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How to Track a Phone’s Location using its Phone Number?


The police and government can trace your whereabouts via your mobile network, but can you, as a member of the wider populace, track the location of a smartphone in the same way? Spy programs like Spine allow you to accomplish just that, and you’ll need access to the phone and the owner’s permission to put the software on the device first. This is significant since it prevents the app from being used for stalking. However, it might be a useful option if you want to watch small children who are going home alone for the first time. The spine is a well-known program for remotely tracking mobile phones that is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones, providing location updates at regular intervals. It may also be used to track the actions of other devices. Here’s how you can track a Phone’s Location using its Phone Number using Spyine.

What information does Spyine reveal?

What information does Spyine reveal?


The location log records the precise address of the location, including the street name, address, neighborhood, city, and geographical coordinates.


Spyine records the time and date the gadget visited a certain area.

Virtual map

The software displays the device’s position on an interactive virtual map. You may also check the device’s location in the past weeks.

Google Maps

Because of the integration with Google Maps, you may reach the area using familiar features such as Google’s 3D Street View.

The app enables SIM card and cellular network tracking in addition to live location tracking:

SIM card log

The SIM log stores critical SIM information, such as the IMEI number.

Location tracker

The SIM window’s position tracker may display the SIM card’s location depending on cellular network statistics.

Phone number tracker

Spyine monitors the SIM card and, by extension, the phone number being used. If they alter their phone number, you can request an email.

No root or jailbreak is required

Spyine’s phone tracker has the benefit of not requiring you to root or jailbreak the target smartphone. Some of these applications require this.

We don’t encourage rooting or jailbreaking unless you’re confident in your abilities. It is not only tough, but it also exposes the device to viruses and data loss. It will also nullify the warranty in many circumstances.

Spyine requires no installation and operates on stock Android and iOS smartphones. You must have physical access to the Android smartphone you wish to track, although iPhones may be set remotely by logging into the device’s iCloud account.

How to track phone location with Spyine?

How to track phone location with Spyine

Spyine can locate a phone’s position using the phone number in roughly 10 minutes.

You must first install the Spyine software on an Android phone in order to track it. You will need to create an account and join up for a monthly subscription before you can manage your account remotely through the dashboard on a second phone or on a computer browser.

It is feasible to remote install Spyine on an iPhone, but you must first provide the device’s iCloud account and password. This program then connects to iCloud Backup to verify the device’s location.

Should you subscribe to Spyine?

Spyine outperforms a phone look-up service, which cannot track a phone’s real-time position. The program is simple to install and use, and it has a number of handy functions. It is the most convenient method for tracking a cell device using its phone number.


To identify someone’s whereabouts by cell phone number, you might utilize a specialist mobile tracker tool like Spyine. This is done remotely using your web browser. After you install the app, the target device will get frequent location updates. Spyine is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Using Spyine you can track a Phone’s Location using its Phone Number .

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