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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7:  The best iPad alternative!


At $229 $100 less than Apple the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is priced to dethrone the entry-level iPad (2020) as the best tablet. Furthermore, it has tiny bezels and faces recognition, both of which Apple reserves for more expensive slates. But is the Tab A7 genuinely fantastic?

Yes, if you choose battery life over anything else. If you’ve been seeking the greatest Android tablet that isn’t overrun with Amazon content, like the Amazon Fire HD 10, this is the tablet for you. However, if you want a quick tablet with a brilliant screen, go no further.

Price and availability

Price and availability

The Galaxy Tab A7 begins at $229 on Amazon, however, Samsung is now selling it for $154(opens in new tab), a $75 discount. It remains that low because it’s dangerously close to the $150 Amazon Fire HD 10. Do you need twice as much internal storage? Samsung costs an additional $50 to upgrade from 32GB to 64GB, albeit there is a MicroSD card for expandability that allows you to add up to another terabyte. The business costs $49 for their Tab A7 Book Cover stand, which allows you to easily set it up.



The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a simple iPad in the best conceivable manner. Unlike Apple, Samsung knows that the entry-level tablet ought to have small bezels and face recognition, which the ordinary iPad lacks. The Tab A7’s narrow bezels nearly dissolve into the background as you use it, giving you an all-screen sensation. It’s available in the shown dark grey, as well as gold and silver. Its metal body is solid, yet there is some give when you grasp it.

The Tab A7 also supports USB-C charging, which is also available on the Fire HD 10, but not on the iPad with a Lightning connector. It also contains the previously stated microSD connector for extending local storage, as well as a headphone jack, not everybody has adopted Bluetooth. The more expensive Galaxy Tab S7, on the other hand, lacks a headphone jack.

Display of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Display: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Tab A7’s pixel density is 224 pixels per inch, which makes it less crisp than the 264-PPI iPad 2020 display. The same density may be found on the 224-PPI Fire HD 10 (10.1-inch, 1920×1200 pixels).

The Galaxy Tab A7 generates 101.7 percent of the sRGB spectrum. The Galaxy Tab A7 has a maximum brightness of 329.3 nits, which is less than that of the Fire HD 10 (403 nits) and the even lighter iPad 2020. (484 nits). That low brightness score may have contributed to the Tab A7’s screen darkening when viewed from 30 degrees to the left or right.


Audio: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Galaxy Tab A7 has good audio for your next streaming session. The Clipse’s “When The Last Time” on the tablet, the vocals and electronics sounded sharp and clear… up to around 80% loudness. When the volume to maximum, the instrumental became a little crunchy & distorted.0i.

The Tab A7’s speakers, on the other hand, have a touch more “oomph.” In Settings, under Sound, hit “Sound quality and effects,” and you’ll enable the Dolby Atmos setting. This bolsters the appearance of audio whilst not playing Dolby Atmos-branded material.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 (SM6115) CPU and 3GB of RAM inside the Tab A7 give enough performance for daily activities, but you’ll notice its limitations without even trying, as when bounced in and out of Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. When between a 1080p YouTube video and a half-dozen Chrome tabs.

The Tab A7 had a poor score of 1,405 on the Geekbench 5 general performance benchmark. This is dwarfed by the 2,685 from the iPad (A12 Bionic). Geekbench 5 wouldn’t even function on the Fire HD 10.


Security: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Galaxy Tab A7 excels at personal security whereas others fall short. The camera on the tablet’s top bezel supports face recognition, which is uncommon in tablets at this price. Even the $100 more costly iPad has only Touch ID fingerprint recognition, which appears archaic in comparison to facial recognition. The Fire HD 10 lacks a biometric security option.

Setting up facial recognition was quick and easy, and while it took a little longer to register its took face to unlock the tablet, a fingerprint technique since it seems more natural. That said, it’s not the 3D face recognition seen on iPhones and other smartphones, but at this price.


Software: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Galaxy Tab S7’s 8-megapixel back camera and 5MP front camera seem impressive on paper, but to achieve excellent results with them. The market of inexpensive Android tablets has needed a competition like the Galaxy Tab A7 outside of Apple’s gated zone. Unlike the Fire HD 10, which operates on Fire OS, a version of Android, this tablet runs on plain Android. This means you can utilize all of Google’s apps, which means you’ll get actual Gmail and YouTube instead of just rudimentary old versions of each.

The UI is another significant distinction between genuine Android tablets and Amazon‘s Fire slates. If you buy a Fire tablet, you’re agreeing to have a flood of Amazon material blasted at you from nearly every screen. That’s especially true for the lock screen, which has advertising unless you spend $15 to remove them – Amazon used to call these “special offers,” but it appears to have understood that an ad is an ad no matter what you call it.

When it comes to apps, pure Android tablets like the Tab A7 and iPads are moving at a more level rate, though there’s a broad perception that developers put more energy into creating iPad app functions.

Is Galaxy Tab worth buying?

However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A provides amazing value, particularly for people who simply want to catch up on emails, watch Netflix, or surf the web. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A line is wholeheartedly endorsed as one of the best affordable tablets available since its performance and quality outperform comparable models.

Is Samsung Tab A7 good for gaming?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a brilliant gadget that combines the capability you’d expect from a games console tablet with a price that won’t break the bank. In comparison to its entry-level competition, the battery life is exceptional. Even if the visuals aren’t the finest, the performance is adequate.


Samsung has been planning to release a tablet similar to the Galaxy Tab A7 for several years. Apple’s domination in the tablet market has made the iPad the de-facto choice has been, to put it mildly, dull. The Tab A7 is priced at $100 cheaper than the iPad but has a fairly impressive collection of capabilities, including face recognition.

More significantly, the Galaxy Tab A7 for its incredible battery life and tiny bezels, giving it the durability and smaller area that a tablet requires. If only its screen had been a little brighter and its CPU a little faster, it could have knocked the iPad off of the top of a mountain.

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