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Are you a greedy reader? Then Kindle Unlimited got your back!

kindle unlimited
kindle unlimited

If you read many books in a short period of time, you could find it more cost-effective to join up for an ebook subscription plan like Amazon‘s Kindle Unlimited. It’s simply a collection of over a million digital titles. However, many of them have audiobook versions that you can listen to. Also, you may ‘borrow’ a maximum of 10 titles at a time and save a total of 20 items.

However, reading on Kindle Unlimited might be a bit annoying. If you want a broader picture of what’s available on the platform, open a desktop browser window and head to ‘Browse The Catalogue,’ which isn’t available on the app or e-readers. When you join up, you can see a few alternatives, such as ‘favorites’ or recommended,’ each having only 20 titles.

You may read Kindle Unlimited on your tablet or smartphone via the Kindle app or your Kindle e-reader. The most excellent aspect is that you can switch between devices without losing your spot because it all syncs practically instantaneously.

The most important thing to remember about it is that you might not own the books you choose to read; you can only rent them. If you already have ten volumes in your library, you must return one to borrow another. However, unlike a typical library, there is no time limit on how long you may keep the ebook. You can just read at your pace and return when you’re sure to explore your next read.

If you’re a quick reader, the monthly subscription charge for Kindle Unlimited may be well worth it rather than purchasing each book separately.

Price and Availability of Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

The monthly cost of Amazon Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 / £7.99. It is comparable to the cost of various other streaming services. This monthly membership grants you access to over a million ebooks, around 2,000 audiobooks that correspond to an ebook on the platform, and, in some regions, a limited number of periodicals.

Occasionally, Amazon will give a discount on the monthly fee for a few weeks or a prolonged free trial. However, these are only available to new Kindle Unlimited customers. You receive a 30-day free trial to try out the service before you buy.

It’s crucial to understand that Kindle Unlimited is not there in the Amazon Prime membership. Therefore, you will have to purchase it separately. If you are a Prime member, you may use the Prime Reading service for free. However, you can only hold 1,000 titles at a time.

Library of Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Whereas Scribd contains considerably more audiobooks than ebooks, Kindle Unlimited is the opposite due to Amazon’s Audible platform, which has specialization in audiobooks. Kindle Unlimited primarily focuses on ebooks, which you can read on your Kindle e-reader or the Kindle app. However, just a few thousand of them are accessible with Audible narration.

Kindle Unlimited has almost every kind of ebook you can think of, but there were a lot more self-published major titles on the site, a substantial portion of which were romance novels. If you know what you’re searching for, you may look for a particular writer or title on any device, but perusing the whole collection is best done on a computer.

While browsing around Amazon on a Mac or PC, there is a choice to ‘Browse The Catalogue’ that is not accessible on the Kindle app or e-readers. Any title you add through the browser will be available on all of the devices where you have Kindle Unlimited enabled.

Content of Kindle Unlimited


If you’re searching for fresh releases, you can get upset. Several well-known writers’ books aren’t accessible on the platform, and if they are, you’ll have to wait a bit before they are available on Kindle Unlimited.

They refresh the catalog every month and remove some old titles from the site to make place for new ones. If you have a book in your library that has been withdrawn from the catalog, you may still read it by saving it to your device.

While periodicals are available to clients in the United States, they are unavailable in numerous other countries. The amount of periodicals accessible is far from reach, with Scribd giving many more. However, if magazines are your thing, you might be best off subscribing to Readly, which has over 5,000 magazines.

User Experience


Your library is easily accessible no matter what display or device you’re using, Kindle Unlimited. You can filter your Kindle Unlimited collection with a single tab or tap and start reading on any device, whether using a browser, the Kindle app, or a Kindle reader. If you transition from one to the other, the book will open at the last page you were on; however, this is often a few pages off when transferring from an e-reader to the Kindle app, but it is always spot on when changing from a browser to the app.

Titles that offer both ebook and audiobook editions may be read or heard too, and you can do so even on a Kindle e-reader – most newer models have Bluetooth capability for pairing wireless headphones. Listening to audiobooks on the Kindle app is easier and fun and had no complaints. You may read and hear at the exact time, highlighting the text parts as the narrative progresses.

Kindle Unlimited or Scribd?

Are you a greedy reader? Then Kindle Unlimited got your back!

In comparison, the monthly ebook subscription Scribd costs the same in some markets but slightly more in others ($9.99 / £10.99) and provides access to a wider scope of content, such as more magazines and audiobooks, podcasts, documents, and free access to six new educational and streaming apps, making it slightly more cost-effective. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of titles you may add to your library. The disadvantage here is that you cannot use Scribd on any e-reader.


Kindle Unlimited has a collection of over a million titles, including audiobook editions of a few of the ebooks. However, contrary to its name, renting books is not truly ‘unlimited.’ You can only borrow up to ten titles at a time, and the books you add to your library do not belong to you. However, if you’re a voracious reader who doesn’t mind not keeping the ebooks, the monthly membership is far more cost-efficient than purchasing individual volumes.

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