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Corsair one i300 review- Should you buy or not?

Corsair one i300
Corsair one i300

One more year, another astonishing Corsair one i300 One. Believe it or not, the coolest minimized PC is back, with inward equipment revived and another sticker price that makes us need to cry. The upgraded One i300 has one or two models, with a top-end cycle retailing at a faltering $4,999.

Luckily for the piratical PC maker, we’ve cherished the Corsair One since the time of its presentation.

Corsair one i300 has a keen interior plan and splendidly little impression are amazing and humiliate a large number of the best gaming PCs.

The i300 is no special case, however, we’ll get to execution later on. For the present, we should investigate what makes this small framework so extraordinary.

Price and availability:

Corsair one i300 review- Should you buy or not?

The Corsair One i300 accompanies a few truly great specs, pressed into a special and beautiful thin case. As past Corsair One PCs have shown us. You shouldn’t expect the i300 to be modest – however, at $4,999, this is an inconceivably costly PC.

At that cost, you’re getting probably the best tech out there, for example. A fluid-cooled Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU and an Intel Core i9-12900K 16-center processor. There’s additionally 64GB of DDR5 RAM and a 2TB M.2 SSD. You’re not going to improve than that right now, particularly considering the shortage of certain parts like the GPU and DDR5 RAM, yet that is an enormous asking cost for anybody.

It’s likewise evidently needless excess on the off chance that you’re involving this for simply gaming. That 64GB of DDR5 RAM won’t make a big deal about an effect. For computerized creatives and content creators, be that as it may, there might be a better defense. Corsair has in the past delivered One PCs focused on creatives, however, the Corsair One i300 is essentially a gaming work area.

Even with the sort of spec on offer here. This is an extremely expensive work area PC. And it implies Corsair needs to do a great deal to legitimize the asking cost. Placing it into a little and beautiful frame is certainly one of the manners in which the organization is approaching that.

Design for Corsair one i300

design Performance for Corsair one i300

The greatest selling point of the Corsair One i300 is its plan. It’s absolutely one of the fundamental motivations behind why the sticker price is so high. This is a minuscule PC, with aspects of 200 x 176 x 380 mm, which isn’t a lot greater than the Xbox Series X control center. This has aspects of 151 x 151 x 301mm. This is absolutely a PC you could undoubtedly have in your receiving area, and the dim metallic body, with RGB lighting, taken care of by Corsair’s iCUE programming, looks incredible.

Regardless of whether you need to involve it in an office or studio in a work area, the reduced structure factor offers heaps of advantages. In the beginning, by occupying less room in a work area, you have more space to work serenely. It likewise implies this is a work area PC that is especially simple to set up and introduce. And even move about as necessary. Obviously, it’s not so compact as a PC, but rather it’s significantly more advantageous than a standard work area PC.

Assuming you’re a sharp upgrader and hobbyist who’s searching for a PC that can be overhauled. Later on, this isn’t so much for you. The absence of upgradability is, alongside the exorbitant cost tag, the enormous trade-off you must make with the Corsair One i300. The uplifting news is gratitude to the strong parts inside the PC. You’re probably not going to need – or need – to update it any time soon.

Performance for Corsair one i300

performance Performance for Corsair one i300

At the point when we say the Corsair One i300 is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment, we weren’t joking. Profoundly, 24-string beast with a maximum Turbo recurrence of 5.2GHz. It’s a strong chip, and it’s opened too, and that implies there’s the capability to overclock it too.

It additionally accompanies the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, one of the most remarkable GPUs on earth. And inconceivably difficult to purchase because of a combo of the worldwide chip lack and appeal. While it’s very not so strong as the RTX 3090. It was basically impossible that Corsair would have been ready to fit that cumbersome GPU into the suspension of the Corsair One i300. The RTX 3080 Ti likewise comes extremely near the RTX 3090 in a lot of games at 4K.

Which is the goal the vast majority will play at, so while it misses the mark on future-sealing 8K capacities of the RTX 3090. It’s as yet a tremendously skilled GPU that will deal with essentially any cutting-edge game at 4K easily. And obviously, additionally includes current tech like DLSS and beam following too.

All things considered, it’s a great entertainer. Cooling is dealt with by an enormous fan at the highest point of the skeleton, and it saves sensibly calm for most errands. In any case, while it’s investing hard energy. The parts inside the thin skeleton unavoidably begin getting exceptionally hot, and that is the point at which the fan truly kicks in. It’s as yet not excessively diverting, and we didn’t see any choking because of hotness, yet this isn’t the calmest or coolest gaming PC out there.


The Corsair One i300 is a powerhouse of a machine. It is a solid mid-tier gaming PC that has no trouble playing the latest games at 1080p. And it’s compact enough to fit in any home. If you’re looking for an affordable gaming PC that will play the latest games and applications with ease. This may be the right choice for you.

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