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Google Storage space: Learn how much you have left in your account!


You can run out of storage space in Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Photos if you don’t know how to check your account’s Google storage utilization.

With your free account, Google provides 15GB of storage, allowing you to keep a lot of emails, pictures, and documents while utilizing its many services. However, you might eventually start to run out of room, so it’s a good idea to periodically check how much room is still available and determine how it’s being used.

It’s simple to check how much Google storage you’ve used and how much is still available if you want to make sure you have enough room in your drive for incoming emails, files, and attachments. Here are the steps on how to monitor your Google storage space utilization on both a desktop and a mobile device in this article.

How to check Google storage on a Desktop?

Google storage

Visit for the quickest way to determine how much Google storage you are using. This will function on mobile devices as well, though if you have numerous Google accounts on your phone, you might need to clarify which one you’re checking.

Check how much space you have left

Google Storage space: Learn how much you have left in your account!

You must use a device that is logged into your Google account to complete this rather simple procedure. That might be your computer, iPhone, or Android phone. When you open the Google Images app, you’ll see your most recent photos as well, as pictures you’ve taken in the past.

Steps to check Google Storage!

You can access your personal account by pressing the top right corner, which displays the image of your Google Account. A section that walks you throughout your Account Storage and shows you how much is still available to utilize is located below that.

You’ll receive a warning message letting you know how much space you still have, and if you notice a lot of red, your Google Photos storage is getting low. To let you know how much space you still have, it will provide you with a figure precise of 0.1GB.

You can access more information by visiting this section. In order to give you an indication of how much longer you can use this, some also get an idea of how long that 15Gb of space will last.

How to check Google account storage use on a phone?

Google Storage space: Learn how much you have left in your account!

There are 3 steps to check how much Google storage space you have left on your Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive on your Smartphone:

  1. Open Google on your phone, then select the account icon.
  2. On your desired account, click “Manage your Google Account.”
  3. Down the page, choose Account storage.

Will Google tell me when my storage is almost full?

Once June 1 arrives, Google says it will alert customers who are approaching or over their cap. A number of new tools are also available to assist you to erase older photos that you might not want.

For instance, it will provide capabilities like highlighting the largest photos you’ve stored up. Or fuzzy pictures it thinks you might want to remove. Google will roll out these features in June 2021, according to a blog post on the company’s website.

How many charges do I have to pay for extra storage?

A Google One account, which offers greater storage than the free version, is what you should sign up for. If you’ve used up your 15GB allotment and don’t want to lose any of your images.

100GB of space is available for the starting price of $1.99, £1.99, or AU$1.99 per month. Additional capacity is chargeable. The official website of the business has information on Google One.


Google provides you internal space on your free sign-up up to 15 GB. If you want to check your storage you can simply follow the steps mentioned above. It is also expandable if you are required more space other than pre-provided by Google.

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