Best MagSafe Accessories which charge your iPhone with a case!


MagSafe has a special place in many Mac fans’ hearts because it will provide a safe and easy way to charge older MacBooks. It was phased out a few years ago in favor of the convenience of USB-C. While many thought that was the end of MagSafe, Apple announced MagSafe for iPhone in 2020 at its iPhone 12 event.The technology built into the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, is both a mounting and charging system that is compatible with a wide range of first- and third-party MagSafe accessories.

The most recent iPhones include a magnetic sensor and a single-coil NFC reader. It uses magnets to properly coordinate your iPhone on MagSafe-compatible wireless chargers and other magnetic accessories. It eliminates the need to find the sweet spot when able to charge. And the magnetic connection allows you to pick it up and use it while it’s charging.

It’s also faster than standard wireless charging, at 15W versus 7.5W from classic Qi charging – as long once you get an official ‘Made for MagSafe’ accessory, that is. Other accessories labeled ‘MagSafe compatible’ but not officially licensed can only charge at 7.5W.

Apple envisions MagSafe items of all shapes that help to improve the iPhone experience.

So, you’ve purchased an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and want to maximize MagSafe functionality with new magnetic accessories, correct? Here are the best options right now.

Mous Limitless 4.0

The Mous Limitless 4.0 is the standout case with MagSafe integration. Providing the same level of connectivity as official Apple cases, Mous’ option as well boasts incredible damage resistance thanks to the incorporation of the company’s perfected AiroShock shock-absorbing technology, providing you with extra peace of mind without the added bulk.

The Mous Limitless 4.0 case is available for all iPhone models. With five different designs to choose from, and while it is pricey. It is less expensive than completely replacing your shattered iPhone.

Mous also sells the MagSafe-compatible Infinity case, which, while lacking the patented AiroShock protection, is transparent and allows you to fully appreciate the style of your iPhone.

Apple MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe charger, which was shown off during the MagSafe reveal, will most likely be the first accessory purchased by most iPhone owners.

The charger uses the MagSafe system’s magnetic connectivity to provide reliable 15W wireless charging – without any need to find the sweet spot like most standard wireless chargers. It looks and performs similarly to the Apple Watch charger, with a quick snap-on system that securely attaches itself to the iPhone when it is nearby.

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Charger

While Apple’s MagSafe charger is excellent. ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Charger could be improved in some areas. It’s exactly what accessory manufacturer ESR has done with the HaloLock Kickstand wireless charger. It looks like a MagSafe charger and functions similarly. It connects via magnets to the back of your iPhone and provides up to 15W of wireless charging – but it has a secret weapon.

What is that weapon? A built-in adjustable kickstand allows you to charge your iPhone while also tilting it on a flat surface. While it may not appear to be much, it is the ideal companion for long FaceTime chats as well as YouTube binge sessions.

It also has a USB-C charging port, so you can replace the included USB-C to USB-C cable with something much more extended than Apple’s official charger.

Belkin MagSafe Charger

If the thought of using a tricky phone holder in your car makes you cringe, Belkin has you protected with the new Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe. It’s more expensive than many alternatives at £34.95/$39.95, but it provides an unbeatable level of ease of use for iPhone users.

The iPhone simply snaps into place onto the holder using the MagSafe system, giving the impression that it is floating in place. It’s also more powerful than the MagSafe charger. So you won’t have to worry about your iPhone coming loose if you hit too many bumps.

The mount itself snaps onto all the vents, and a cable tidy system near the rear free-moving ball joint allows for easy access to a charging/infotainment cable.

ESR HaloLock Adjustable Wireless Charging Stand

Aside from being a tough thing, ESR’s HaloLock Adjustable Wireless Charging Stand is a good option for iPhone owners. It provides 15W wireless charging via MagSafe and adjustable angles which make it a useful desk accessory.

Your iPhone can be positioned in portrait or landscape mode. It is useful not only for calls but also for watching videos, and the magnets that hold it in place are amazingly strong. So strong, in fact, that when you try to remove your iPhone, the stand lifts away from the table – a disadvantage of the lightweight all-plastic body.

Still, if adjustable angles are important to you, this is one of the best MagSafe charging stands.

Anker PowerWave Magnetic 2-in-1 Stand

Anker’s PowerWave Magnetic 2-in-1 stand is a less costly option for the Belkin Boost Charge Pro while maintaining the same floating design that utilizes the strong electromagnet built into the iPhone range. In fact, it goes a step further by including a 30-degree swivel on the MagSafe mount. It allows you to adjust the tilt for FaceTime calls or movies while wirelessly charging.

A rubber Qi charging mat is integrated into the base of the MagSafe stand. It allows for wireless charging of another smartphone. Anker recommends using it with AirPods or other wireless earbuds for the best experience.

The only disadvantage? It only works with MagSafe. That means that even with a 20W charger – which isn’t included – the MagSafe charging tops out at 7.5W, which is half of the 15W capable of Apple and Belkin chargers, and the Qi charging pad tops out at only 5W.

If you’re charging overnight, it won’t make a difference. But if you’re looking for a quick top-up, you might notice a difference.

What exactly is a MagSafe accessory?

Apple’s MagSafe magnetic technology is built into the inner engineering of iPhone models. MagSafe, which was originally designed to protect MacBook charging cords, was incorporated into the iPhone to create a new ecosystem of gadgets for part of the important and faster wireless charging.

Is it useful to purchase MagSafe accessories?

Even though it isn’t the fastest charger available, Apple’s MagSafe Charger is no slouch; it will charge your iPhone much faster than previous wireless chargers. This accessory is also useful because it automatically snaps into place.

What is the purpose of the MagSafe case?

The MagSafe Charger is designed to wirelessly charge your iPhone quickly and safely. The system intelligently adapts to changing conditions in order to charge your iPhone at up to 15W of peak power delivery for faster wireless charging.


The iPhone is equipped with MagSafe, allowing it to connect to a variety of cool and helpful accessories. The best MagSafe accessories will make charging and using your device more convenient and comfortable. The Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is the favorite because it charges multiple Apple devices at once and incorporates MagSafe magnets to keep the iPhone in the perfect viewing position while charging.

If that’s too much, the simpler Apple MagSafe Charger also wirelessly charges the iPhone, clicking into place with magnets to ensure optimal fast charging every time. Another new accessory is the Apple MagSafe Wallet, which adds instant comfort to your MagSafe-compatible iPhone. To be honest, any of these accessories will improve the functionality of your iPhone experience.

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