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Sea Of Thieves Season 7: Launch Date, New Features, And More!


Season 7 of Sea of Thieves is almost here, and if you’re excited to drop sails and raise anchor, you’ll want to learn everything you can about the upcoming season. Season 7 of Sea of Thieves is more themed than in previous seasons. This week, the spotlight is on pirate captains, an unofficial title that players may often bestow on themselves or a crewmate—the team leader, so to speak. However, owing to several new additions, including the formal designation of a captain in your crew, this out-of-game title is gaining substantial in-game backing with Season 7.

Rare has also sought to create a larger growing storyline with the debut of Season 6, providing players new ways to play with Sea Forts and, more recently, mysteries. Sea of Thieves Season 7 is next up for want to be pirates, and it should be available in the coming weeks. Continue reading for a deeper look at when Season 7 will begin, an overview of the confirmed Season 7 features, and a few hints of what else to expect.

Launch Date

Sea Of Thieves

Season 7 of Sea of Thieves was introduced during the Xbox Showcase last month. The new season introduced various adjustments to the pirate title’s cosmetics. The next season, aptly dubbed Captaincy, will let players make significant modifications to their ships. Such as renaming them and modifying the appearance of their staterooms. It’s also planning to offer a new type of money to simplify selling riches. The season was supposed to begin on July 21, but that date has already been modified.

Executive producer Joe Neate updates the season’s development in a developer post. Aside from expressing enthusiasm and stating how Season 7 was poised to bring some significant improvements, Neate notes that the team recognized that many forthcoming modifications needed additional time to be worked on as the launch date approached. He says the upcoming season will bring a slew of new numbers to track, which will necessitate a closer collaboration between the “Game, UI, and Service teams” to pull off properly. The new season will now premiere on August 4th.

Neate further claims that this choice was made to give the greatest possible overall fan experience while also ensuring that the Rare team can continue to function in a healthy & sustainable way. Season 6 has been a lengthy one for gamers, he adds, but August will be a busy month, with the new season and Adventure launching two weeks later.

What new features to Expect from Sea of Thieves Season 7?

Sea Of Thieves Season 7: Launch Date, New Features, And More!

This season will focus on letting players role-play as true commanders of their crew, including deep, long-awaited features. We’ll go over them piece by piece here.

You’ll be able to save customized ship loadouts for easy access at any of the game’s outpost Shipwright shops in Season 7. Instead of having to re-select a new hull paint job, sails, guns, and so on, you’ll be able to preserve various preset styles so you may outfit your ship in the correct colors for each occasion.

For the first time in Sea of Thieves, your captain’s cabin will be configurable, beginning with Season 7. The clip above previews some of the additional aesthetic options available, including wall art to hang & shelf trinkets to exhibit. These new alternatives look great for pirates who realize that first impressions count. Though not guaranteed, the Season 7 Plunder Pass may have its own captain’s quarters goodies.

Loot Is Easier To Sell To The Sovereigns

Sea Of Thieves

Even the most passionate pirate will acknowledge that selling treasure takes longer than it should. Especially when playing in smaller groups or solo. It can take several minutes for a well-oiled assembly line of pirates at an outpost to unload the riches from the treasury chamber. Season 7 of Sea of Thieves promises to make this process easier by adding The Sovereigns and a new currency known as Cash-In Points.

Even though the trailer focused on a few essential areas, a video sample exposes numerous more new features. One of them was the ability to “chronicle a captain’s logbook,” implying that the game will now visualize possibly in the form of a Tall Tales-style book every adventure you take in Sea of Thieves. The Sea of Thieves role-playing community is very much active. This seems to be a great vanity project for pirates looking to build more adventures with another swashbuckler.

Select from a variety of playstyles

Sea Of Thieves

The third item highlighted in the trailer is the opportunity to choose between several playstyles. We can only conjecture what this means for the time being, but please allow us to do so. This may mean that players would be able to declare their preferences for various sorts of lobbies. Gamers will be able to instruct the game to group them in scenarios where they are interested in things like alliances, PvP, PvE, or other filters, similar to how Xbox people may exclude PC cross-play and avoid evil mouse-and-keyboard players.

Is Flameheart still in Sea of Thieves?

Flameheart was one of the most important additions to the Seabound Soul update a few years back. In Sea of Thieves, the Lord and his phantom fleet may still be scouring the waterways.

How many Krakens are in Sea of Thieves?

We are fighting only one Kraken. It always runs before dying, which explains the lack of a corpse when vanquished.


The main feature is ‘Captaincy,’ which allows you to become a full-fledged captain of your ship, as the name indicates. This entails purchasing the vessel, naming it, and personalizing it to your preferences. It’s the game’s first instance of a permanent ship-ownership system.

A Hunter’s Cry, the game’s next story-driven Adventure, will be released on August 18th as part of Season 7. This will be the game’s sixth Adventure; although little information has been released thus far, more information will be released closer to the release date.

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