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OnePlus 10 Pro with powerful hardware!


OnePlus has changed a lot since we first met the firm as a daring upstart all those years ago. The phones that OnePlus is now launching reside in a totally different environment than the firm’s early smartphones. Also having been largely absorbed into sister company Oppo over the last 18 months or so, the new OnePlus 10 Pro exemplifies this transition wonderfully.

While an initial January release gave us our first flavor profile of what a OnePlus flagship might look like. The phone’s more recent global expansion really highlights the enduring influence of the brand’s passionate fandom. While also reflecting the change that the company is going through internally.


For all of last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro’s technical brilliance, performance, and innovation. It arrived in an uncommonly plain look for the company. OnePlus’ design team has gone in a completely different way this year. Also, the OnePlus 10 Pro’s shape is accentuated by a striking new camera housing that’s difficult to miss and is unlike anything the company has served up to yet.

The 10 Pro’s camera system is the first thing one’s eyes are drawn to in a design that clearly takes inspiration from submissions like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra; a large, bold arrangement that bends in through the phone’s edge and extends past the mid-point of its back. Also, shelter four commonly spaced-out circular elements.

The sensors are housed within a large mirror-polished metal frame that. While mathematically merging, provides a distinct aesthetic that contrasts with the remainder of the phone’s finish and color palette. It’s a design choice that distinguishes the OnePlus 10 Pro from the competition while also emphasizing the importance of the phone’s enhanced Hasselblad-branded camera system.

Aside from this headline component, the 10 Pro has a textured glass back that repels fingerprints and is encircled by a thin. Also color-matched aluminum frame with a polished finish that creates a pleasant contrast in feel and looks.

While Chinese fans may get an ‘Extreme Edition’ with a unique Ceramic White finish. The 10 Pro will most likely be found in one of two colorways: Volcanic Black or Emerald Forest.


At first look, the 10 Pro’s display appears to be identical to its predecessor – a 6.7in 120Hz Quad HD+ AMOLED panel with support for 10-bit color depth, HDR10+. Also, a stated 1300nit peak brightness – but the stakes have been raised.

The screen on the 10 Pro really has more in common with Realme’s new GT 2 Pro flagship, especially the adoption of LTPO 2.0 display technology. This means the panel’s variable frame rate can swiftly drop down to 1Hz, leading to higher battery efficiency.

OnePlus has gone above and above with color calibration, guaranteeing the 10 Pro’s display is engineered to show realistic colors at two discrete brightness levels. While most competitors simply adhere to calibration at a single brightness.

In terms of brightness, you can train the phone’s AI-powered auto-brightness to your preferences by setting the slider closer to your desired values depending on factors like the app in use and the time of day. In general, it adapts to a comfortable level for the circumstance.

There is also a slew of viewing experience customization options. Also includes different color space profiles, screen temperature control, natural tone capabilities, and an eye comfort mode. Also image and video enhancing drugs.

Software & features

One of OnePlus’ biggest strengths and outstanding features has been the OxygenOS user experience; an Android skin that offers smoothness and simplicity in a way that truly seems to appeal to customers.

With this in mind, when the firm announced in September that OxygenOS will be merged with Oppo’s ColorOS as part of its OnePlus 2.0 plan. Also, supporters were understandably concerned. However, community reaction prompted OnePlus to reverse its decision. Also resulted in ColorOS and OxygenOS still operating on a newly-unified codebase but preserving their distinct identities on their respective brand’s devices.

As predicted, OxygenOS 12.1 on the 10 Pro (running atop Android 12) is clean and characterful.

You have control over quick settings and app icon shapes. The UI color palette, the fingerprint sensor animation, and more when a ‘1’ appears in the clock widget. You may also utilize OnePlus Sans instead of Android’s standard Roboto typeface. Which gives the user interface a delightfully distinct look and feel across the board.

Haptics has also been upgraded, with an x-axis motor that is said to be 40% stronger than prior entries, allowing for more accurate and tactile engagement.

Long-standing features like the Insight lock screen and The Shelf have been joined by new additions such as Work-Life Balance. Which allows you to filter notifications by timetable, app, and even account.

The OnePlus 10 Pro also benefits from the same software update guarantee given by the company in mid-2021. This means three years of OS upgrades and four years of security fixes.


The OnePlus 10 Pro is no exception, with the phone powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and sporting a base of 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, paired to either 128GB or 256GB of fast UFS 3.1 storage globally. Also up to 512GB on the China-exclusive Extreme Edition.

The 10 Pro is a superb real-world performance, with OxygenOS and its 120Hz display rate working together to provide a smooth, snappy, reactive user experience. Also quick program launch times.

Battery life & charging

When comparing the OnePlus 10 Pro to last year’s 9 Pro. It may appear that there has been no discernible progress in fast charging.

Both phones charge to 95 percent in about 30 minutes, which is an incredible feat in and of itself. But in the case of OnePlus’ current flagship, the firm has also increased battery capacity from 4500mAh to 5000mAh, making that constant recharge pace even more astounding.

To that end, the OnePlus 10 Pro rivals Oppo’s newest Find X5 Pro by matching its 5000mAh cell with quicker 80W fast charging. Also results in a 50 percent charge in less than 15 minutes and a full charge in less than 35 minutes. To finish off the charging experience, the phone supports 50W wireless charging, just like the Xiaomi 12 Pro. This has also been renamed to conform to Oppo’s AirVOOC charging standard. OnePlus claims a full charge in 47 minutes, which was not tested because the required wireless charger is offered separately.

In terms of real battery life, the upgrade to a 5000mAh battery has paid off handsomely. Even when set to its highest refresh rate and resolution, the display comfortably lasts a day and a half and will allow for two days of use in the hands of casual users.


Despite the flashy new camera housing, the technology is nearly identical to that of the 9 Pro, with one major exception. The phone features the same optically stabilized Sony IMX789 main sensor. Also with a theoretically 52Mp functional area but an uncommon 16:11 aspect ratio. But more of the sensor is available for video recording than would normally be the case.

The OIS-enhanced 8Mp telephoto is also carried over from last year’s 9 Pro, with the same 3.3x magnification. However, things will change when it comes to the ultrawide, with a new 50Mp Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensor that delivers a super-wide 150° field of view, as originally seen on the Realme GT 2 Pro.

The 10 Pro can capture stills at the full 150° with remarkably little distortion. Also, a fully circular fish-eye mode provides for more creative photography alternatives.

A closer look at that rear camera setup uncovers a Hasselblad logo and an unassuming set of letters and numbers in ‘P2D 50T,’ which translates as follows: P = ‘Phone,’ 2D = ‘Second-generation Hasselblad camera for mobile,’ and 50T = ’50-megapixel triple-lens rear camera setup,’ according to the company. It’s a clumsy method to get folks talking about the Hasselblad relationship. But it appears to have succeeded among fans and tech aficionados.

The Hasselblad relationship forged last year for US$150 million between the camera company and OnePlus appears in a variety of ways on the 10 Pro. However, how tangible the improvements are to the phone’s photography skills is entirely subjective.

Price & availability

The OnePlus 10 Pro did not have a genuine worldwide release until March 31st. Also, pre-orders in regions including the United States are already in place.

The 10 Pro was released on 5 April in the United Kingdom, Europe. Also, the phone arrived in the United States on 14 April. Also with a starting price of £799/US$899/€899/INR66,999 for the basic 8GB RAM/128GB storage SKU.


Despite the clear effect, Oppo’s presence has had on the creation of the OnePlus 10 Pro. The phone retains its uniqueness, feeling distinct enough from bedfellows like the Find X5 Pro and Realme’s GT 2 Pro. However, where Oppo has had an impact, the adjustments are more weird than decisively positive or harmful. The OnePlus 10 Pro has one of the greatest screens on the market right now, amazing top-tier performance, exceptional battery life, and a smooth user experience. Also a unique, though somewhat contentious, design.

The phone’s main drawback, as always, is its camera, which, like so many previous OnePlus flagships, will almost certainly require multiple post-launch fixes to keep up with the competition. With its qualities in mind, check how it compares to our list of the current best phones on the market. The best Android phones in general, are phones with the best battery life. Also where ranks among the top OnePlus phones.

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