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7 Alternatives to TweetDeck For Mac!


TweetDeck was the most influential Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and participation. It offered various sophisticated capabilities, including managing numerous Twitter accounts, scheduling Tweets for future publishing, creating Tweet collections, and more. However, on July 1, 2022, the TweetDeck team announced that the app would be discontinued so that they could devote more time and resources to improving the web-based version. As a result, people don’t have access to Tweetdeck, but the following are alternatives to Tweetdeck for Mac.


alternatives to tweetdeck for mac


  • Provides two popular Tweetdeck features
  • Ability to build multiple timelines
  • Syncs your reading locations
  • Customization option
  • Absence of tweet scheduling
  • Fewer features than Tweetdeck

Twitterrific, first created in 2007, has improved over time to provide a viable alternative to Tweetdeck with a few added features. Twitterific is another well-known Twitter app with a lengthy history and a well-liked Twitter client for Mac. It is a subscription-based app for iOS, but it costs $7.99 on the Mac.

Two of TweetDeck power users’ most widely used features are the multicolumn layout and multi-user support. The Twitterrific Mac app’s primary selling point is its ability to build multiple timelines in columns. It comes in handy if you manage two or more Twitter accounts that you need to monitor simultaneously or anything that requires constant switching.

The Twitterrific software also syncs your reading locations between your iPad, iPhone, and other devices. If you switch to the app on a new device, you may quickly resume where you left off in the timeline.

Who it is for? – Power users of TweetDeck can have issues because of the missing features. It lacks a video downloader, GIF search, and tweet scheduling and cannot contrast columns from separate accounts making it less feature-rich than Tweeten or TweetDeck. Twitterific, though, ought to be more than adequate for casual users to browse their Twitter timelines. However, the software may be customized to provide a similar experience.


alternatives to tweetdeck for mac


  • Similar column interfaces like Tweetdeck
  • Features an expanding sidebar
  • The similar iCloud synchronisation feature
  • The unique feature of leaving notes on people’s profiles.
  • Cannot schedule tweets
  • Lacks real-time notification feature
  • Absence of GIF search

Since Tweetbot is a native Mac app and a complete Twitter client for Mac, using it is pretty straightforward. Because it runs in a small window, it generally feels like more casual consumer software and is the lightest of the applications. The well-designed UI also seems entirely professional. Tweetbot offers a 14-day free trial on its official website, but the Mac version charges $9.99.

App offers an expanding sidebar, enabling you to browse Twitter subsections. Similar to TweetDeck, Tweetbot views information using a column interface. With the help of Tweetbot, you may move between and manage various Twitter accounts. Similar iCloud sync features are also included, allowing you to easily pick up where you left the apps on a different device.

You cannot schedule tweets using Tweetbot. Tweetbot lacks several cutting-edge functionalities like GIF search and real-time notifications compared to TweetDeck. But this should only be a limitation if you are a Twitter power user. 

The most notable and distinctive feature that TweetBot gives that TweetDeck lacks is the ability to write messages on people’s profiles that only you can see. Therefore, add notes to serve as short reminders that appear when you browse someone’s profile if you want to retain messages for later use or to recall why you followed someone.


7 Alternatives to TweetDeck For Mac!


  • Manage various social media accounts
  • Easy scheduling of emails
  • Auto schedule feature
  • Provides easy customization
  • High monetary value
  • Limited numbers for adding streams

Hootsuite is a tool for managing social media that supports brands of all sizes in CPG, finance, healthcare, technology, higher education, and government services in effectively managing social media. The entry-level subscriptions offer access to a fantastic platform for creating and analyzing social media content at reasonable prices. The dashboard-style user interface of the system supports Twitter social network integrations. Although Hootsuite has apps for iOS and Android, it doesn’t appear to have a separate desktop app.

Users in Hootsuite have the same features as in Tweetdeck, and columns are entirely customizable and unique to how you want your desktop to look. Hootsuite also allows for easy scheduling. Compared to Tweetdeck, which has always concealed the queue of planned tweets and only made it visible by adding a scheduled tweets column, the publisher area makes it simple to see what you’ve booked.

The best feature of Hootsuite Pro is the AutoSchedule, which lets you generate tweets and place them into the schedule to send them out at the best times without having to figure out when to send them out or specify a time and date like you would have to do with Tweetdeck. While TweetDeck allows you to manage Twitter accounts, Hootsuite enables you to manage many social media accounts across platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram.

TweetDeck for Web


  • Similar features as Tweetdeck
  • Schedule the tweets
  • Customize the columns
  • Poor user interface
  • Functions very slow

On July 1, the company announced that TweetDeck would be shutting down. Users can use the TweetDeck web app in a browser, though it is not the same as the app. Over the coming months, TweetDeck’s revamped web version will extend more invitations to users who want to test the new web experience’s Preview.

Its features are identical to those of the TweetDeck app. The columns can be changed, and tweets can be scheduled, and more. So Tweetdeck on Web is one of the excellent alternatives to Tweetdeck for Mac. Even better, you can use browsers like Chrome or Edge to make it into a web application.

Although the Tweet deck on the web still has several drawbacks, like being too slow, having a subpar user interface, lacking threads, wasting space, and more.


alternatives to tweetdeck for mac


  • Hands down best alternative to Tweetdeck
  • Provides user-friendly experience
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Flawless background updates.
  • Cannot disable the auto-playing of GIFs

Due to its similar functionality to TweetDeck, Tweeten is likely the finest alternative to Tweetdeck for mac. Tweeten is built on the TweetDeck programme and has many of the same features and tools. A cleaner and more user-friendly experience are now possible thanks to changes made to the design. Even if the app is free to download, you may also configure it as a Chrome extension if you choose not to do so.

It is comparable to TweetDeck in many aspects, such as how the information is presented using a column interface. Additional columns may include messages, mentions, users, and others. It’s simple to manage several accounts, and scheduling tweets for posting is still an option, just like with TweetDeck.

However, unlike TweetDeck, users get alerts in real-time notifications. Among the features of Tweeten are filters, an emoji selector, the ability to save videos from your Twitter timeline, and interactive real-time notifications. The ability to schedule tweets and support multiple users will be helpful for power users. Even Tweeten’s background updates are flawless.


7 Alternatives to TweetDeck For Mac!


  • Notifies when Buffer queue is empty
  • Option to Re-Buffer materials
  • Proper scheduling of content
  • It doesn’t allow users to interact on Twitter, like Tweetdeck.

Buffer is a web and mobile app that allows users to plan posts on social media sites, including Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. It also allows users to track their results and interact with their community. Buffer lets you plan and schedule posts, see analytics (with a premium membership), and control interactions with followers. With its free plan, you may simultaneously schedule up to 10 posts for each social media account and manage up to three social media accounts. Additionally, Buffer provides iOS and Android apps.

Unlike Tweetdeck, Buffer does not allow you to see or interact with Twitter, but it does take care of content scheduling. Additionally, Buffer does demand that accounts on other platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok, have business profiles even though it will permit Twitter profiles.

The app is fantastic when you want to add the ideal share to your Buffer queue when you notice it. Additionally, the app notifies you whenever your queue is empty and allows you to re-buffer material sharing previous tweets.


alternatives to tweetdeck for mac


  • Simple user experience
  • Great tool for writing and viewing tweets
  • Send direct messages
  • Provides the latest tweets from people you follow in the timeline.
  • Absence of multiple column view feature Cant schedule tweets

Twitter for Mac app is available for free on the App store. Twitter not only controls Twitter for Mac, but it had owned TweetDeck for Mac. While several TweetDeck features, such as the multiple-column view, and schedule tweets feature, are absent on Twitter for Mac.

It is appropriate if all you want from Twitter is a straightforward user experience and you don’t need the column view. It’s an excellent tool for writing and viewing tweets. Additionally, you may utilize the app to search the platform and send direct messages.

If you’re used to using the standard Twitter web app, it’s a beautiful alternative, but it doesn’t provide much more. However, several of the valuable add-on features included on TweetDeck are absent. You cannot set up numerous feeds or schedule tweets.

How come TweetDeck is removed?

The TweetDeck team claims they can focus more time and energy on enhancing the web-based version by shuttering the Mac software. They bid farewell to TweetDeck for the Mac app to focus on improving TweetDeck and testing their new Preview. However, users can get several alternatives to Tweetdeck for mac with similar features.

Do users still have access to TweetDeck?

It’s amazing that Twitter’s most loyal power users never accepted that offer for a firm that has struggled to make money outside of advertising. Instead, it stopped supporting Windows in 2016 and shut down TweetDeck’s mobile app in 2013.

Is TweetDeck an improvement over Twitter?

By allowing you to access several timelines in one simple interface, TweetDeck provides a more comfortable Twitter experience. To make the most of Twitter, it has a variety of sophisticated capabilities, including the ability to manage numerous Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for future publishing, create Tweet collections, and more.


Twitterrific, Tweetbot, Twitter, Tweeten, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck for web, and Buffer are our six alternatives to Tweetdeck for mac. Though each has advantages and disadvantages, Tweeten is our recommended best alternative to Tweetdeck. Tweeten is built on the Tweetdeck programme and possesses similar tools and features, making it the hands-down best alternative.

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