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Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22 with the best screen protectors!


So you’ve got the magnificent new Samsung Galaxy S22 and one of the greatest phone covers for your handset. What happens next? It’s all too easy to overlook the importance of preserving your phone’s screen, and with its stunning 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, you’ll want to keep the S22’s screen safe from injury, whether you’re at the office or at home, or doing something more active. Despite the fact that the S22 series was just released lately, there are already plenty of amazing Samsung Galaxy S22 screen protectors alternatives to select from. However, finding the perfect cover might feel like a pain.

Tempered glass ones are thicker and give more protection, notably against breaking, but they typically don’t work well with fingerprint scanners. For those who want a less invasive protective covering, we’ve prepared a selection of screen protectors, which often shield your display from scratches.

Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

Galaxy S22 screen protectors

The Dome Glass screen protector is among the greatest options. It appears at the top of lists of “best screen protectors.” There’s a reason behind this.

This S22 screen protector comes in a set of two and uses ultra-violet adhesive baking technology. The glass has a hardness rating of 9H and an oleophobic layer to combat those pesky fingerprints.

As an extra benefit, the inbuilt blue light filter reduces up to 25% of the harmful blue light while maintaining the touch sensitivity of the Galaxy S22’s screen. We noted that it is not inexpensive; nevertheless, you can currently get one for roughly $50.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

Galaxy S22 screen protectors

ZAGG provides one of the best smartphone screen protectors available. When it concerns screen protectors, InvisibleShield is nearly an industry standard. This hybrid glass tech is flexible & absorbs impacts while preventing scratches on the screen. The surface is smooth for the optimum touch experience, and the Fusion Defense screen protector will not interfere with your screen’s touch sensitivity. There’s also an antibacterial layer to protect your phone from germs.

Remember that all ZAGG screen protectors come with a one-year exchange warranty. Last but not least, it is an adaptable screen protector, which makes installation a little simpler.

Spigen NeoFlex

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22 with the best screen protectors!

Spigen is a well-known company that produces dependable cases and screen protectors, and as such, it deserves to be listed in our buyer’s guide. The NeoFlex solid display protects your S22 screen from regular wear and tear, ensuring that keys or other sharp items do not damage your screen.

Compared to tempered glass protectors, it provides less protection against probable shatters but is less bulky. It also looks suitable with the handset’s built-in fingerprint reader, which is a problem with many tempered glass models. Finally, despite the lack of an application tray, it’s quite simple to install.

amFilm 2 Tempered Glass

Galaxy S22 screen protectors

Installing screen protectors may be difficult, even for those who are customary to doing it whenever we upgrade our phones. While manufacturers frequently claim to have the simplest installation process, amFilm’s is truly dead easy. A super-thin retention film holds the tempered glass protector to the frame, so after the installation frame is correctly in place, simply push down on the top circle & run your finger down the center of the screen. Instantly, perfect positioning. Remember that the retention film is signified to release the screen with less force, so gently remove the plastic cover from the base of the protector.

It can interfere with the ultrasonic sensor, like many glass screen protectors, according to how deep the position of your S22 sensor is and how thick your phone’s Victus Glass is. Unenroll your biometrics before installing this screen protector, then wait for it to finish installing and setting up before re-enrolling your fingerprints and turning on heightened sensitivity. Allowing the glue to cure and settle is critical to establishing a nice foundation print for the phone to contrast each time you switch it on, so take your time.

TOCOL Privacy Tempered Glass

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22 with the best screen protectors!

The TOCOL screen protector shields your device from drops and prying eyes. It protects your phone’s screen from cracking or shattering if you drop it while also making your screen information invisible to anybody who isn’t right in front of it. The set includes two lens guards and two front screen protectors, protecting your S22 from scratches.

Unfortunately, like with other tempered glass covers, you may have trouble using your S22’s built-in ultrasonic fingerprint sensor since numerous users have experienced issues with the phone’s sensor. Assume you don’t mind pushing a little harder and attempting to unlock your smartphone twice. In such a situation, the TOCOL Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector is an excellent option to entirely protect the screen of your Galaxy S22 from shatters and unwanted peeps.

Otterbox Amplify Glass For Samsung Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22 screen protectors

Otterbox products are recognized for their cutting-edge technology, and Amplify Glass is no exception. It’s constructed of aluminosilicate glass developed by Corning, the company of Gorilla Glass.

It provides improved scratch and shatter protection and has an antibacterial coating to keep your phone germ-free. Installation is simple and exact, yet some individuals appear to find it more difficult than necessary.

Does S22 plus have a screen protector?

Samsung provides its own certified Galaxy S22 Plus screen protector for those aficionados.

Does fingerprint scanner work with screen protector S22?

The fingerprint scanner for unlocking the S22 is there beneath the screen. With such a screen protector on the screen, the scanner sometimes works less effectively or not at all. If you often use the fingerprint scanner, choose a screen protector that is suitable for it.


Tempered glass screen protectors are more impact resistant. However, the thicker the glass, the more probable the fingerprint sensor will be obstructed. This is why, after applying the screen protector, you must re-record your fingerprints and increase screen intensity so that your taps & swipes register properly. Typically, Whitestone’s UV-curing technique has fewer troubles with this. However, because the liquid glue app might be intimidating for some, traditional adhesive-backed screen protectors are still widely available and dependable. Most importantly, it is highly expensive, whereas the AACL tempered glass type is far less expensive and provides excellent value.

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