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Searching for a new smartphone? These are the best Samsung phones of 2024!

galaxy phones
galaxy phones

If you’re looking for the best Samsung phones, go no further than the new Galaxy S22 variants. All three provide amazing new features — brilliant screens, superb performance, and enhanced cameras — while remaining in the same price range as the Galaxy S21 devices released a year ago.

But, as wonderful as those smartphones are — and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, in particular, is vying for a position among the finest phones – there are other enticing Samsung smartphones available at a variety of pricing points. From the more cheap Galaxy A mid models to Samsung’s foldable devices, there’s a phone on the list of top Samsung phones to fit your budget and needs.

Whatever model has piqued your interest, choosing the best Samsung phone for you boils down to determining what sort of phone you want and how much you’re ready to pay. Whatever the answers to those questions are, there is almost certainly a smartphone for you among the finest Samsung phones. If you do decide to buy one, be sure to read about what the first app you should install on your Samsung Galaxy phone is and how to safeguard it in the aftermath of the massive Samsung breach.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Phones

Do you want to get the greatest Samsung phone? Then go no farther than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the apex of Samsung’s new top phone series. The S22 Ultra tops our list by borrowing inspiration from an old familiar phone to Samsung aficionados – the design resembles a Galaxy Note model, even down to the slot for the integrated S Pen.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, however, is more than simply a replica of the Galaxy Note, as it features the brightest display we’ve ever seen, a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, and fantastic camera enhancements. The bigger sensor on the new Ultra’s primary camera allows in more light for improved low-light shooting, and we also enjoy the software upgrades, such as the more complex Portrait mode.

We wish the battery life was a little longer, but we do enjoy that Samsung has returned to 45W charging for this model. Overall, this is a good phone that should attract any Samsung fan looking for the greatest device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Samsung Phones

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, sandwiched between the low-cost Galaxy S22 and the feature-packed Galaxy S22 Ultra, is easy to ignore. But make no mistake: the Galaxy S22 Plus is a fantastic Samsung phone in and of itself. Owners of last year’s S21 Plus may not notice much of a difference, but if you’ve been using the same device for more than two years, the Galaxy S22 Plus can provide a premium experience without the Ultra’s exorbitant price tag.

The same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU drives the S22 Ultra, although the latter phone has more advanced camera features, the Galaxy S22 Plus can compete, especially in low-light shooting. You can also get the same brilliant display and quick 45W charging as the Galaxy S22 Ultra for $200 cheaper.

If you can’t afford the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Plus is the next best thing. It demonstrates once more that Samsung understands how to design a gadget with an inviting display.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung galaxy s22

As wonderful as the Galaxy S22 Ultra is, it has the second-highest beginning price of any new Samsung phone – only the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a higher starting price. While you definitely get what you invest for with the Ultra, the Galaxy S22 offers many of the same capabilities for hundreds of dollars less.

The Galaxy S22 features the same processor as the more costly S22 models, as well as a brighter display than its predecessor, albeit the S22 Ultra and S22 Plus outperform it. The cameras of the Galaxy S22 have also been enhanced by Samsung, which now captures superb low-light images as well as captivating portrait shots. Unlike other flagships in its price category, the Galaxy S22 includes a dedicated telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom.

You won’t get the rapid cable charging available in other Galaxy S22 versions, and the S22’s battery life falls short. However, for $799, this model strikes the appropriate blend of quality features and pricing.

Samsung Galaxy A53

samsung galaxy a53

With the Galaxy A53, Samsung demonstrates that it is serious about midrange phones. If you choose this model, you will receive a device with a 120Hz refresh rate and acceptable efficiency for hundreds less than what Samsung costs for one of its flagships.

Yes, the Galaxy A53’s $449 price tag implies certain sacrifices, such as a less capable Exynos 1280 CPU rather than the edge Snapdragon silicon featured in the Galaxy S22 series. We also wish Samsung hadn’t included a redundant macro camera with the A53’s lens array.

But the low price, the same as the Pixel 5a, is difficult to beat. Particularly, for a phone with a good design and a fair quantity of software updates. If you’re a Samsung enthusiast looking for a good deal, the Galaxy A53 is the phone to purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Phones

You don’t have to spend full price to access the Galaxy S21 lineup’s key features. The Galaxy S21 FE has a Snapdragon 888 engine, and a fast-refreshing display. Also, cameras can compete with the best photography phones for $100 less than the ordinary Galaxy S21.

There are certain drawbacks. This gadget has less RAM than other Galaxy S21 versions, and the sampling rate on the 6.4-inch display isn’t really adaptive – you must manually set it. This can have a negative impact on battery life.

Still, all else you’d want from a Samsung phone is available, but with a bigger screen than the basic S21. With a starting price of $799, the Galaxy S22 is only $100 more expensive than the Galaxy S21 FE. That’s not much to spend for a more modern phone, but if you can’t go much higher than $699, the Galaxy S21 FE still offers a variety of features for less than you’d expect to pay.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

galaxy a32

The Galaxy A53 is not Samsung’s most affordable 5G phone. That would be last year’s Galaxy A32 5G, a sub-$300 alternative with many of the features customers love about Galaxy phones but with certain costs shaved to keep the price low. The most significant drawback is the unimpressive display. In person, the size mixed with the low quality does not look well.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and want a phone with good photos, the Galaxy A32 5G is a good option. The A32 is hardly a little phone, thanks to its large 6.5-inch screen. It does, however, include a 5,000 mAh battery that lasts a very long period – about 12 hours in our tests with the variable refresh rate set. The Galaxy A32 will also last longer than many other low-cost alternatives, with Samsung offering three years of Android upgrades and 4 years of security fixes.

While there will be a newer variant available later in April, the Galaxy A33 will not be available outside of Europe. If the A53 is still too rich for your blood, the Galaxy A32 may be your only option.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the supreme Samsung flagship, and it is our current selection for the greatest Samsung phone. If you don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on a phone, the Galaxy S22 Plus offers a larger-screen smartphone at a lower price than the Ultra, while the Galaxy S22 offers even more savings, with the lowest pricing among Samsung flagships.

There are less expensive alternatives to the S22. The Galaxy S21 FE allows you to experience the major features of Samsung’s flagship range, despite being inspired by last year’s S21 series. The Galaxy A53 is a superior option, as it provides a powerful 5G phone for less than $500.

While the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 aren’t any longer the most recent models from Samsung, they do offer a new benefit. Samsung US has now announced that these phones will be available for a self-repair program in which you may obtain official parts and tools and fix common faults yourself.

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