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Spotify launches the new Vertical feed of TikTok music style!


Spotify is currently working on a new style of listening to music, the TikTok Style. Indeed TikTok is inspiring many apps. Here is everything you need to know about Spotify launching the new TikTok music style.

TikTok-Style way of listening to music

Several apps, like Instagram, Snap, YouTube, and even Netflix, have imitated the TikTok format with a vertical short video feed. And now even Spotify has joined the trend. Users can navigate through a vertical feed of music videos in the mobile app to locate something they like.

It is as of now testing another component called Discover in its app, which shows a vertical feed of music videos that users might scroll through and like or skip

It shows as a fourth tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Spotify app, between Home and Search.

Who noticed the feature first?

Chris Messina discovered the feature in the Spotify for iOS beta version. It is available on TestFlight. He discovered that when you tap at the new icon in the navigation toolbar it will take you to the video feed. You can then go through the feed by swiping up and down, similar to how you would on TikTok.

What the feature includes?

Through this feature, you may access a new vertical video experience by swiping up or down on a new button in the app’s tab bar, where they can watch short video clips. Also, you get two buttons: one to like the song and another to learn more about it.

Spotify, as indicated by Messina, would utilize one more existing thing called Canvas, which permits artists to create short motion pictures of their tunes. Albeit, this element was not preferred by numerous users.
Canvas, which was released in 2019, allows artists to make videos to complement their music on the Spotify app. Users had mixed reactions to the feature. Some claimed that they preferred to see only the static album art and found the movie and its continuous visuals irritating. Whereas, others said that they enjoyed it. Although, Canvas has made the users more likely to continue streaming, share tunes, or save tracks.

Where can you find the feature?

TikTok-Style way of listening to music

The feature could be accessed through the Discover option in the Navigation bar of the app. Spotify is prepared to build video features built with listener interest in mind. It wants to do it by leveraging the existing database of Canvas clips to explore interaction prospects and entice more artists to upload even more content to the platform.

When will everyone able to access the feature?

There was no information from Spotify regarding the TikTok-Style way of listening to music, vertical music video stream. However, the company said that they are exploring the idea of a vertical video feed. Although that doesn’t mean the feature will be available to everyone. Spotify didn’t give a clear answer to whether it will be available on both iOS and Android. Spotify regularly conducts a number of tests on a regular basis in order to improve the customer experience. Some of those experiments are then available in the main app whereas others are simply discarded.


Many top social networks such as Instagram (Reels), Snapchat (Spotlight), YouTube (Shorts), and Pinterest (Idea Pins) have adopted the TikTok format to gain user engagement. It has been deemed as a perfect format for content discovery. Even Netflix’s “Fast Laughs” feature has incorporated the short-form vertical video feed. It offers clips from its content library and facilities to save the programs to a watch list or just start streaming them. Similarly, Spotify has attempted to try this TikTok-Style way of listening to music. Even though it is still in the testing phase and is only available in the beta version of the app. There is no news confirmation about when it will be available in the app.

What are your thoughts about this new way of listening to music? Tell us in the comments section below.

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