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How to Get Free Music on Google Nest Speakers?


Google Nest smart speakers have a wide range of applications, from controlling smart home kits to answering homework queries for children. The one activity that most people will appreciate is listening to their favorite music on demand.

This is simple if you have a monthly subscription to YouTube Music, Deezer, or Spotify. After connecting the service in the Google Home app, simply say, “Okay Google, play.” Playback will commence if the music is in the service’s database.

You may be provided a free trial of YouTube Music when you acquire it, and we encourage taking advantage of it to see how it compares. However, once the trial period expires, you don’t have to stick your hand in your pocket to continue listening to your favorite music.

If you do not wish to subscribe to any of these services, we have provided several options that will allow you to listen to any music on-demand on Google Nest speakers for free.

Try the Free Version of YouTube Music on Google Nest Speakers

Both the free and premium versions of YouTube Music are accessible on Google Nest speakers. You may try the free version if you wish to listen to music on your Google Nest speaker free. Keep in mind, though, that this version contains advertisements.

YouTube Music’s free edition allows you to search for music by genre, mood, or activity. Here’s how to make YouTube Music your default music service:

1. Launch the Google Home app.

Google Nest speakers

2. Click “Settings.”

Google Nest speakers

3. Select “Music.”


4. Navigate to “Services.”
5. Choose “YouTube Music.”

Youtube music

Try Spotify For Free On Google Nest Speakers

Spotify is a popular audio streaming platform that is accessible by Google Home. If you do not want to pay for Premium Subscription, you may use the free version. However, keep in mind that your alternatives are restricted. For example, you may only listen to music in shuffle mode and skip tracks up to 6 times per hour. Furthermore, the free edition contains advertisements.

Although the capabilities are restricted, Spotify’s free version is ideal for anyone who does not wish to pay for a membership. Here’s how to use Spotify’s free version to listen to music on your Google Home free:

1. Create an account with Spotify by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store.


2. Open the Google Home app once you’ve enrolled.

Google Nest speakers

3. Click “Settings.”

Google Nest speakers

4. Select “Music.”

Google Nest speakers

5. Select “Spotify” as the default playback service under “Services.”

Google Nest speakers

Listen to internet radio

Another option for free music on a Google Nest speaker is to stream it from online radio stations. Although you have no influence over the songs that are played, listening to the radio is a terrific way to stay up to date on new music without having to pay for it.

Google Nest allows you to listen to music from internet radio providers like the BBC & Capital FM. Though you have no control over what you hear, you can hear current popular songs for free.

It is really simple to listen to the radio on your Google Nest. Simply say “Hey Google” following one of the commands:

  • “Turn on XXX Radio.” (The name of the radio station you wish to listen to is XXX.)
  • “Play the radio.” (The device will start to play the recent station)
  • “Play XX.” (XX being the radio frequency)

Cast audio from your phone or tablet

This isn’t as simple as telling Google Assistant to start playing any song you want, but it is possible to cast music from a nearby smartphone or tablet. 

This may be accomplished by using the Cast option in some devices’ drop-down menu bar, or by treating the Google Nest as a Portable Bluetooth speaker.

Tap Cast, then choose your Google Nest device and start playing music on your device. 

It should work with the Google Nest.


Contrary to common misconception, listening to music on Google Nest speakers is free. You may listen to music without spending a thing. However, most free apps will contain advertisements and have significant limits in terms of music choices.

We hope this post has shown you how to listen to music for free & that you are now enjoying your favorite songs.

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