Best cases for Google Pixel 6 Pro- To protect your values!


The best cases for Google Pixel 6 Pro are multi-functional. They not only keep your new phone safe and secure from bumps. But they also provide a touch of personality, thanks to their beautiful appearance.

Your Google Pixel 6 Pro is pricey, but that doesn’t mean a new cover for it should be as well. There’s something for everyone here since we’ve listed a variety of cases for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Official case Google Pixel 6 Pro

Firstly, The official Google Pixel 6 Pro case looks great and checks all of the requirements. Moreover, it has a dual-layer, shock-absorbing design with raised corners to protect your phone. Especially the screen and camera lens, from any bumps or impacts. It’s also excellent for the environment since it’s made out of over 30% post-consumer recycled material, which is always a plus.

It’s as comfortable as you’d expect from an official piece. But the color choices are a touch boring. Still, it’s unbeatable in terms of durability.


Material: Plastic

Colors: Soft Sage, Stormy Sky, Light Frost, and Golden Glow

Why you should buy:

Official case from Google Pixel

Shock absorption with two layers

Why you should not buy:

Subtle colors aren’t for everyone.

Spigen Tough Armor Case:

Firstly, The Spigen Tough Armor Case for Google Pixel 6 Pro is built to withstand even the roughest of days. It’s made of a blend of TPU and Polycarbonate, so it’s resistant to scratches and drops. Foam technology also adds an added layer of protection. Allowing it to withstand most shocks if dropped.

All of this adds up to military-grade security which is always comforting. The case for Google Pixel 6 Pro also has a strengthened kickstand so you can use your phone for presentations or watching movies. It’s a little yet useful extra. The case’s sole true flaw is that it can be a little bulky for certain people’s liking.


Material: Polycarbonate

Colors: Black, Gunmetal, and Rose Gold

Why you should buy:

Military-grade protection

built-in kickstand

Why you should not buy:

It is rather thick.

Crave Dual Guard case for Google Pixel 6 Pro

Firstly, The Crave Dual Guard case for Google Pixel 6 Pro is immediately appealing to individuals who want to match their style. It comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, quality protection is provided by numerous distinct materials. As well as a slightly raised edge to aid the screen and camera in the event of a fall. Although it isn’t a perfect raised edge, it helps a bit.

There are also tactile buttons that line up nicely with the casing, even if not everyone prefers replacement buttons, and it feels comfortable to hold.


Material: Plastic

Colors: Shaded Spruce, Berry, Black, Blush, Navy, Red, and Slate

Why you should buy:

Attractive color options 

Slim build 

Why you should not buy:

Screen protection isn’t perfect 

Caseology Parallax Protective Case

Firstly, The Caseology Parallax Protective Case for Google Pixel 6 Pro uses professional color patterns to express its seriousness. When you look at the design, it appears to be the case. It features improved ergonomics and a greater grip on both sides. So there’s a slight possibility you’ll drop it.

Moreover, if it does manage to slide from your hands. The increased bezels surrounding the screen and camera ring. As well as the case’s military-grade protection should provide enough protection. It’s compatible with wireless charging and comes with a screen protector.


Material: Plastic

Why you should buy:

Excellent ergonomics

Relatively slim

Why you should not buy:

Limited color options 

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Firstly, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for Google Pixel 6 Pro is transparent, allowing you to see whatever other color phone you choose. It also contains anti-yellowing technology, ensuring that the clearance does not decrease with time. When placed on flat surfaces, the screen and camera are covered by raised bezels, and there are wide slots for cables and pronounced buttons.

The latter will not appeal to everyone because they will not feel the same as your phone’s buttons. But aside from that, this is a nice example of a secure transparent case for your Google Pixel 6 Pro. Complete with those ever-useful raised bezels.


Material: Plastic

Colors: Crystal Clear and Matte Black

Why you should buy:

Still see your phone clearly 

Raised bezels 

Why you should not buy:

Buttons won’t appeal to all 

Poetic Guardian Case

Firstly, The Poetic Guardian case for Google Pixel 6 Pro is bulky, yet it provides excellent protection. It boasts military-grade drop protection, as predicted. But it goes a step beyond.

It also comes with a built-in screen protector, an anti-scratch transparent back so you can still see your phone, and an additional front frame if you don’t want to use the screen protector.

Moreover, the case’s extra raised lips and corners make it extremely secure. At the expense of its bulk. It’s a little on the large side.


Material: Plastic

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, and Pink

Why you should buy:

Extensive protection

Built-in screen protector

Why you should not buy:

Bulky figure

Caseology Vault Protective Case

Firstly, The Vault Protective Case from Caseology keeps things simple yet effective. It has increased ergonomics with a superb Dia grip on either side for a firm grasp while you’re using your phone. Like previous Caseology cases. Raised bezels around the screen and camera as well. Moreover, all of the other bases are covered as well, thanks to military-grade protection and wireless charging compatibility.

The color options are a little limited, but overall, this is a stylish case for the price, and it comes with almost everything you could need.


Material: Silicone

Why you should buy:

Made with liquid silicone rubber 

Stylish color options 

Why you should not buy:

No mention of military-grade protection 

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case for Google Pixel 6 Pro has a ridiculous name but is quite effective for a bulky yet secure fit. Moreover, its multi-layered TPU and Polycarbonate materials have been tested to withstand drops of up to 20 feet. There are other features such as accurate cuts, a built-in screen protector, and a kickstand.

As you’d expect from such a case, it’s a touch on the large side, but that’s a minor price to pay for great security.


Material: Silicone and plastic

Colors: Black

Why you should buy:

Very rugged design 

Built-in screen protector and kickstand  

Why you should not buy:

Bit bulky design


The Pixel 6 Pro features a 6.7-inch display, whereas the Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch display. However, it is still a fantastic phone that is definitely worth considering. If you want to protect your Google Pixel 6 pro then you should have a case for your phone. Considering all of the reasons for all the cases listed up, I can only suggest you buy Spigen Tough Armor Case. It’s made of a blend of TPU and Polycarbonate, so it’s resistant to scratches and drops. Foam technology also adds an added layer of protection. But it’s your choice what to choose for your brand-new Google Pixel 6 Pro.

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