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The best OnePlus 10 Pro cases can save your phone from lasting damage!


Consider the finest OnePlus 10 Pro cases a low-cost insurance policy to protect your OnePlus 10 Pro. You can add protection that keeps your phone looking as good as the day you purchased it for as little as $12 to $50, depending on your selected context.

You’ll also want to safeguard your OnePlus 10 Pro with OnePlus 10 Pro cases. The newest OnePlus flagship offers a stunning design, outstanding battery life, and the finest cameras on any OnePlus phone to date. You wouldn’t want to risk any of it by dropping the phone and shattering its 6.7-inch display or damaging one of its three back camera lenses.

Caseology Athlex For OnePlus 10 Pro

Caseology Athlex For OnePlus 10 Pro

Caseology introduced Athlex, its latest case line for the OnePlus 10 Pro, instead of its usual fare. This heavy-duty case is made to feel great in your hand when you’re out exercising, exploring, or simply strolling around a theme park this summer. The dual-layer air cushioning architecture of Athlex keeps your phone cool and secure no matter where life takes you. The main drawback to this case is that just the Black/Gray variant is now available. The “coming soon” Active Green & Active Orange variants include bright highlights to liven things up — and make it easier to find your case if you hurl it into the bushes while jogging.

Poetic Revolution For OnePlus 10 Pro

Poetic Revolution For OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro unlocked variant may lack IP dust/watcher resistant certification, but Poetic will be here to keep your new phone safe from the elements. A dust plug protects your USB-C port from dust, grass clippings, and other debris, and the built-in screen protector prevents scratches and scuffs. If you don’t like film protectors, you may use a screenless top frame instead.

A large kickstand keeps the tablet 10 Pro sturdy when watching Videos, TikTok, or on a video conference with your colleagues while attempting to eat. In a pinch, it can even serve as a phone grip. Furthermore, the sturdy lips surrounding the screen & camera ensure that if you drop your OnePlus 10 Pro, it will not be destroyed.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series for OnePlus 10 Pro

UAG Plasma Series for OnePlus 10 Pro

If you’re looking for a OnePlus 10 Pro case that prioritizes protection, look no further than Urban Armor Gear’s Magma Series and the entry made exclusively for OnePlus’ current flagship. UAG says their case has to provide 16-foot drop protection due to an impact-resistant bumper and a shock-absorbing main shell. Despite the enhanced protection, this Plasma case is light, so it does not add bulk to the phone.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is wholly enclosed within the Plasma case, but the case itself has a distinct honeycomb pattern that adds a little aesthetic flair. You can charge the phone wirelessly while wearing the cover, so mobile payments should be no problem.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case demonstrates that the most exemplary OnePlus 10 Pro 5G cases wouldn’t have to be beautiful or expensive to accomplish the job. Spigen sells a basic bumper cover for about $20 that fits snugly around the phone and employs a raised bezel to prevent the OnePlus 10 Pro’s screen & camera from sitting flush on flat surfaces.

Because the cover is see-through, you can still show off the OnePlus 10 Pro’s design. (Even the Matte Black version limits the color to the phone’s sides.) And you won’t be releasing much weight to the OnePlus 10 Pro by adding this protective frame.

OnePlus Sandstone Bumper

OnePlus Sandstone Bumper

Is it a OnePlus without the signature Sandstone feel? Its grippyness is unrivaled, but unlike other textured cases, it does not attract dust and dirt. While it conceals the phone, it retains the OnePlus trademark and a low-key appearance. Best of all, unlike Samsung, OnePlus understands how to price its accessories fairly; this slick OnePlus 10 Pro cover costs less than a date night with your better half.

Latercase OnePlus 10 Pro Case Cyber Edition

Latercase Cyber Edition

Why not protect your OnePlus 10 Pro with the same material used in ballistic protection? Latercase’s OnePlus 10 Pro Cover Cyber Edition is made of kevlar with hand-laid aramid fibers for a precise fit. The matte texture is also rather appealing.

With the Latercase OnePlus 10 Pro Case Cyber Edition, you’re not adding much weight or substance to your phone. Because the case is only 0.6mm thick, you won’t have to take your OnePlus 10 Pro from that if you would like to charge it wirelessly.

Which we suggest?

In terms of quality craftsmanship, the Spigen Tough Armor fits nicely together. The case edges are far enough apart for you to put a screen protector without worrying about scratching it off, and the case appears to wear well despite having a sharp edge.


The OnePlus 10 Pro enters the tough flagship category worldwide, especially in North America, where Samsung and Apple reign supreme. This is a flagship phone with the newest chipset and strong camera performance, so there will undoubtedly be some demand for the phone in major regions such as the United States. If you’ve been seduced by one of the fantastic OnePlus 10 Pro offers and expect your phone to arrive soon, you should consider stockpiling an excellent cover. As in our OnePlus 10 Pro unboxing, the firm included a reasonably good soft-touch protective cover in the box. However, if you want something a little more unique, here are a few terrific options.

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