for UE fits

Software for UE fits

Besides taking care of the underlying trim interaction, the UE Fits app offers an assortment of EQ presets. UE Signature is the default. But at the same time, there are the choices of Bass Boost, Bright, Hi/Lo Boost, Loudness, and Spoken Word. The application independently gives you the battery level for each earbud and the case. Likewise, you can make your own and save them for future access through an EQ bend. So you know precisely where each piece of the bundle remains at some random time.

Assuming you decide to buy extra ear tips, there’s a choice in the principal menu for “Shape New Tips.” That will direct you through the 60-second fitting interaction the same way the product does at first. Also, once more. There will be a fit test on that menu. Eventually, to assist you with twofold taking a look at your molds. These aren’t planned to deliver until “pre-winter,” so ideally, that instrument is prepared before these are accessible to the majority.

Sound quality

Sound quality for UE fits

UE speakers are probably the best-sounding Bluetooth choices you can purchase. In addition, the organization has assembled a standing among professional performers for its IEMs. So I knew these would essentially sound nice. Furthermore, they do. However, the outcomes are conflicting. I genuinely do need to give them credit for extraordinary lucidity. Subtleties like catch drums are fresh and clear. So on country tunes as combs Luke’s “Fridge Door,” you can hear the unpretentious clatter in the rot. Same for picking and fret clamor on guitars, mandolins, and other stringed instruments. It’s the stuff you don’t see when it’s not there, but rather when it is, melodies have more surface.

The UE Fits earbuds equally tuned too. There’s no solid inclination towards the bass, mids, or high pitch, so these effortlessly handle a scope of classes. The bass is a piece limited for my taste regarding hip-bounce like Run The Jewels. Such melodies like “strolling in the snow” and “JU$T” come up short on normal punch. The low-end sounds excellent, and you can get a greater amount of it by deciding on the Bass Boost preset. Yet I would never get a similar profundity. When the drum machine robots and rings out that I could on other earbuds. I kept it locked on the default UE Signature choice more often than not on the grounds. I felt like the lucidity and detail were best there.

Gentler classifications like nation and twang are excellent, and synth-driven electronic music is also charming. Woody Esso’s Free Love generally sounds excellent on these. In any case, the customization choices don’t beat the normal sound quality for certain classes.

The competition

The competition

I’ve looked into a ton of genuine remote earbuds. However, I’m not mindful of whether other organizations utilize this innovation to shape semi-custom ear tips. I feel sure saying Ultimate Ears has an extraordinary element there. At $249, they’re in a similar value section as superior contributions from Bose and Sony. However, which offer dynamic solid clamor undoing (ANC) on their QuietComfort Earbuds and WF-1000XM3 separately. The UE Fit doesn’t have ANC. However, once you’ve formed them to your ears, they work hard on aloof commotion separation.

Both Bose and Sony have more hearty onboard controls and, like this, more customization choices. The QuietComfort Earbuds and the WF-1000XM3 have much-preferred sound quality over these Ultimate Ears buds. In any case, neither of them promotes a fit framework like these UE buds. Besides, Ultimate Ears offered the Fits for $209 during an early pre-request period, making them a more alluring recommendation. Tragically, that arrangement has finished.


The most incredibly formed in-ears is here for music/sound specialists. And routinely feature different, changed armature drivers in each ear with various enhancers. The UE Fits aren’t equivalent to these models, not even those made by Ultimate Ears. The unique fit here is a DIY, directed insight, not an audiologist-directed professional. Moreover, the unique driver inside can’t exactly rival the multi-driver varieties of most custom in-ears available. However, they additionally cost a small part of the cost. So it’s quite significant that these in-ears shouldn’t be viewed as rivalry for standard exclusively shaped screens from a fit or sound stance.

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