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Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair: Comfortable and Stylish Gaming Chair!


If you’re looking for one of the greatest gaming seats on the market. The Duelhawk Ultra should be at the top of your list. Duelhawk is a very new, up-and-coming gaming chair manufacturer, and this is one of the company’s two current models.

It certainly checks off a lot of the boxes you’d look for in a gaming chair: padded back and neck support, variable tilt and armrest placements, premium-quality fabrics, and so on. So let us see!


Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair Price

The Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair is presently available for £339 or €374 (about $450, AU$620) and ships to the UK and much of Europe. There’s no news on whether the corporation plans to increase its regional services, so it’s still out of reach for the majority of the world.

Design and Setup

Design and Setup

We considered the Duelhawk Ultra gaming chair being well, and it took us around half an hour to put together in total — hex keys are included in the box, so you won’t need anymore, and Duelhawk also includes a pair of thin gloves. The directions are simple and basic, and we do not even believe you’ll have any trouble putting this together, especially if you’ve previously installed a gaming chair.

There are three alternative finishes available for the Ultra model: jet black polyurethane leather, dark grey “nebula” material, and light grey “moonrock” fabric (which was the model we had in for review here). We like what Duelhawk has done with the design here, but there are plenty of curves in all the right places. Whenever it comes to gaming chair aesthetic appeal, this is more of an individual, subjective choice, but we like how much Duelhawk has done with design here, but there are plenty of curves in all the right places.

While the Duelhawk Ultra’s design isn’t very groundbreaking, perhaps that’s for the best. The chair comes with a head cushion and a back cushion that you can use and not, and the main sections of the chair fit together simply. If you misplace your instruction card, you can get a digital version from the Duelhawk website.

The chair, which is made of steel, can reach a maximum height of 200 cm (78.7 inches) and can support a maximum weight of 120 kg (265 pounds), according to its specifications. The chair’s greatest width is 70.1 cm (27.6 inches) from armrest to armrest, with a wheelbase diameter of 69.9 cm (27.5 inches). The chair weighs around 145 kg in total (so 320 lbs).


Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair Assembly

The chair is delivered dismantled in a flatpack box, and it is carefully preserved and arrived in perfect condition. The box, however, is huge and heavy. It will be a request for your delivery guy to carry it, and it will be difficult to maneuver, particularly if they want to get it up a flight of steps. With all that in mind, enlisting the assistance of others is the best option.

There shouldn’t be any shocks if you’ve ever put together a gaming chair. The back, wheelbase, and seat are all dismantled, but they’re all rather simple to assemble. Everything goes where you’d expect it to go for the most part.

The back of the chair has some awkward side plates that hide unattractive components for modifying the resting position, which can be a hassle to do on your own. However, the visual instruction was sufficient to show how to get around this. It is certainly possible to assemble the entire chair by yourself in about twenty minutes.



The main issue with several gaming chairs is that they will always appear ostentatious or overbearing. While this is ideal for Twitch streamers and people who want to project an outer presence, it may leave individuals looking for something more subdued with few options.

Perhaps this is where the Duelhawk Ultra truly shines. Moonrock Fabric, the item offered, has a design that is a gaming chair. But it is considerably gentler on the eyes. It has a logo on the front of the backrest and Duelhawk branding just at top of the headrest, but it’s generally unobtrusive. It also includes a headrest pillow to hide the signage if desired. The cushion has the same design. Bt it’s impossible to discern at a distance because it’s black stitching on a black pillow.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most ‘mature’ appearing gaming chairs available. While its design will always be a reminder of its gaming origins. It’s a chair that would be at home inside an office setting.

The cloth is also quite nice to the touch and has shown no indications of deterioration after several weeks of use. It also eliminates the sweating problems associated with leather-like chairs. However, Duelhawk also offers the chair in PU Leather if that is your preference.

Features and Comfort

Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair Features and Comfort

Ultimately, the Duelhawk Ultra gaming chair is a joy to sit in: it’s comfortable and provides ample support for all of your body parts. We sat in the Ultra for several hours — not just gaming, but also working, regrettably – and experienced no pains or strains just at end of our time at the desk. It feels sturdy and long-lasting, and we’re confident it will serve us well for several years to come.

We’d like to see a little more height adjustment so that we can sit a little higher off the ground. But that’s an issue we have with seats in general. With a height adjustment range of 93.98 mm (3.7 inches). Duelhawk claims the chair is ideal for people between the ages of 5 and 6 feet 3 inches. We’re on the higher end of that range, and even when the chair is as high as it will go. We feel a little near to the floor.

Despite this, it’s difficult to find any serious flaws with this chair. All the materials used appear to be high-quality, and customizing the chair to your specifications is simple. We’d like to highlight the chair’s adjustable lumbar support. That allows you to simply add more back support via a dial just on side of the backrest. Eliminating the need for an additional lumbar cushion.

Another unique feature is the tilt mechanism, which folds down from the front of the chair rather than the middle. It allows you to recline the back of the chair while keeping your resting feet on the floor. This is ideal if you’re in the middle of a long gaming session.


Simply put, the Duelhawk is a fantastic product that stands out in a competitive market. Much of this is because it is one of the very best-looking selections for individuals who prefer more subtle aesthetics. The Duelhark Ultra should be seriously considered if you’re seeking an “adult” choice.

It’s not the lowest chair on the market, but it’s also not the most costly. It is less expensive than the Secretlab Titan and has a similar feature set. Even so, it’s not something you’ll want to buy on the spur of the moment, and there are plenty of nice, inexpensive alternatives.

The chair also feels like it might be a little more accommodating in terms of height. As it has some challenges with conventional desk sizes. If you tend to sit near the desk with your arms higher than the lip, this is especially visible.

That being the case, it’s primarily a nitpick as to what has otherwise been a dependable and attractive chair. While Duelhawk still has work to do in the sector to compete with established companies. If it stays up with goods like the Ultra, it could soon find itself as a regular participant.

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