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Google Pixel tablet: Everything You Need To Know


The Google Pixel Tablet was first introduced alongside the Pixel 7 at Google IO 2022.

Other than a job posting, there had been no prior indication that Google was working on a new slate, so this came as a total surprise. Google, however, has now revealed the first information on the Pixel Tablet as well as photographs of it and verified that it is really in development.

You can read all learned so far about the Google Pixel Tablet down below. Currently, that is almost all Google has informed us, but we anticipate leaks and rumors to start spreading shortly. Once they do, we’ll update this post to reflect them.

Here is what we currently know about Google’s upcoming Pixel tablet, which we are hoping will be excellent enough to earn a position on our ranking of the finest tablets currently available.


Google Pixel tablet

We anticipate a simple, sleek tablet with rounded corners and rather thick bezels based on that preview. There is definitely a front- and rear-facing camera, although their quality is yet to be seen.

We regret that the bezels around the display are larger than we’d want; let’s hope Google can reduce their size before the device’s introduction.

As a Google tablet dubbed “Tangor” on the website of the Universal Stylus Project (USI), the Google Pixel Tablet could also have a stylus. Given that the Pixel Tablet is the only tablet Google is currently working on, it is probable that the product will support stylus input. In all truth, it largely reminds me of a tablet that was developed quite a few years ago, and that would be okay if it came with a price that was reasonable. It’s important to note that we are just basing our opinions on what we have seen so far because we are unsure of the materials it is composed of (the plastic back might be metal or another expensive material).

How big is the screen? Although there are no official measurements available, based on the images we’ve seen, it will undoubtedly be larger than little tablets like the iPad Mini.


Google Pixel tablet

Based on that sample, we anticipate a straightforward, stylish tablet with rounded corners and significant bezels. There is definitely a front- and rear-facing camera, however, it is too early to tell how good it will be.
The program code mostly lists the features that the Pixel Tablet will lack, starting with the ability to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second and maybe none at all. Additionally, it appears that the gadget won’t support Audio Zoom, Slow Motion films, or Action Pan photographs.

According to Google, the Pixel Tablet is “designed to be the ideal companion for your Pixel phone. Our tablet will blend into your daily routine and help link the moments you’re on the road with the moments you’re at home.”

Something that has surfaced since I/O is the possibility of USI support for the Pixel Tablet (Universal Stylus Initiative). According to NuGiz, a Google tablet with the codename “Tangor” has received USI certification.

It’s also unclear from this statement if Google will provide a pen with the Pixel Tablet or not.

Release Date

Google Pixel tablet

The Pixel Tablet will arrive in 2023, according to Google, and that’s pretty much all. However, at least we know the year. There is no mention of the season, quarter, or anything else. That would provide an indication as to the exact release date. We’ll just have to wait and see whether that turns out to be the case, but if we had to guess. We’d wager on a spring or autumn debut because that’s when Google often releases hardware.

Again, there’s not much information available because Google suppressed any exact pricing details. In contrast, Google’s Rick Osterloh said that the Pixel Tablet will be more of a premium type device, on the bigger end of the scale. This partially smashes our expectations for a more reasonable tablet, but only time will tell if it can compete, for

instance, Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra in terms of pricing.


Google Pixel tablet: Everything You Need To Know

It’s understandable that Google hasn’t revealed the price of the Pixel Tablet given how far away it is from release.

The term “luxury” was used to describe the gadget at the I/O keynote may have been a reference to the price or perhaps the hardware.

It would be sensible for Google to aim for competitive pricing since, based on what we currently know. It doesn’t appear to be a competitor to the iPad Pro line or the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The Pixel Slate line was excessively pricey, and the success of the Pixel 6 phones is primarily a result of their reasonable prices.

Is the Google pixel worth it?

It’s definitely the most affordable Android phone available. For $599, you get a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, and superb performance. And maybe the finest smartphone cameras. Additionally, you receive all the standard accessories, including wireless charging, IP68 water resistance, and 5G.

Are Google pixels better than iPhone?

Apple does, however, provide better resolution. The Pixel 6 offers a 90Hz refresh rate, which is another benefit that Google gives its phone. Even while it is slower than other flagship phones, such as the Pixel 6 Pro with its 120Hz variable refresh rate, it is still faster than the iPhone 13, which is still limited to 60Hz.

How old is the Google Pixel?

Consumer electronics under the Google Pixel brand are powered by either the Android or Chrome OS operating systems. With the release of the first-generation Pixel Chromebook in February 2013, the Pixel brand was launched.


Google highlighted the Google Pixel tablet during its 2022 I/O Event as an example of how the business is aiming to enhance the experience of using Android on tablets. The Google Pixel tablet is being created by the same people who work on Android. Google is working with other developers to improve the tablet compatibility of their apps. This includes Facebook, Zoom, TikTok, and Canva. Additionally, it will be simpler to locate tablet-friendly software due to the Google Play Store.

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