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Cuphead DLC Last Course- A game before a cup of tea!

Cuphead DLC
Cuphead DLC

Fans of Cuphead are used to waiting. Years later, after a tantalizing teaser before the original game’s 2017 release. The famous classic cartoon shoots ’em up. The Cuphead DLC Last Course is officially complete after several delays and rereleases on various platforms. You get additional bosses to fight and more tools to defeat them with this DLC expansion, which costs $8. It completes an excellent experience and wins a spot on the best Nintendo Switch games list.

What do you want to play in the Cuphead DLC game?

What do you want to play in the Cuphead DLC game?

The Cuphead: Delicious Last Course may only be played if you already possess Cuphead. Thankfully, the once Xbox-only game is now accessible on all significant platforms. You don’t have to finish the game to see the extra stuff, but you must play through the beginning at the very least.

Here is a quick recap of the information from the comprehensive Cuphead study. The breathtaking hand-drawn illustrations in Cuphead echo the exuberant (almost hazardous) spirit of 1930s cartoons. Players battle enormous jazzy bosses like Cuphead and Mugman to defend their spirits from the devil.

While a distinct sort of old-school drives the gameplay, an intense shooter-platformer in the vein of Contra, Metal Slug, or Gunstar heroes is Cuphead. To finish each stage, players must withstand an utter barrage of bullets while scoring enough hits. At first, it seems overwhelming, but after you figure out the patterns, players can quickly and expertly dispatch opponents. However, Cuphead’s reputation for being extremely challenging seems to be well.


Ms. chalice

A beautifully resulting new voice song in The Delicious Last Course explains the new plot of the Ms. Chalice character from the original game. She goes shopping with Cuphead, Mugman, and the shady Chef Saltbaker, who really can grant her ghostly body a physical form. She can now take possession of one of the living cups and become a playable character for the first time.

Players may double-jump, slide without damage, counterattack with the dash action, and acquire an additional hit point when they are Ms. Chalice. She cannot develop new skills using charms as Cuphead and Mugman can. However, all three characters may buy potent weapons, including a helpful homing crack shot.

This undoubtedly makes the game more accessible for people with less experience in managing. You will give up on the original game’s final bosses years earlier, but with Ms. Chalice, you will finally be able to defeat them. You wouldn’t call it simple, though. Tropical Freeze by Donkey Kong Country isn’t quite Funky Mode. On the one side, You can see how Cuphead’s challenge adds to the game’s thrilling joy. Additionally, the Studio MDHR crew is working hard to produce the images, so You can’t blame them for torturing you to force you to view and enjoy them constantly.

Everyone, though, has their sense of just what makes something challenging vs. monotonous. Like the original game, the Cuphead: Delicious Last Course (DLC) can pelt you with so many missiles that it looks almost impossible to evade them. You must defeat the bosses in their standard forms, not the simpler, easier ones, to advance to the final levels.

Some similarities between the original and DLC version!

Some similarities between the original and DLC version!

All things aside, if you like the first Cuphead, The Cuphead: Delicious Last Course (DLC) does not disappoint. The new island offers a boss battle arena with some of the game’s most astounding, creative foes. The most favorite is a conflict with a group of insect moonshiners with a complex plot line. Additionally, the animation is more impressive than ever. You may get shocked intently at your Nintendo Switch OLED Model, trying to make sense of the vibrant jumble.

Some bosses even provide entirely original concepts. Similar to the original game, there is a dogfight level when you fly a jet, and the game transforms into an R-Type-style scrolling shooter. However, there is now a “dogfight” stage where you must fire down a troop of canine fighter pilots while standing atop a jet and shifting your weight on its wings. There is also a whole crew of bosses that your weapons cannot defeat. Instead, you must harm them with precisely timed power shots, which are made simpler by Ms. Chalice’s skills.

To be clear, boss battles are the only type of combat in The Delicious Last Course. No run and gun portions where you move from left to right like in a classic side-scrolling game are present. Although they did cause some controversy in the first Cuphead, they brought some variety to the quest. The Delicious Last Course still seems incredibly bountiful for less than $10. It shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to clear the credits unless you’re a true Cuphead expert.

Does the DLC require beating Cuphead?

Players do not need to finish the primary game to get the Delicious Last Course DLC in Cuphead. With the introduction of its latest DLC package, appropriately named The Delicious Last Course, Cuphead has gained popularity. There are six brand-new bosses available for players to defeat.

How lengthy is the DLC for Cuphead?

It will take players roughly six hours to finish The Delicious Last Course. Of course, the ability has a significant impact on that figure. Cuphead fighting experts will indeed be able to complete the DLC more quickly than others. Fans may want to take their time with the new title addition in light of the preceding.

How challenging is Cuphead DLC?

If anything, the typical DLC boss is more or less on par with the original game’s most challenging bosses in terms of difficulty. Some even broke the bar for how difficult a Cuphead boss can be.


One of the Switch’s most enjoyable games gets a minor update in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course. Although it might be a little on the short side, everything here is excellent and, given its duration, is reasonably priced. This information is crucial if you already have the original. If not, both of them are.

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