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Samsung Galaxy S22+: A new entrant to Samsung’s S series!


The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is unquestionably the weird phone in the Galaxy lineup. If you’re seeking to save money, the entry-level S22 is a good option. Whereas the greater ultra seems to have all the hooks and frills for big spenders. The  Samsung Galaxy S22+ stands uncomfortably between the two, failing to establish its distinct personality. However, the S22+ is indeed a completely Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a great spec sheet, and it’s worth a look.

Display of Samsung Galaxy S22+

Samsung Galaxy S22+: A new entrant to Samsung's S series!

The Samsung Galaxy S22+‘s 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is stunning, with deep blacks and vivid colors, and it is HDR 10+ certified. Its FHD+ resolution isn’t very unique on paper, but one can’t detect any loss of crispness as a result. The 120hz frame rate allows for fluid navigation. The screen is flat, with no curved corners as seen on specific Samsung devices. It has a thin black bezel around it. However, Samsung Galaxy S22+ does not have too much difference, but it can stand with its predecessors. 

Design of Samsung Galaxy S22+

Design of Samsung Galaxy S22+

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is the S22’s bigger brother. Unless you compare them side by side, the extra 0.5-inch screen area won’t be evident. Also, nothing else can identify the Samsung Galaxy S22+ physically. It’s a stylish phone with rounded sides that make it easy to grip. It comes in a number of shades, such as Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Pink Gold.

The phone has the same power and volume button arrangement as other recent Samsung phones and the characteristic camera bump that has been present since the S21. As with that phone, such projecting camera bumps might somewhat unbalance the Samsung Galaxy S22+ while sitting on a level surface.

The S22+ has an under fingerprint sensor and is water and dust resistant to IP68 standards. Such durability is necessary for gadgets that accompany us everywhere and must withstand all of the conditions which we face regularly. Furthermore, Gorilla Glass Victus+ has made the screen extremely durable. Unlike prior generations of Galaxy devices, however, neither S22+ nor the S22 Ultra has developed the minuscule scratches that tended to build so quickly on the S21 series.

Connectivity of Samsung Galaxy S22+

You may try out the S22+ on USCellular with the sim card that anyone will use in their S22 Ultra. Utilizing Ookla internet speed testing, the S22+ fared similarly to the S22 Ultra. Also, the S22+, in general, functioned as one would anticipate. The S22+ offers Wi-Fi 6E & Bluetooth 5.2.

It’s worth noting that the S22+ offers ultra-wideband, something it combines with the S22 Ultra but lacks in the original S22. Such networks do not exist in a common region and are not generally available. But they are helpful if you reside somewhere with ultra-wideband access.

The S22+ is reported to have improved overall reception thanks to its enhanced tower.  If you reside in a more populous urban location, your experience will certainly be different. But in smaller towns and rural areas, you’re likely to have the same patchy coverage regardless of whatever phone you use.


Samsung Galaxy S22+: A new entrant to Samsung's S series!

When it comes to performance, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has two personalities: most of the globe, it is packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, but in Europe, it is equipped with Samsung’s Exynos 2200. In terms of performance, both are essentially comparable, though Qualcomm’s CPU has a little advantage over Samsung’s.

The phone is ideal for gaming because it loads titles swiftly, does not glitch during sessions, and allows you to load up the highest graphical settings for games.

There’s 8GB of RAM here, which is about as much as any smartphone needs, and it’ll be beneficial for those who want to switch between apps all the time.

Because both chipsets are linked with 5G modems, these phones can connect to next-generation networks, which is great for watching and gaming on the road.



The Samsung Galaxy S22+ runs Android 12 with Samsung’s One UI on top. During the S22’s debut, Samsung guaranteed that its new phones would receive at least four years of software updates, bringing you up to Android 16 in 2026.

Material You, which enables you to recolor sections of the user interface to match your wallpaper, is a key feature in Android 12, and it’s here to some extent, though it doesn’t change too many aspects of the home screen and menus.

One UI feels slower than several other user interfaces, including Xiaomi’s MIUI, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, and vanilla Android. Swiping between menus, starting applications, and securing the phone takes a little longer. And when combined, these problems make operating the phone feel slow.

Using the S22 Plus isn’t the same as using a cheap phone. However, it does not feel like a star in terms of speed, and it’s true.

Battery life

Battery life

Many Samsung Galaxy S22+ reviews criticized the device’s battery life. Sure, the phone didn’t last much more than a day, but neither do most high-end phones.

Intense activities like gaming, streaming a lot of media, or capturing high-resolution film would rapidly drain the battery but I found that even with all three, the phone lasted a day just fine. It had a significantly better battery life than the S22 Ultra.

If there’s one thing that makes the users squint in unbelief, it’s the charging speed. Because the phone does not come with an in-box charger, Samsung claims it charges at 45W, difficult for normal consumers to evaluate. However, even with an 80W charger on the phone, it takes more than two hours to charge from empty to full.

That is not 45W charging, and not the only reviewers who have noticed problems with Samsung’s 45W charging claims. The charging speed appears to be closer to 20W, which isn’t ideal for a phone of this price.

In addition, reverse wireless powering at 15W and reverse power-sharing at 4.5W are available.


The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is an upgraded Galaxy Note featuring a speedier S Pen, many camera upgrades, a brighter display, and faster charging. This is an excellent phone, although it is somewhat pricy, and the battery life may be improved. For those who can live without a 120Hz display and more powerful cameras, the basic Galaxy Note 20 is a better option. But, more importantly, you can raise the refresh rate to 120Hz to make scrolling seem more natural. Of course, it comes with Samsung’s S Pen pen to help you make the most of that big screen. The conclusion is that if you already possess a Galaxy S10 5G, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a worthwhile upgrade.

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