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Google Pixel Buds Pro: Notable and Appealing Tips and Tricks!


Google Pixel Buds Pro is a set of earbuds that lets you listen to music, translate languages, take calls, communicate with your Assistant, and express yourself. With their stylish appearance and simple controls, the Google Pixel Buds Pro are the best earbuds Google has ever developed. Making them strong competitors for any Android user looking for cost-effective premium headphones. Beyond comfort and aesthetics, Google ultimately chose active noise-cancellation technology.

However, the following are all the essential tips and tricks you should consider to make optimum use of your Google Pixel Buds Pro!

Make sure you use the correct size Ear-tip.

google pixel buds pro

Finding the optimum fit for your Pixel Buds Pro is critical, as all ears are different sizes. The right fit is essential for both comfort and performance. The Google Pixel Buds Pro has a medium size ear tip already attached. Although it is the size for most, the Pixel Buds app has a simple tool that users can use to ensure that they use the correct size tip. You can choose the right ear-tip size for each ear thanks to the provision of different ear-tip sizes. You’ll enjoy a better seal, better-sounding earphones, and a more robust ANC mode with an earbud that fits.

Eartip Seal Check

But what if you’re unsure of the type of seal you’ll acquire with Tip A instead of Tip B? The superb Eartip Seal Check can be used in this situation. If your phone runs Android 10 or later, follow the steps below to check the ear tip size.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select Eartip Seal Check to access the function. You may locate this setting in the Pixel Buds Pro app if an outdated operating system powers your smartphone.
  2. Select Eartip seal check in the Pixel app.
  3. Make sure you’re in a quiet place, insert both earphones, and then hit Start.
  4. You’ll hear some entertaining music for roughly 20 seconds while the earphones gather measurements.
  5. You’ll notice a blue checkmark beneath the earbuds with a correct fit after the test, a suggestion of which size to use, and a suggestion to retest after modifying.

Connect to get optimum usage

You must first connect your Google Pixel Pro earbuds to an Android or iOS device to get their best usage. You can’t use its in-app functions if an app isn’t linked to a device. Compared to built-in touch functions in earphones, the app offers a wide range of functionality. However, to pair it with an Android and IOS device, follow the steps mentioned below:

google pixel buds pro

Connect with Android Device

With Fast Pair, the Pixel Buds Pro links to your Android phone or tablet quickly and easily. To connect the wireless earbuds to your Android phone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Buds Pro charging case with the earphones inside
  2. Set it next to your unlocked phone or tablet.
  3. After a little delay, a notification will ask if you want to link to the Pixel Buds Pro.
  4. Your earbuds will be linked in a few seconds.

And if you don’t have a Pixel phone, you’ll be prompted to install the Pixel Buds app. Installing the app will give you access to many features you weren’t able to access before. The Pixel Buds app is pre-installed on Pixel phones and can be accessed under the Bluetooth connections section.

Connect with IOS Devices or PCs

The Pixel Buds Pro connects to Android devices quickly and simply via Fast Pair. However, if you don’t have an Android smartphone, then follow the necessary steps mentioned below:

  1. A pairing button can be found towards the rear of the Pixel Buds Pro case.
  2. Close the case after placing the earphones inside
  3. Then push and hold the pairing button for around two seconds.
  4. Then Select Pixel Buds Pro from the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone after the indicator light begins to flicker white.

Turn on the Audio Switching Feature

As soon as your Pixel Buds Pro is configured, you should activate Audio Switching if you own more than one Android device, whether a tablet and a phone or multiple Android phones. You can enable automatic machine switching on your headphones without manually changing between them. For instance, if you get a call whilst using a phone and wish to answer it while pausing the video, the headphones will immediately switch to your phone. Once you’ve finished talking on the phone, you must start the movie up again without switching back.

Steps to enable Audio switching:

To Enable Audio Switching, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the bottom of the Pixel Buds app’s main settings screen.
  2. Choose the Audio switching option that you’ll see there.
  3. Slide the Use audio switching tab to the On position on the next screen.

Clean the earbuds by using the right method.

google pixel buds pro

If you want to give the Pixel Buds Pro the finest cleaning possible:

  1. Ensure they are not charged before starting the procedure.
  2. Use a cotton swab to clean any stains on the outside of your Buds Pro and the charging case. You may add water to remove any more deeply embedded scratches or grime.
  3. Just be careful not to get any water inside the USB-C port of the case or the charging contacts for your earbuds.

Use the Multipoint Connections feature.

Multipoint enables easy switching between calls and entertainment throughout your Bluetooth-enabled environment, albeit you can only be associated with two devices simultaneously. The order in which media and commands are prioritized is also rather straightforward: music, alerts, and system chimes are placed at the bottom of the hierarchy, while phone and video calls (both incoming and outgoing) come before Google Assistant.

If you use an iPad for your tablet or a PC for your computer, despite having an Android phone, you can have the Buds Pro automatically switch between devices, but the procedure is slightly different. Moreover, You can pair the earphones with two devices simultaneously using a function called Multipoint Connections, such as your PC and an Android phone.

Steps to use the Multipoint feature:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android phone to get things going.
  2. Select your Pixel Buds Pro from the Connected devices menu,
  3. Scroll to the Multipoint option at the bottom of the list,
  4. Then flip the switch next to Use Multipoint to the On position.

Trick to find your lost Pixel Buds Pro.

You can find misplaced earbuds using a function integrated into the Pixel Buds app. You may play a sound on either the left or right earbud when using it, and it should be loud enough to assist you in finding it.

Steps to find your device:

  1. Open the Pixel Buds Pro app,
  2. Click Find device,
  3. And then pick a Ring left or right to accomplish this.
  4. You should hear a chime from your misplaced friend, enabling you to find your lost audio friend.

Additionally, this proper function is not restricted to Buds Pro, so you may use it to find any model of Google’s Pixel Buds. Take note: Avoid testing out the function while using headphones. It aches.

Tips on Customizing your touch controls.

google pixel buds pro

Both earbuds contain a touch gesture panel to manage music, answer or finish conversations, switch between ANC and Transparency mode, or even ask Google Assistant to read your alerts. The set of standard motions you may use straight away is as follows:

  • One tap: Switch between play and pause. Take the phone call.
  • Two taps: Skip the current track. Reject a phone call.
  • Three taps: Go back a track.
  • Touch & hold: Switch between ANC or Transparency mode or Activate Google Assistant.
    Swipe left/right: Increase or Decrease the Volume.

Active noise-cancellation (ANC) and transparency modes, which can be switched between by long-pressing either the left or right bud, are two of the coolest new features of the Buds Pro.

Steps to use touch control:

How would you summon Google Assistant if you didn’t want to use the “Hey Google” wake phrase? Fortunately, a little fiddling with the Pixel Buds app will enable you to do this.

  1. Open the Pixel Buds app.
  2. And choose Touch Controls.
  3. Customize Touch & Hold to customize the Touch further & Hold function.
  4. There are two choices for the left and right earbuds, respectively. For each earbud, choose Toggle Active Noise Control or Talk to Assistant.

Another option where you may configure which noise features the toggle choice will utilize is at the bottom of this section. For instance, you may utilize the toggle option to alternate between ANC and Off if you never want to employ transparency mode.

Tip on dealing with Notifications

Steps to activate the notifications:

The touch-and-hold gesture on at least one of your plugged-in earphones must be set to Assistant if you want to hear spoken alerts on Google Pixel Buds Pro. Follow the given steps to enable the notifications and to hear spoken messages on your Google Pixel Buds Pro.

  • Open the Android settings on your Pixel.
  • After selecting App Settings, tap Notifications.
  • For Google to grant access to Google Notification, slide the selector to the right.

Now, if you have a Pixel, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to hear spoken notifications:

  • Navigate to Settings on your phone, 
  • Then click on Connected devices.
  • And select the settings of pixel bud. 

Now, if you have an Android phone, then follow the steps mentioned below to hear spoken notifications:

  • Activate the Google Pixel Buds app.
  • Click on the Google Assistant option.
  • Tap the spoken alerts button.
  • Turn on spoken notifications by switching them on.
  • Select the apps in the list whose sliders you wish to move to the right to get notifications.

Listen to your notifications.

When you use Pixel Buds, your Assistant can instantly notify you of any new alerts as soon as they arrive on your phone. A chime will sound, and a description of the message will be read for significant notifications.

  • Touch and hold your earpiece until you hear a chime, then release it to hear the complete message.
  • Your Assistant will chime for successive texts from the same sender if you don’t respond to a notification, but it won’t read the descriptions.
  • Double tapping either earbud can turn your Assistant off.

In-Ear-Translation Feature

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Notable and Appealing Tips and Tricks!

Your Pixel Buds may let you hear spoken language continually translated into your ear, along with a transcript on your phone to give you a sense of what is being said with the help of the Google Translate app installed on your phone. With the help of the transcription mode on your phone, you may hear spoken translations in your ear along with a transcript.

Translation procedures via using Google Assistant:

If you want to hear the translation feature by asking Google Assistant, then you first need to have a google account, and then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To activate your Google Assistant while having Google Pixel Buds, tap and hold one earbud or speak “Hey Google.”
  • Instruct the Google Assistant to translate a language for you.
  • This starts with Google Translate in a conversational mode in both the specified and your default language.

Translation procedures without using Google Assistant.

  • Start the Translate app.
  • Select the language you speak in the top-left corner.
  • Select the language that the other individual is using in the top-right corner.
  • Start a discussion by tapping the button.
  • Hold either earbud in your hand.
  • Speak in the language that is indicated by the headset icon.
  • Once you’re done, remove your finger from the earpiece.
  • Your phone will then translate and read what you said in your chosen language.

Trick to interact with the Google Assistant

Steps on how to use Google Assistant:

  • Make sure the Internet is accessible on your phone.
  • Activate Bluetooth.
  • Put your headphones on.
  • Start the Settings app from the Home screen of your smartphone.
  • Click “Pair a new device.”
  • You will receive a notice to start the Google Assistant setup procedure.
  • Start by tapping Activate.

How to talk to your assistant.

Say “Hey, Google”, or press and hold either earbud, wait for the chime, and then ask your inquiry while still touching the earbud. The default tap-and-hold gesture for Google Pixel Buds Pro toggles between Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation.

Verify the battery status

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Notable and Appealing Tips and Tricks!

By observing the battery indicator light, you may determine the condition of the earphones and charging case. When the earphones are inserted, the case and earbuds will make both charges simultaneously. The case may be charged independently of the earbuds.

  • Continuous Red: Charging
  • Continuous green: full charge.

Steps to verify the status of the battery:

  • Hold the centre button on your phone to activate your Google Assistant for a few seconds.
  • Headphones Settings may be tapped.
  • The battery level of your Pixel Buds will also be shown in your device’s settings.

Are Google Pixel buds pro worth purchasing? 

The Pro earbuds meet all the requirements: they offer competent ANC, excellent audio quality, and fantastic battery life, not to forget icing-on-the-cake features like Fast Pair, wireless charging, and Bluetooth multipoint. Google has discovered that these earphones are excellent. Pixel buds pro is worth purchasing if you know google pixel buds pro tips and tricks to use it at optimum use.

The Pixel Buds Pro are water-resistant?

When built, Pixel Buds Pro is intended to meet IEC standard 60529’s IPX4 water protection grade, and their casing is IPX2-rated. However, they are not water-resistant. Due to regular wear and use, maintenance, disassembly, or damage, waterproofing is not constant and gradually declines or is lost over time.


As the Google Pixel buds pro is available at a high price compared to several other earbuds, users need to know how to use it at its maximum. By following google pixel buds pro tips such as using correct-sized ear tips, pairing them with your Android or iOS devices, cleaning the earbuds using the correct method, and using a multipoint connection and Audio switching feature, users can make optimum use of their Google Pixel Buds Pro. Additionally, tips and tricks for customizing your touch controls and helping you find your lost pixel buds pro are also mentioned.

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