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Cryptocurrency Why You Should Care?


What is Crypto?

Many people are interested in cryptocurrencies. They are looking for a way to make a profit from them. So if you are one of them, let me show you what I mean.

What do they really do? Is it safe to use them? How do I invest in them? Do they work? We will answer all your questions on cryptocurrencies in this article. So, if you want to know what are cryptocurrencies, you should read this article.

Cryptocurrencies are a way to pay for things online without the need for a bank account or any third-party payment service. This is because cryptocurrencies are decentralized. Decentralization means that there is no central entity that can manipulate the system. All transactions are recorded in a public ledger known as a blockchain, which is distributed to everyone who has a copy of the blockchain. Because there is no central authority, there is no need for a trusted third party to process transactions and ensure that the money is not being misused. There is no one person or company who can control it, and it cannot be controlled by any government. It was created by people who believe that the financial system needs to be changed to make it more fair and open. The result is that transactions are nearly instantaneous, and they cost much less than traditional methods.

This is a list of the top 10 reasons why one would invest in cryptocurrency.

Lets Look at all the benefits of Crypto

The Price Is Exploding!

If you want to make money on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then you need to do it sooner or later. If you have some time on your hands, it’s better to get in now than wait until the price has gone up even more.

You Can Turn Your Crypto into Cash

As a matter of fact, you can actually turn your crypto into cash at any point you want. There are a lot of websites that allow you to exchange your crypto for regular money. And as long as the exchange rate is favorable, you will make a profit.

You Get Free Money

Another great reason to invest in Bitcoin is that you get free money. While you can’t get free money from your bank, you can make money from Bitcoin without having to do any work.

Most exchanges offer you an opportunity to trade your crypto for money. For example, if you want to invest $5,000 in Bitcoin, then you can buy $5,000 worth of Bitcoin on, and then sell them on Binance for cash. If you want to invest $500,000, you can simply buy more Bitcoin on Binance.

You Get Tax Benefits

One of the best things about investing in Bitcoin is that you get tax benefits. Because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, it does not have a central bank that issues the currency. And as such, there are no taxes on the profits.

You don’t even need to pay taxes on the gains that you make from trading the currency. But it’s still very important to keep track of your taxes, so you can make sure that you’re paying them correctly. We are seeing recently some states have started taxing the crypto income.

You Have a Profitable Business

If you have a business, then you might also want to consider investing in cryptocurrency. Many people use cryptocurrencies as a way to pay their bills, and if you use your money for something that is profitable, then you should be able to make a profit.

And if you are already making a profit, then you will be able to make more money by investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Now, let’s Look at the cons of Crypto

The market for cryptocurrencies has exploded in the last few years, but some people still don’t understand how they work. This can lead to serious losses for investors who don’t know what they’re doing. So if you’re thinking about investing in Bitcoin or other types of crypto, read this first before you do.

The Government Might Stop You

The government may want to make a crackdown on Bitcoin, and that could hurt your profits, Many economies are actively looking for ways to legalize or ban the Crypto, China has recently banned many activities related to Crypto.

Very High Volatility

You Could Lose All Your Money If you invest without researching the market, you could lose everything you have. The Crypto market is very sensitive and extremely volatile and any minor news can disrupt the market.

Limited Spending exposure 

So if you have a lot of Crypto in your pocket you may be limited to what you can buy as Crypto is a growing market and not everyone is accepting Crypto however some countries have now legalized Crypto so you may be able to use Crypto on multiple platforms. You Could Ruin Your Credit You’ll want to make sure you don’t ruin your credit by using Bitcoin to pay off bills.

Risk of Wallet Theft or Company Goes bust

Your Crypto Investments Might be Locked Up Your investments could be stuck in the wallet if the wallet provider goes out of business. there are some companies who managed to come back even after the hacking attempt but we do have some examples where companies lost millions to the hacker and there is no trace. 

Uncertainty of Crypto

Uncertainty of Crypto is very high and you don’t have any guarantee or reassurance that crypto will remain stable as there are 1000s of crypto popping up every day and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot the right one. 6. You Won’t Get The Returns You Want When it comes to crypto, you’ll only get returns if the market goes up, and you’ll only lose money if the market drops. If you want to profit from a currency, then you’re better off investing in traditional markets. 


Bitcoin is still a currency, and you can make money by investing in it. But make sure you know what you’re doing before you invest because it could be hard to undo your mistake if something goes wrong. But there are people who have made millions by investing in Bitcoin, so it’s definitely possible if you do your research.

So, this is the end of today’s article, hope you find this helpful, and also I would like to hear back from you if it helped you or not. You can leave your feedback in the comment section below, I will be happy to reply to each one of them, and don’t forget to share with friends so they can also benefit.



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