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PowerA Fusion Pro for Nintendo switch – Detailed Review!


The PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch is a very good quality gamepad. And probably the best option in contrast to a PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

It costs $30 more, feels too made as a first-party pad, and has a programmable spade module. As you need the PowerA Fusion Pro to feel more like an ordinary controller more often than not.

There are two issues, or if nothing else two significant missing features. The PowerA Fusion Pro doesn’t have NFC, used to recognize Amiibos. Furthermore, the part we miss most, there is no thunder criticism by any means.

This is doubly disheartening given the more elderly and also estimated Xbox variant of this pad has boom engines. It is without a doubt an issue of expenses, implies you pass up a great opportunity. In a significant experiential sense by not just taking the anticipated course and purchasing a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller all things being equal.

In any case, the PowerA Fusion Pro’s form can rival undeniably more costly outsider pads. And what you get in the box is more liberal than the Nintendo pad.

Whether you should purchase this pad or Nintendo’s own comes down to whether or not you’ll miss boom.

Price and Availability – PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch

 PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch

The PowerA Fusion Pro expenses $99.99, or £79.99 in the UK. This makes it $30 more costly than the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

It’s a strong move, especially when the Switch doesn’t have a remarkable same after of cutthroat gamers as the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, for which you can purchase far pricier “pro” controllers. For what reason does it be so expensive more?

Nintendo’s economy of scale makes this pad better than most PowerA controllers. It’s simpler to make devices like this more reasonable if you realize you can deliver and sell them huge amounts at a time.

Design and button quality of PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch

In the language of a few accessory firms, “Pro” is inseparable from customization. The most hardcore pads let you remap buttons, change the awareness, and no man’s lands of the simple sticks and triggers.

PowerA Fusion Pro for Nintendo switch - Detailed Review!

PowerA offers a portion of this kind of customization, assemble quality is the underlying thing that explains the “Pro” mark here. It is magnificent, far superior to the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller we explored as freshly.

A portion of this positive impression comes from proportionate external factors. There are very likely loads inside the PowerA Fusion Pro to give it additional weight. Since it doesn’t have vibration motors that ‘naturally’ add weight to a pad.

The delicate touch finish of the PowerA Fusion Pro’s faceplates is pretty, and the grips are covered with infusion-shaped elastic. This pad is extreme, grippy, and strong. It seems like a first-party pad, and seemingly better than the Xbox Series gamepad, whose surface is all hard plastic.

You can replace the faceplates if you wear a sparkle into the matt completion as well. They are kept set up with magnets. You just lift the plate off with a fingernail, and both white and dark ones are included.

You get a genuine sense the PowerA Fusion Pro is made to endure, regardless of whether a few sections will normally start to cheapen after some time.

PowerA Fusion Pro for Nintendo switch - Detailed Review!

The attractive drive triggers are heavenly, every one of the buttons has a clear-cut non-empty activity. Playing with a PowerA Fusion Pro is a pleasure. Furthermore, it’s shockingly better looking than Nintendo’s Pro cushion, assuming that you like a held appearance.

What’s in the box?

 PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch

Purchase a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and you get the actual pad and a line in the box. The PowerA Fusion Pro accompanies significantly more.

There are the two faceplates, referenced premature, a decent semi-stiff convey case, along a 3m interlaced line for charging and wired play, the paddle module, and an additional two simple stick covers.

These are taller than the standard pair, and one has an arched top. Similar to the extra faceplate, you would need to purchase these independently with different regulators.

We don’t think this abundant container of attachment implies the PowerA Fusion Pro. Unexpectedly preferred worth over the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, yet everything packaged in is beneficial.

PowerA’s simple stick covers are covered with a genuinely hard elastic, which again ought to work on their life span.

Customizable paddle module

A convey case is great, yet the additional control module is the main reason to purchase the PowerA Fusion Pro. This opening into the pad’s back is home to four metal padless. That can be adjusted to accept the control of any button press, including D-pad direction.

PowerA Fusion Pro for Nintendo switch - Detailed Review!

There are all four paddles can be removed independently from the module because they are made from metal. This is helpful, as the pad is considerably more agreeable to hold ‘typically’. On the off chance that you simply utilize the last two paddles and leave the best two off. They sit nearer to the pad’s bends, where the top pair make you moderate. Your grips altogether too much as we would like to think.

Utilized with the last two, the PowerA Fusion Pro’s paddles are sufficient to appear to be not very much like a top feature for the “pros”. A more agreeable method for playing, even casually. We gave them a shot for a couple of hours in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, utilizing the paddles to jump and slice the sword. Returning to utilizing the face buttons appeared to be a minimization.

PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch 4

However, you should physically set the buttons for each game. You long-press a button on the back, press one of the pad’s buttons, and afterward the paddle. You need to use it to emulate that info. There are no saved profiles, which keeps things basic. However, may drive you up the wall if you switch between games a lot.

We like the PowerA Fusion Pro paddle module a lot. For the most part when just a large portion of its controls are utilized. The capacity to eliminate the thing and put a cover over the back to keep the back surface smooth.

Other extra features

The PowerA Fusion Pro is a wireless controller with a 900mAh li-particle battery that keeps going as long as 30 hours off a charge.

PowerA Fusion Pro for Nintendo switch - Detailed Review!

It additionally has a 3.5mm earphone attachment, in contrast to the PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch controller. It should only be used when the pad is physically connected to your Switch. And not when it is wirelessly connected. Still, this is down to the Switch’s Bluetooth constraints, not PowerA’s issue.

With the line, you can use earphones while you use your Switch on a TV.

Missing features – PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch

The PowerA Fusion Pro is one of the most mind-blowing sub-$100 Switch gamepads around. However, its missing features should put a considerable lot of you off completely.

Boom response is the part we miss most. There are no boom motors here by any stretch of the imagination, not to mention the “HD”. Boom kind presented in the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo switch 5

If the PowerA Fusion Pro was the sort of pad made for those enthusiastic about tweaking their controllers a lot. Petty with simple stick responsiveness, no man’s lands, and the trigger reaction – for individuals playing for rivalry, not another experience. You don’t get any of that profound customization here, and there wouldn’t be any trigger. Changes to make at any rate as the Switch’s shoulder controls are not simple.

Less significant, yet at the same time pivotal to some, the PowerA Fusion Pro doesn’t have NFC. To examine Amiibos we use this.

Fortunately, the PowerA Fusion Pro has movement controls. They are smooth and without jitter. However, given the incredible nature of the information sources and the somewhat significant expense of these pads. We simply wish it had boomed. This would allow us to give it a pretty much inadequate proposal as a Switch Pro option for the individuals who need something a touch fascinating.


You need one of the most outstanding outsider Switch pads.
The PowerA Fusion Pro has zero of the ‘janky’ quality you might connect with outsider pads. Its triggers feel awesome, the buttons are incredible and the sticks use ALPS parts, similar to some first-party controllers.

There’s an earphone attachment on this gamepad, convenient if you play while associated with your TV. This possibly works assuming you append the pad with a link. A 3m allows you to move a decent way away from the control center.

PowerA Enhanced controller is less than the pad. We investigated as of late. It’s two times as great in certain regards as well. In any case, it’s additionally more costly than the Nintendo Switch Pro regulator. This wouldn’t be a major issue on the off chance that it coming up short on the above highlights, thunder, and NFC. However, it does.

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