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Habitica: An Online Task Management App for Gaming!


Habitica is a project that is open source. The online task management tool Habitica, formerly known as HabitRPG, is operated by HabitRPG, Inc. Habitica adopts a role-playing game format, in contrast to most work management applications. Moreover, Programmer Tyler Renelle developed the software and collected money for it on the website Kickstarter.

Habitica is open-source, allowing any developer to contribute, unlike most task management applications. The program may be easily customized and has more capabilities than other task management applications because of its open-source architecture.


Habitica: An Online Task Management App for Gaming!

It also makes recommendations for what you should prioritize, such as job and education. And hence, Onboarding is a simple procedure using Habitica. You may use your email address, a preexisting Google or Apple account, or a new one to establish a report in the first step. However, The software asks you to enter a unique username when registering.

The program automatically creates a task list associated with every idea you select. Therefore, changing them if they don’t work is always an option. It’s easy to add an activity to your Habitica dashboard. Search for a button that has a diamond-shaped button with a plus symbol within. You may add many tasks to Habitica, including routines, daily chores, and to-do lists. A prize or drawback is associated with each sort of activity in the game.

Habits can be positive, negative, or both in Habitica, just as in real life. The plus symbol (+) signifies good behavior, which is rewarded with money and experience. Destructive behaviors are indicated by the minus symbol ( – ) and are costed in health and energy. Each habit’s difficulty level can be adjusted to simple, easy, medium, or hard. The prize you receive for finishing anything will increase in value the harder it is.

In-Game Features

Habitica: Your Characters


You play the game’s main character in Habitica. It has experience & Health bars. Task completion earns you experience. Destructive behaviors might also cause you to lose health. Create a habit using the Hazardous parameter, and then enter how many HP you must invest in the counter. This is how it functions.

Your character’s health will now deplete each time you perform a task habit like this. You can restore your health by adopting healthy routines, moving up a level, or ingesting a curative beverage. Death is impossible in Habitica. If you already have a tier, you will instantly lose it when your health declines. Although you may reduce the levels to 0, this is the worst penalty.


Habitica Online Task Management

Equipment is everything you can place on your characters, such as weapons, armor, outfits, and the like, each having its stats. This will assist you in overcoming numerous roadblocks. You may browse your stalls and see all the gathered staff and equipment on the Inventory tab.

All your pets, which you acquired in one manner or the other along your voyage, are located in the stalls. Some pets can only be gotten through completing quests, while others may be obtained by using elixirs, yet others can just be purchased with cash.

Store and Quests

Habitica Online Task Management

You may purchase tools, supplies, pets, and other essentials in the Stores area. Thus, you may also find missions. Your rank and the number of collected coins determine the available jobs. There are main missions, elixir and pet quests, and master line quests.

Unfortunately, it is not apparent from the quest’s description what you must do to finish it. But this is just the beginning since you are still acquainted with the Habitica universe. You will eventually comprehend every circumstance with ease.

Plans and Pricing

Habitica - Habitica Online Task Management

Habitica is Online Task Management software and one of its most delicate features. The program is entirely free to use for task management. There is an optional subscription plan for those who want to contribute to developing the software.

There are four different sorts of optional subscriptions: monthly ($4.99), quarterly ($14.99), semiannual ($29.99), and annual ($47.99).

How is Habitica Free?

Habitica is a small development staff and a community of individuals that provide their time to help in many different areas, including coding, translating, writing, and creating art.

Purchases of gems and subscriptions support Habitica. Gems are a form of in-game money that may be spent to purchase backdrops, pet tasks, and attractive character enhancements. Customers can subscribe for $5 per month or $48 per year. No in-game benefits are associated with subscribing, but you receive jewels, a special pet, and exclusive access to outfits, pets, and mounts.

How do you use Habitica effectively?

To-do lists are used for chores with precise objectives and due dates. Divide a task into manageable pieces, then check each off as you go. Your behaviors serve as a form of self-punishment or reward. Every time you carry out the habit’s outlined activity.


If you enjoy playing games, Habitica is your Online Task Management software. The gamified user interface makes managing your duties enjoyable with virtual incentives for finishing them and penalties for not doing so. However, it is inappropriate for those who like a more formal framework and are not big game players. We believe that the app better serves the younger generation.

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