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Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: With the support of ANC Sports earbuds!


The Sport True Wireless earbuds are Sennheiser’s first-ever sporty wireless earphones. With the same drivers & sound settings also as the flagship Momentum True Wireless 3, this version has the sonics, durability, and endurance to compete with the greatest exercise headphones.

These buds, however, being newcomers, require training in certain regions. Depending upon your pain threshold, the comfort levels are hit or miss, and some of the sound elements don’t quite work as Sennheiser intended.

Design and comfort

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: Design and comfort

The Sport True Wireless earbuds are similar to the CX Plus in appearance: blocky and hefty with few embellishments. These glass-like touch panels are removed, leaving a plastic exterior. On the front, Sennheiser’s emblem is engraved in rose gold. For further stability, rubberized fins have been inserted. Dust, perspiration, and splash resistance are all provided by the IP54 classification.

The charging case is very identical to the CX Plus case, with three notable variations. The lanyard may be looped through a hole on the side. Take note of the gold logo on top. The charging port is also protected by a built-in cover on the rear. When contrasted to the Elite Active 4 & PowerBuds Pro cases, it’s still bulky, but not excessively hefty or hard to carry.

The various tips and fins allow for a custom fit, supporting listeners with different ear shapes and keeping the buds in position during exercises. On 5K runs, they never fell off or needed to be adjusted.

You didn’t have as much comfort as you would have wanted. The concha became uncomfortable after wearing the buds for more than 2 hours straight. Its Elite Active 4 provides greater comfort.

Controls and digital assistant

The companion app provides listeners with several media controls that may be assigned to multiple input modalities (single, double, triple, & long touches). Call management,  Playback, digital help, and volume are among the features available. The control system is peculiar in that it doesn’t allow you to set the Adaptable Acoustics modes, but it does allow you to turn the buds on and off.

Touch accuracy was good, with the panels mostly recognizing tap motions. Sennheiser opted to keep auto-pause off the features list, which might have helped these buds.

Its digital assistant experience was almost identical to that of the Momentum True Wireless 3. When utilizing Google Assistant, Bixby, and Siri, Sennheiser’s mic array displayed excellent speech recognition, picking up spoken instructions as rapidly as they responded to them. Google Assistant, such as Momentum True Wireless 3, was problematic. The function might occasionally lag and take very few seconds to operate. Furthermore, it stopped working whenever you inquired when my next event was. To get the functionality to work, you had to unplug and reconnect the buds.

Sound quality

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: Sound Quality

Depending on whether you use the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless earbuds in Focus or Aware mode, the sound quality changes dramatically. Aware offers a richer sound with punchier bass, while Focus has a clean, natural sound profile and brighter upper frequencies.

It used Focus in calmer contexts, especially with pop and alternative songs where the bass-forward Aware mode may drown out the singers, then switched to Aware mode when you needed a motivating boost during workouts or when listening to rock music.

You may modify the EQ or use various presets to match other music genres, but you found it leaving these settings left provided the best sound. You may also use the soundcheck to create a custom EQ, which provided the precise settings the buds arrived with for me.

Overall, you enjoy the sound here on Sport True Wireless, as well as the addition of a bassy Aware mode to the bright & clean regular sound profile is a pleasant change. It’s convenient to be able to boost the bass by switching profiles, however, it would be much more convenient if you could do it using the controls here on headphones instead of the app.

Call quality and connectivity

This Sennheiser Sport True Wireless earbuds worked well as a calling headset. Voice and video conversations were clear and audible, and it noted that my voice was deeper than normal. Indoor chats yielded satisfactory outcomes as long as there was no background noise; these mics pick up a lot of ambient noise. The outside wasn’t horrible either, however, these buds are one of the worst wind resistance.

Bluetooth 5.2 performs as expected: swiftly and consistently. It was simple to connect to gadgets. When you opened the charging case, the buds would immediately pair with my last detected device. The range was up to 40 feet, which is significantly longer than typical wireless earphones (est. 35 feet).

Google Fast Pair & multipoint technologies (pair to two devices at the same time) are no longer available.

Special features and app

Special features and app

This Sennheiser Smart Control application provides additional features. Most of the features you’ve gone over in-depth, such as control customization, Sound Check, Focus/Aware, as well as the Equalizer with various presets, are all available here. Only an Auto Power off feature, a battery level indicator, connections setting to show a list of previously attached devices, and a few toggles remain.

Given the low price point, it’s natural that Sennheiser would forego active noise cancellation (ANC). However, because Focus/Aware is useless, exercisers need a real ambient listening mode.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless‘s recent high-end features, Sound Zones, are also absent from these buds. It allows you to customize EQ settings for specific locations and alter audio dynamically dependent on the location.

Another feature that’s lacking is a Find My Buds option.

Adaptable Sound

Adaptable Sound

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless has expanded sound personalization with the Adaptable Sounds function, which can use in conjunction with the included tips. Aware and Focus are the two modes available.

The focus creating closed-ear tips for usage in the gym, isolating sound for a more complete presentation. The COVID-19 epidemic and having a kid prevents you from going to the gym, although you did utilize the mode while exercising at home. It worked perfectly, and none of the diversions in the living room prevented you from doing push-ups and lifting weights. However, the significant drop in bass did not sit well with you.

Aware tries to be a more complex form of ambient listening, however, falls short. Its algorithm, in combination with the open ear tips, intends to “limit body-borne noise,” which means it shuts out noises like your heartbeat or footfall while still allowing you to hear “more of your surroundings.” When utilizing other ambient listening settings, you’ve never heard the feet when running.

This option lets in very little outside sound and raised bass levels, making it more impossible to hear what’s been going on outside. Sennheiser should have used the CX Plus’ Transparent Hearing mode instead.

Battery and charging case

Battery life and charging case

You’re looking at a few of the longest-lasting sports wireless earbuds on the market: 9 hours per charge. This is on par with Amazfit PowerBuds Pro & better than the Jabra Elite Active 4. (7 hours). Before recharging, you should satisfy with the 4 days of moderate usage (2 hours every day) these buds supplied.

The charging case has a 27-hour capacity. Any case that has far more portable power than the AirPods case (24 hours), as they usually remark, is good in the book. One hour of listening time obtains after a 15-minute rapid charge.

Wireless charging is not supported by the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless.

Price and availability

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: Price and availability

Sennheiser’s Sport True Wireless is available for $129 on the company’s website and at major online retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. It’s available in black and white. A USB-C charging cable, a charging case, fast guide, four different sized fins, three different sized open ear tips, three different sized closed-ear tips, as well as a lanyard are all included in the box.

Some of the top athletic headphones in the mid-range segment compete against these buds. A well Amazfit PowerBuds Pro ($142) with built-in fitness monitoring and the outstanding Jabra Elite Active 4 ($119) are two that spring to mind.


Sennheiser’s Sport True Wireless earbuds are a remarkable debut in the sports headphones market. It positions the brand as a serious contender, thanks to its long battery life, customizable fit, and diverse sound.

It isn’t always a home run. Transparency mode cannot replace Sennheiser’s Adaptable Acoustics function. The absence of famous wireless features such as Multipoint technology, Find My Buds, and wireless charging also works against these buds. At the same time, concessions were unavoidable, notably at such a low price point.

For that reason, the Sport True Wireless is an excellent choice for audiophiles looking to start their fitness journey on a positive tone.

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