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Samsung One UI 5- A new face of Samsung!


Samsung offers various smartphones at various price points, but each model shares the Samsung One UI 5 software written by the firm. Each Android phone maker develops a unique “skin” applied on top of Android. This implies that each brand’s software has a distinct look and feel that enables them to incorporate features and design elements that aid in differentiation.

Samsung has secretly released its Android 13 beta in a select group of countries after exclusively confirming several new features and capabilities in an early Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta version. There seem to be all of the most significant and significant new additions.

The time of release

Time of Release of Samsung One UI 5

When Google built their version of Android, which typically dictates when Samsung One UI 5 is published, it was ready for activities and actions with support. Despite the fact that it was introduced a few months ago, the consumers who own it at that time may often use it extremely securely. Samsung’s One UI 4 beta couldn’t be published until November 16, 2021, since Android 12 wouldn’t be available for Pixel smartphones until October 2021. However, the Samsung One UI 5 2022’s initial beta was accessible in July. You already have the upgrade if you have a recent Samsung phone, such as one from the S22 or S21 series.

Most people are now pleased with how Samsung One UI 5 is performing now that its issues have been fixed. Although its beta version was meant to uncover faults, several users reported issues with it. And if you are among of them, you already have gone through it, but it is no longer all that unpleasant.

New Bixby Text Call Feature

Firstly, the new Bixby text call feature is similar to Google Assistant. You can give a command to him at any time. Assume that you are working on a significant project and don’t have time to message your family that you won’t be able to come home early; you have to ask Bixby to message by your side, say “hey Bixby,” then tell him your command as ” text to … “, and it will act as per your command. And if in the case that you have two contacts from the same name, then it will give you the contacts; tap on the contact to which you want to send the message.

You have to express your message, and Bixby will write it from your speech. Bixby will not directly send it; it will ask you to check the message, and after the confirmation, you have to tap the send button. It’s that simple.

Modes and Routines feature

For the busiest businessman who lacks the time to adjust his phone’s settings, design, and layout to suit his job, the new Mode and Routine function is like a dream. Yes, this new function operates precisely as described, changing your phone’s settings based on your activity. This function will start your exercise playlist just like when you start working out; it is a helpful tool for all users.

Refined notifications

When receiving a call through the revamped pop-up call display, Samsung has improved the notifications in One UI 5 to be more straightforward, making them simple to read at a glance and providing more clearly defined answer and refuse options.

Easy and diverse customization

In Samsung One UI 5, Samsung introduces a new lock screen customization menu and additional options for distinctive themes. New clock faces, video backdrops, and other features are included of the upgrade. The backgrounds may be changed straight from the Lock screen, much like in iOS 16. Customization has been made simpler with the ability to alter the lock screen with a straightforward long tap. Changes may be made to the lock screen wallpaper and clock style, the notification display settings, the addition of particular widgets, and more. The majority of these choices were always accessible, but accessing them is now simpler.

Features that are upgraded in this new update

Samsung One UI 5 is still a ways off since Samsung phones have just recently started receiving One UI 4.1. The imaging department sees gradual gains over 4.0 thanks to enhancements to Samsung’s video and photo editor and the Gallery app.

Here are the changes which are better in Samsung One UI 5:

  • Smart Text Extraction
  • Modifications to the fingerprint animation
  • Enhancements in Smart Widgets
  • Calling enhancement
  • modifications in camera
  • Changes in settings

Smart Text Extraction

This brand-new function has been included in Samsung One UI 5. Any user will benefit from this tool, which will extract text from any image you select. This new functionality will be useful for you if you have papers that you need to copy and paste into a text or excel document. You may copy the whole text that is copied from the image and then paste it into a text document or an Excel spreadsheet. Is this not a helpful feature?

Modifications to the fingerprint animation

The in-display fingerprint motion is slightly better in One UI 5.0 Beta than it was in One UI 4.1. Instead of the typical outward ripple that occurs when the ripple is unlocked, a quicker “swirl” effect that spreads about is present as the ripple increases. On lighter backgrounds, this difference in aesthetics is more noticeable.

Enhancement in Smart Widgets

Enhancement in smart widgets in Samsung One UI 5

One UI 5.0 beta makes it even simpler to use the tremendous stackable widgets feature by allowing you to construct scrollable quick-look widgets by simply tapping on the top of a previous widget on your home screen. You must develop a specific “Smart Widget” that can be altered identically in One UI 4.1 and earlier.

Additionally, you can now put widgets in such a stack to automatically rotate depending on the direction of your Galaxy screen. The “Edit stack” button can be long-pressed and tapped to reveal additional settings, including a toggle that enables auto-rotation for widgets.

Calling Enhancements

Calling Enhancement

In calling enhancements, Samsung is giving us some significant changes in the following:

Excellent tiny pop-up UI
Short call notes
Customizable caller backgrounds

Excellent tiny pop-up UI

You’ll notice a new small pop-up UI with more visual components and a more apparent drop-down option for quick actions when you get an incoming call while using an app. The buttons for answering and declining are now available on the side, without text labels and moving images.

Short call notes

You can now easily take notes during a call by touching the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Any messages you make will be safe, but they include the caller’s name and the time and date of the incident. It’s unclear whether this function is exclusive to gadgets that support the S Pen.

Customizable caller backgrounds

With the standard Samsung dialer software, you can fully personalize the call backdrop photo on a contact-by-contact premise for the first time. You must go to Contacts, where you can choose a video background from four presets and enter a custom image in the “Edit” portion of the overflow menu.

Modifications in camera

The camera app also contains some of the changes which were an immense peace of mind:

Tools in pro mode



Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta is adding new functionality to the Samsung camera software, which is still among the most feature-rich for Android. It is now possible to automatically watermark your photographs on Samsung phones for the first time. The ability to tag your unique Galaxy model is also available, emulating the many Chinese devices, and you can almost totally modify picture watermark images with typeface and layout options.

Tools in Pro mode

There are some significant usability improvements in the Camera Pro mode. A histogram tool is now available. You can quickly reveal or hide this in your viewfinder using an icon. To assist you in controlling the light distribution inside the area your camera system is looking toward.

Additionally, each lens has an information screen providing information on the optimal shooting situations for using that particular focal length or lens. This might assist beginners in gaining a better knowledge of each lens while promoting experimentation.

Changes in Settings

In the settings, there are some of the changes which occur every time whenever every new version of Android is launched:

  • Connected device
  • Within Accounts and backup, the Guest mode
  • Easter egg for Android 13
  • Safety hub

Connected devices

The Settings menu has a unique “Connected devices” section that allows you to handle any external connections your phone may have rapidly. It also considers other items, such as Samsung DeX, previous inspection headsets, Link to Windows, and more.

Within Accounts and backup, the Guest Mode

Multi-user mode was eliminated by One UI for an unknown cause, and it has been felt like a glaring gap on Samsung devices for some time. The Accounts and Backup settings’ Guest Mode feature is back in Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta. Moreover, if you don’t want to use Knox, you may set up numerous users on one device with their apps and accounts, which is perfect for job and home accounts.

Easter egg for Android 13

There are lots of emojis in Android 13 Easter egg, this is available in Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta, and you can gain access by going to Settings > About phone > Software details > and clicking Android version. Simply set the clock to 1 o’clock at this point to be delighted by the Easter egg’s numerous bubbles. The bubbles will become random emojis if you press them for a long time. In contrast to Pixel phones, the Samsung emoji style is preferable, which provides the Easter egg with a somewhat off vibe.

Safety Hub

The Safety hub installed on Pixel devices is being added or imitated by Samsung. This new panel will alert you to any security concerns and suggest adjustments you may make to improve your overall on-device security. Additionally, it serves as a central location for all Galaxy device security and privacy settings.

What gadgets will have One UI 5?

Samsung has officially launched the Samsung One UI 5 public beta program for the Galaxy S22 series, which consists of the Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Android’s official release date is still 13 weeks away.

What is the most recent Samsung UI version?

The fourth version of One UI is One UI 4.0, based on Android 12. On November 16, 2021, it was available for the Galaxy S21 Series. Personalization, confidentiality, and accessibility to Samsung’s growing ecosystem are the main points of One UI 4. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, One UI 4.1, a minor update to One UI 4, was first given access.

S10 will receive Android 13?

Users of the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e won’t receive the Android 13 upgrade. These devices will need to run One UI 4.1, based on Android 12, for the remainder of their lives. One UI 5 on Android 13 is already the subject of rumours. The update will be available to the Galaxy S22 series first.


Samsung is now launching a new version of its own company as a new face of the company. It’s Samsung One UI 5. it has too many things which are having too many beneficial advancements, like a new call pop-up, a safety hub, also a watermarking facility. And also some funny changes as fresh Samsung 13 easter eggs, which are flooding with emojis.

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