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Google Pixel Buds Pro- Common problems with their solutions!


The Google Pixel Buds Pro comes with different ear tips to match any ear canal shape, sounds great, is comfortable to wear, provides noise cancellation, and can connect to numerous Wireless connections at once. They do have some glitches, much like everything else in technology. The Google Pixel Buds Pro started to experience problems. After an initial surge of impressions from reviews, it became apparent that the Pixel Buds had Bluetooth connectivity issues in several situations, such as crowded settings. However, these problems were never entirely resolved. To remedy connection dropouts, Google released a few software upgrades. While these updates proved helpful for some users, this became evident that the hardware was to blame for the issue.

Troubleshoot Audio problems

pixel buds pro

A “buzzing” sound that some users felt bothersome when no music was playing was a problem that needed to be fixed. Here are some fast fixes and troubleshooting support you can use.

1) Clean the buds

Each Pixel Bud should be cleaned as necessary, especially if there’s enough debris near the microphone and speaker apertures. Only clean the area surrounding the speaker vents and microphone holes to prevent damage to your Pixel Buds. In these spaces, nothing should be inserted. Cleaning the buds may give a relevant solution to google pixel buds pro problems.

2) Verify that buds and charging case are charged

Let’s verify the obvious first while troubleshooting: Verify that the host device you’re currently connected to have Bluetooth turned on and that your Pixel Buds with charging case are charged and powered on.

3) Ear tip size

Verify that the right ear tip size was chosen for the best audio quality. Try all three dimensions to select the tip that offers the best audio quality and is the most comfortable. You get improved sound as well as mic performance with a tight seal. Try using more extensive ear tips if the audio or call performance is not what you expect.

4) A Single tap on an earbud

One tap on each earbud will do. In the absence of any action, there’s a potential that the media streaming service or application you’re using won’t be completely compatible with the Pixel Buds Pro.

5) Positioning of a phone

The position of a phone, especially in outdoor settings, may impact Bluetooth connectivity. You can enhance the Bluetooth connection by shifting the phone’s work while being held.

6) Verify that buds are paired with the device

Verify that Pixel Buds are all within range, have Bluetooth turned on, and are associated with your device.

7) Let the buds reconnect automatically.

Wait for the Pixel Buds to reconnect with your previously connected host device automatically. This can take several seconds. If necessary, change which host device you are connected to by selecting “Pixel Buds” from that device’s Bluetooth menu.

8) Restart the device

If the audio problems persist, “forget” the Pixel Buds from your smartphone, restart the device that you want to use your Pixel Buds with, and then pair your Pixel Buds to it once more.

Troubleshoot a charging problem

pixel buds pro

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your earphones and charging case are essential for receiving the best re-juice from the battery case to the Buds Pro when Pixel Buds are not set when you place them inside the charging case.
If your Pixel Buds don’t charge, try troubleshooting the charging case or the earbuds.

1) Ensure your Buds are tidy and can access your charging cord.

  • In the case and on the earphones, clean the charging contacts.
  • Using the included USB-A to USB-C cable, fully recharge your charging case.
  • If it is charging, the case status indicator ought to show that.
  • Your USB-A to USB-C charging cable is readily available and free of impediments and harm.

2) Fit your Pixel Buds again.

  • Ensure the ear tips are firmly secured to your earphones to guarantee proper connections with the case.
  • Put the charging case with the Pixel Buds inside.
  • The earphones’ status light should blink when every earbud is inserted into the case. Try slowly adjusting the earbud until the status light turns on if you don’t see it immediately. Alternately, try opening and shutting the lid. This makes it easier to position your earbuds in the ideal seating position.

3) For 30 minutes, charge your Pixel Buds.

  • Use the USB-A to USB-C connector to connect the charging case to a power source when your earbuds are still inside.
  • Thirty minutes of charging your Pixel Buds is required before repairing them.

Troubleshoot connectivity problems

pixel buds pro

The Pixel Buds Pro can be connected to various hosts inside and outside the Android ecosystem, but getting your earphones to pair with Bluetooth equipment can occasionally be a problem.

Use the methods below to troubleshoot any connection issues with your Pixel Bud.

1) Update your firmware

  • Verify the charging status of your Pixel Buds with a charging case.
  • Verify that your Pixel Buds are nearby and associated with your source device and that Bluetooth is turned on in your source device.
  • On your source device, turn the Bluetooth again.
  • Observe for the Pixel Buds to automatically reconnect to the source device you previously used. It might take a few seconds. If necessary, please verify that your source device is linked by choosing “Pixel Buds” from the Bluetooth menu on the source device.

2) Avoid other gadgets that can interfere.

If a room contains active Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, speakers, and other wireless devices which operate on the 2.4 GHz band, try leaving the area.

Troubleshoot pairing problems

pixel buds pro

Following are some solutions you can try if you have pairing issues with your Pixel Buds Pro.

1) Reset Pixel Buds Pro

For about 30 seconds, keep pressing the case’s button. Release your grip when the status light stops blinking. Your Buds Pro case indicator must then begin flashing white and orange to show that your Buds have been completely reset. The Pixel Buds Pro will be factory reset if you do this. Resetting pixel buds pro it may give a solution to google pixel buds pro problems.

2) Make sure the earbuds are working.

  • Using the USB-A to USB-C connector included, connect the charging case to a power source.
  • Remove the case from the Pixel Buds.
  • Replace one of the earphones and check whether the status light on the earbuds blinks when the earbud is put into the case. When the earbud is charging, the light will turn orange; when it is fully charged, it will turn white. Change the other earbud, then wait for the status light on the earphones to start blinking.
  • The LED will turn orange when either earbud is charged. The light will be white if they are both wholly set.

How can I switch my Pixel Buds off?

Your Pixel Buds are made to work without having to be turned off. Put them in the charging cable whenever you’re completed using them, and they’ll instantly disconnect and start charging.

Where can I download the Pixel Buds app?

The Pixel Buds app is available on the Google Play store. The Pixel Buds will function as conventional Bluetooth headphones despite the absence of the Pixel Buds app for iOS. You don’t need to download the Pixel Buds app individually for Pixel on Android 10+ because it is already included in the Bluetooth device data.


Google Pixel Buds Pro is a cut above its predecessor thanks to its booming audio, ANC, and eye-catching appearance. The Buds Pro comes with different ear tips to match any ear canal shape though they still deliver the most excellent lows we’ve heard on a pair of Pixel Buds. However, they may not be well suited for smaller ears or pack additional sound characteristics for audiophiles.

However, the following were the typical google pixel buds pro problems and their relevant solutions.

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