Samsung is well-known for introducing numerous products with innovative ideas on cutting-edge technology. Samsung promises reliable and modern-infused digital advancements for customers. What’s more? Buyers have built trust in Samsung’s appealing multitasking capabilities and its commitment to new technological innovations on smartphones, such as expandable screens and more. This year Samsung has introduced beyond the ordinary. In January 2024, Samsung finally hit the bandwagon by launching the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. To emphasize, boosting a new mobile era with AI will enhance the user’s experience in the future.

Additionally, multinational companies like Google and Apple have built-in AI tools on their mobiles for easy operation. Let’s take a look, does the Galaxy Ultra S24 hit the mark this year with optimized communication and AI automation?

Overall Summary

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At a Glance

Color AvailabilityTitanium: green, blue, orange, gray, black, yellow, and violet
Storage256GB, 512GB, 1TB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Network Technology5G
Rear Camera200MP Wide
Front Camera12MP
Display Size6.8 inch
Dimensions79 x 162.3 x 8.6mm
Weight233 grams

Price and Availability

Still striving for a solid flagship phone that offers flexibility on either budget or specifications. Pricing is the major factor to be perturbed about. Isn’t it? Nevertheless, Apple’s and Google’s recent launches of smartphones are almost similar at a price point of approximately $1199* and $999*, respectively. But, talking about the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S24, costs around $549.99* on its official website. Alongside, it is available on Amazon too! This flagship has compelling rivals like Apple and plenty of things to compare about. It might be that the myriad of iOS fans eagerly want to know the crucial factors and unique perks of the S24 Ultra.

Is it worth it to buy it? Intelligence of AI-based tools; nevertheless, we can’t find such smart specs as the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Moreover, the brighter and larger display in this phone is a weak point of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This way, the S24 Ultra is biting both robust rivals. Additionally, Samsung’s financing makes it easy to buy this phone if you are dreaming about it. This deal smooths your process; pay $22.92* every month for up to 24 months.


The proficient smartphone is equipped with a recent Qualcomm  Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and 120Hz refresh rates with an effective way of handling the workload. In this aspect, Samsung won’t disappoint you. Besides, it claims the chipset with remarkable NPU swiftly commands for AI-based editing ability. Moreover, it has infused a cooling system to maintain the temperature and balance the extreme workload. This vapor chamber will manage heat while you are playing games. Notably, the 12GB RAM is enough to make it possible. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra runs on the Android 14 operating system; and incorporates various latest digital technology advancements to operate on. To excel in the performance viewpoint, this chipset is lag-free, boosting the encompassing undertaking.


After taking a glance at the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra; it could be possible Samsung’s users find a cliche according to its design. Usually, it has a premium and lavish appearance to talk about. But, as compared to its predecessor S23 Ultra; most of the looks seem similar. Perhaps, this step could be regretted by the customers. Like, to iPhone 15 series it is forged and encompasses the sider body with titanium. Surprisingly, 7 color variants are available, and the first-ever Titanium framework phone. It is sleek and aesthetically crafted with glass and metal and enough for a comfortable grip. Alike, to S23 Ultra’s glossy and aluminum finish was alluring to watch; though. Moreover, the design and camera layout are identical with curved edges lesser spaced bezels, and a broader flat screen.


After discussing the regarding design it seems to be inherited from its ancestor. The exposure and larger size 6.8 inch OLED display is bang on. But, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s bountiful display is contributing to building overall size and weight. Therefore, the outcome is affecting its form factor. And, this time iPhone 15 lineup seized the day!  However, the flatter that supports QHD+ is optimizing viewing and workflow. For increasing productivity, this display is adaptable with S Pen for making notes or editing. 

What’s more? The enhanced glass build factor has Gorilla Armor with anti-reflective technology and 2,600 nits of brightness; making it easy in brighter sunlight and outdoors. The improved durable and tougher display is great. While on the darker side, the carving methodology of expansive display could be a bad choice.


In 2024, unique tactics are being employed to improve the feasibility of smartphone buyers. Particularly, the S24 lineup is powered by AI competencies and Android 14. This integrated ability of AI-driven is a practical choice reflecting beyond the outskirts of user’s expectancy. Well, there are myriad options available on the market with the inclusion of AI tools. However, this flagship disparates in some characterization. Focusing on barrier-free communication with plenty of fun using bots like Chat-assistant for translation and message exchange functionality. In addition to that, exciting things while editing photos with a gesture of fingers. 

Despite this brightside, the limited span of software updates upset your apple cart; anticipating long-term updates option. According to the survey, it could slightly slow down biometric authentication like a fingerprint sensor. Isn’t that unpredictable?


After exploring all the multitasking capabilities like performance, software, and more. The refinement procedure that happened in Galaxy S24 Ultra is commendable. Along with that, ProVisual Engine ability to transform image capturing with an AI-powered suite. The rear camera has a 12MP ultrawide + 200MP wide camera. Whereas, the front camera with 12MP. What’s new? All of these things are inherited from their ancestors. Whereas, coming up with new improvements infused with a 50MP 5x optical zoom telephoto camera.

To commence with the front camera; specialized for selfies or video calling contains a 12MP camera. And, the support of Super HDR 10+ automatically inspects the scenes for realistic shots. Still, it could overtone it and more processes make it brighter pictures. Perhaps it could be a predicament; consequently will esteem it!

AI-powered Qualities

  • Circle to Search
  • Live Translate
  • Chat Assist
  • Android Auto Integration
  • Note and Transcript Assist

Let’s just clear up the delusion of whether it is a practical decision by Samsung to encompass this Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI—the aim of using this fundamental is to make the experience of everyday life full of comfort.

Live Translate

To start with the basics, Live Translate helps with dual-way conversation text translation of voice calls within native applications. Surprisingly, an interpreter’s life-savior. It simply splits the screen and reads a text-based transcript on the other side of the screen and the conversation quickly.

Chat Assistant

Chat Assist operates identically to ChatGPT. If you are looking for something formal, send text or email messages to your colleagues or experts. Moreover, it’s fun to get cheesy about social media captions.

Finally, this one will be the leading aspect and controversial topic to talk about in this digital industry. It reaches the achievement of launching a gesture-driven surfing activity. It’s simple; just tap, scribble, circle, and highlight on your screen. The things that I want to discover on Google. Within a split second, you will receive the desired results.

Battery Capacity

Still sitting on the fence? After enduring all of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s competencies, this flagship has spectacular things to discover! Nevertheless, it claims 5000 mA with a 45-watt charging capacity. Indeed, the new powerful chipset Snapdragon 8 did support managing the battery capacity. However, the S23 Ultra last year had amazing abilities. The amalgamation of fast charging and an effective battery has made great advancements in this technology.

Absentmindedly, if you forget to charge up your phone after a mixture of activities in 24 hours, So, don’t worry about the next day; it will save you from draining out the battery—at least for half a day! To improve sustainability, they are using 50% recycled cobalt in this smartphone’s battery. Furthermore, there are 15 watts and 4.5 watts for wireless and reverse charging, respectively. Moreover, Samsung claims video playback time of up to 30 hours, and for audio, it is up to 95 hours. Besides, the ratio of internet usage using LTE is up to 27 hours, and 1 hour more while using Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, as compared to its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, the battery performance is almost identical.


To be honest, there are numerous mobiles available in the market that are providing this storage space on their phones. However, the cost differs and varies according to the brand. Examining Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, the cost of 256GB is $1199, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is merely $549. Sounds surprising, right? However, there is nothing auxiliary to notice about the space. Also, it contains 12GB of RAM to handle the workflow, whether it is about gaming, editing, capturing moments, or many more.

Although they retain a microSD card slot, they need to depend on built-in storage or others. Nevertheless, regarding storage, it is competing with the Google Pixel 8 Pro lineup by upgrading it more compared to its predecessor. Despite this, the only issue is the absence of expandable storage.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra waterproof?

This premium, solid smartphone is dust- and water-resistant. It is an IP68-resistant and lab-tested phone that is authorized and trustworthy. In this modern era, even a cheaper phone claims to feature waterproof features on this spare. Just enjoy the freedom and use these robust and rigid devices to make your experience adventurous.

For how many spans does the software update?

In general, the Galaxy Ultra S24 works on the Android 14 operating system with featured and new technology enhancements. But, Samsung Galaxy S24 series users can get 7 years of software updates and encryption and security protection included. But, it could lack independent features infused in this current software. The numeric ratios are not disappointing, though!  


After covering extensive and informative details about the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S24, it would be difficult to choose from the other latest launches by Apple and Google. Ultimately, the compelling rivals. But this phone is not lagging either! The Galaxy AI-based tools and equipment are exciting and have cool traits. People can delve into editing for ease of communication. By using the circle to search, chat assist, or live translate, usually this is what it stands for!

Of course, it incorporated some negative elements. For example, limited software upgrade problems, build quality under dimensions, and camera capture. However, all of these issues can be ignored or adjusted if they are suitable according to the requirements. Overall, the lavish design and display combine intelligence, higher performance, and battery capacity. These considerations are blurry compared to their issues. Overcome your skepticism and fulfill your dreams with this new mobile technology, which makes you feel effervescent.

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