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Google Nest Cam: Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Camera!


Google Nest Cam is the newest addition to Google’s family of home security cameras, and it’s also the most adaptable. You may use this waterproof camera indoors or outdoors, and you can power it using the provided USB cable and AC power adapter or the built-in rechargeable battery.

The Nest Cam performs admirably capturing crisp 1080p video and detecting motion generated by people and pets, however, viewing recorded video older than three hours and using the face identification feature requires a Nest Aware membership. The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera, our Editors’ Choice winner, offers 2K video and additional features for $20 extra, and it works with a much wider range of third-party devices.

Adaptable design

Google Nest Cam: Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Camera!
Google Nest Cam: Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Camera! 6

The Nest Cam looks quite similar to a Nest Cam Outdoor,  but it’s only a little bigger at 3.2 inches long and 3.2 inches broad. The camera includes a removable magnetic base and a white weatherproof (IP54) container that allows you to position it at an appropriate angle & easily remove this for charging.

A non-removable lithium battery pack inside the house, and its rate to last up to 3 months between charging under normal conditions. You can also use the provided 3.3-foot power cord to power the camera by connecting it to the magnet power/charging port on the bottom and a USB power adapter (also there). Bluetooth radio and dual Wi-Fi circuitry are there, allowing the camera to connect to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band of your Wi-Fi network.

The Nest Cam records 1080p video footage at 30 frames per second and employs HDR technology to improve contrast. It boasts a diagonal angle of vision of 130 degrees, a 16:9 aspect ratio, & 6x digital zoom. Six infrared LEDs provide black-and-white night vision. A motion sensor, a mic, and a status LED merge into the camera system. A tiny speaker builds into the enclosure’s bottom.

Voice Commands

Google Nest Cam: voice commands

The Nest Cam reacts to Google Assistant voice commands & lets you view footage on a Nest Hub device, just like the Nest Doorbell, but it doesn’t answer to Amazon Alexa voice commands or operate with Apple’s HomeKit platform. It also lacks compatibility with IFTTT applets, which would let it connect to a variety of third-party smart home gadgets.

When motion is detected, the camera records footage and provides intelligent notifications that tell you whether the movement is caused by people, animals, automobiles, or something else. If it detects the noise of a smoke/CO alarm and breaking glass, it will transmit an alert. You can watch a video that is less than 3 hours old for free, but you must subscribe to a Nest Aware subscription to see older movies or use the Familiar Faces function. The Nest Aware plan offers 30 days of video history for $6 per month or $60 per year, while the Nest Aware Plus plan offers 60 days of video history for $12 per month and $120 per year.

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

The Google Nest Cam works with the same Google Home smartphone app for Android & iOS devices also as Nest Doorbell. It shows up on the home display in the room you designated it when you first set it up. Tapping the camera symbol brings up a screen with the camera’s name, battery level, History, Live Video, and Much more buttons. To view a live broadcast with a mic button for two-way voice chat, tap the Live Video button. Turn your phone sideways to see the action in full-screen mode. The History button brings up a chronology of recorded motion occurrences as well as what caused them. You can use the Full History button to display a history list with thumbnails for every recording. You can browse through the timeline to search for specific occurrences. To turn the cameras on and off, press the More button.

You may set up motion & sound notifications, verify the battery level and modify power saving settings, set motion zones, control the Familiar Faces library, and alter video quality and night vision settings by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner.

How to Set Up and Use the Google Nest Cam?

How to Set Up and Use the Nest Cam?

Your Google Nest Cam is simple to set up.

  • To get started, download the Google Home app & set up an account as well as a home.
  • Select Set Up Device from the + icon on the top left corner, then your house.
  • When told what you’re setting up, tap Cameras, then Nest Cam (battery).
  • Scan the QR code here on the lens cover sticker with your phone, then select the Nest Cam (battery) again.
  • You’ll be required to remove and preserve the lens cover sticker & plug in the camera after agreeing to many usage agreements.
  • The application will automatically link the camera to whichever Wi-Fi network your phone is linked to.
  • Once you’ve selected a place (indoors or outdoors). To take full advantage of the 15-day Nest Aware trial period.
  • Give the camera a name and input your address once connected.

It’s very simple to physically install the Google Nest Cam, especially if you’re using battery power. Attach this mounting plate to your desired spot with the provided screws. Then twist its magnetic camera base onto a plate to lock it in place. Finally, attach the camera to the base.

The Google Nest Cam provided great video quality. There was no visible barrel or pincushion distortion, and the colors were rich and highly saturated. The black-and-white night video is sharp and had decent contrast out to around 20 feet.

The motion detection features of the camera performed as expected. Face recognition worked flawlessly, and alerts were appropriately recognized as a person, animal, or vehicle. Google Assistant voice instructions to see video from a Nest Hub camera also worked flawlessly.

A Beneficial Addition to Google-Focused Homes

A Beneficial Addition to Google-Focused Homes

Put the Nest Cam on your shortlist if you’re looking for a security camera that installs in minutes and has a lot of features. Especially if you already have some other Nest devices and/or Google Assistant. It’s simple to set up and provides crisp, colorful HD video. As well as accurate face detection & warnings for people, animals, & vehicles. It’s similar to Google Assistant as well as the Nest Hub. But there aren’t many third-party integrations, and you have to pay to access recorded video older than three hours. An Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera seems to be a better choice. If you want third-party connectivity and compatibility with Alexa & HomeKit. It prices a few dollars more, and it features a built-in siren and flashlight. As well as a 2K video and color night vision.


With a new $180 Nest Cam, Google is back within the smart home security game. It’s battery-powered, can use outside or indoors, and competes with Arlo and Wyze in terms of smart features & tech specs. Is it, however, truly the best?

It is neither the most nor the least costly at $180. The specifications are also mid-range, which is standard for smart cams. Thanks to a new machine learning chip. Google now offers free smart alert features, activity zones, and on-device processing for the first time. In the end, unless you live in a Nest-only family, it’s difficult to suggest it over its competitors.

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