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New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!


Nintendo presented the Nintendo OLED mannequin model, a Change with an upgraded show, dock, and kickstand that was delivered on October 8, 2021. Nintendo’s modern model of the Change, or the Change V2 as certain retailers examine with it, was first affirmed up on retailer cabinets in August 2019. You basically can’t advise the difference between the interesting Nintendo Change mannequin model and the Nintendo Change V2 when situated next to each other until you investigate their mannequin model numbers. The biggest change is that the brand new mannequin model permits you to play as much as 9 hours, a limitless enchantment from the special’s way to exclusively accomplish as much as six and a half hours. Curious to know what various variations there are between the Nintendo Switch v2 vs the original? Here’s how!

Portable gaming

Nintendo Switch v2 vs original

The Nintendo Switch permits you to play your number one games on TV, in handheld mode. There are a great many games for you to play, going anyplace from kid-friendly multiplayer to extreme action RPGs. Take it with you and play it in a hurry.

Designed differently from the original?

Nintendo Switch v2 vs original

After opening the box, the only prompt distinction, besides the new model number, was the new look of the Joy-Cons and principle console.

If you remove the shell around the fundamental console and compare the interior and the first Switch. The greatest changes happen with the system-on-chip (SoC) and the NAND memory or flash storage.


Nintendo Switch v2 vs original
New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original! 10

New Switch V2 Screen is marginally brighter and emits a warmer colour than the original one.

It’s truly not excessively recognizable, however. Something else, the resolution between the two devices has all the earmarks of being something similar.

Screen-wise, the one significant change is that the new Nintendo Switch’s screen is most certainly energized in an unexpected way. This makes it harder to see the screen outside while wearing shades, yet that’s the long and short of it.


There’s been no change to the sound hardware utilized in the new Nintendo Switch. In like manner, there’s no change to how you can and can’t interface headphones to the Switch.

Any headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack or USB-C can associate with the Switch. In any case, you can’t pair Bluetooth headphones to the Switch. For that, you actually need to utilize a Bluetooth transmitter. You can get one that interfaces by means of the headphone jack. It tends to be associated while docked or charging the Switch. In any case, will dangle unless you secure it.

Or get a Bluetooth transmitter that associates through USB-C. They associate with the USB-C port on the base. Also, are simpler to manage in handheld mode. However, you can’t dock with them. Nor would you be able to charge the Switch and listen in at the equivalent time.


Nintendo updated the new Nintendo Switch with a few new hardware components.

ComponentOriginal Nintendo SwitchNew Nintendo Switch
StorageSamsung KLMBG2JENB-B041 (32GB eMMC)

SK Hynix H26M62002JPR (32GB eMMC)
MemorySamsung K4F6E304HB-MGCH 2 GB LPDDR4 DRAM x2 (4GB)Samsung K4U6E3S4AM-MGCJ 2 GB LPDDR4x DRAM x2 (4GB)
PMICMaxim Integrated MAX77620AEWJ+TMaxim Integrated MAX77812
Wi-Fi/BluetoothBroadcom BCM4356XKUBG
DisplayInnoLux P062CCA-AZ1InnoLux P062CCA-AZ2
AudioRealtek ALC5639Realtek ALC5639

The SoC (system-on-chip, CPU, and GPU combo) is certainly an NVIDIA Tegra. Created with a smaller die, reasonable going from 20mm to 16mm. This decreases cost and increases productivity. It is believed to be the new Tegra X1 Mariko (the first Switch utilizes the Tegra X1 Logan). The updated Mariko would give a large part of the power efficiencies found in the new Switch. Eurogamer has an extraordinary piece enumerating the Tegra X1 upgrade.

The storage and memory have additionally both changed. The amounts are something similar (32GB storage, 4GB RAM). However, the new hardware is likewise more power-effective. Including more potential playtime top of the SoC upgrade.

PMIC = power management integrated circuit. It controls the stream and direction of electrical power.

The motherboard was additionally updated. To accommodate the new hardware. It might likewise add to the power proficiency absolute. Different chips have different model numbers, yet nothing significant.

Size and Weight

The two control centres are equivalent in size.

The new console weighed 0.5 ounces (14 grams), not exactly the old console. On being weighed them with and without Joy-Cons appended, got the equivalent result.

So if upgrading the new console might feel somewhat lighter in your hands. Since it is, yet not by much.

Nintendo Switch v2 vs Original: Battery and Play Time

The new Nintendo Switch utilizes a similar size and sort of battery as the first model. Be that as it may, Nintendo states the new model can play for 4 to 9 hours. What’s more, plays Zelda: Breath of the Wild for up to 5.5 hours with decreased settings.

Looking at New and Old Nintendo Switch Play Times

 New Nintendo Switch, Stress TestOriginal Nintendo Switch, Stress TestNew Nintendo Switch, Travel TestOriginal Nintendo Switch, Travel Test
Conditions:Korok Forest
Screen Brightness: 100%
Auto-Brightness: Off
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: On
Screen Brightness: 100%
Auto-Brightness: Off
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: On
Cliff at the start of the game
Screen Brightness: 75%
Auto-Brightness: On
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Off
Screen Brightness: 66%
Auto-Brightness: On
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Off
Play Time:3:432:365:143:06

Testing of the new Switch shows the further developed battery life. Because of expanded power effectiveness from the new hardware found inside. The new model is 29-33% more effective. Bringing about a 39-80% increase in playtime. It will likewise expand how much playtime a power bank will give you, as it consumes less power from any source.

Nintendo Switch v2 vs original:Accessories

Aside from the updated Joy-Cons, the included accessories are something very similar. The dock and AC adapter have similar model numbers. What’s more, similar specs. They are additionally viable with an older model Switch. What’s more, vice versa.

The HDMI link appears to be more black. Where the first Switch had a dark grey cable.

The same Joy-Con grip (non-charging version) and Joy-Con safety belts are likewise included.

Nintendo Switch v2 vs original

The Joy-Cons

If you remove the shell from the new model’s Joy-Cons and look inside, you’ll see a couple of changes. For a certain something, the antenna has been moved to another area; this prevents connectivity issues experienced with older Joy-Con models.

Controller drift issues!

New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!

Amazingly, there have been reported cases of controller drift with the new Switch V2. It bodes well, considering that when opening up the new Joy-Cons and glancing around, the actual joysticks didn’t appear to be vastly different from the originals. On that note, there have also been reports of joystick drift for the Nintendo Switch Lite, which doesn’t have removable Joy-Cons. If you experience drift issues on the smaller Switch, you will need to send in your whole gaming system to Nintendo for maintenance rather than sending in a Joy-Con.

In case you’re requiring a Nintendo Switch anyway. You are concerned about Joy-Con float issues, we suggest purchasing Nintendo’s official Pro Controller, or if you need something more affordable. This outsider regulator supports movement controls like the Tutuo Joy-Pad Wireless Controllers. Incredibly, uncontrolled joystick drift isn’t typical on these imitation gamepads.

Which to get new Switch V2 or the Switch Lite?

As a matter of first importance, if you haven’t purchased a Switch yet, go for the bigger console. The Switch Lite’s splendid colours and brighter sticker price are certainly engaging. Besides, you’ll be capable to play more Switch games and will not need to stress about missing out on the best Nintendo Switch games due to compatibility issues. At long last, the further developed battery life and hybrid abilities truly do the new Switch V2 worth purchasing.

New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!

Presently, if you currently own the original Switch and you like further developed battery life, consider putting resources into a portable battery rather than buying the new Switch. Then, you will have the option to play your gaming system longer in a hurry without dishing out another $300. Obviously, if you’re experiencing severe availability issues with your Joy-Cons, getting the new Joy-Cons could assist you with excursion in such a manner.

Nintendo Switch v2 vs Original: Which one to choose ?

New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!
New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!

Concluding whether to get the Switch OLED model or the Switch V2 is really a harder choice to make. Both the Switch V2 and the new OLED model are significant upgrades from the original Switch as the two of them have that further developed battery life. Be that as it may, jumping from the Switch V2 to the OLED model doesn’t have close to as significant upgrades. The OLED model doesn’t have a more significant standard, at any rate, that show gives it more energetic and new colours than the Switch V2 has.

The OLED model has a significantly better kickstand from the console’s backside. Finally, the OLED model dock has been improved to include a LAN port for an immediate internet connection. Sadly, you’ll need to pay an extra $50 for the OLED model contrasted and the Switch V2. Presently, the Switch V2 is a totally fine console and will work for any home. It had discharged October 8, 2021, and Switch OLED model preorders have opened.


New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!
New Nintendo Switch V2 compared to the original!

Consistent with Nintendo style, the upgraded model’s bundling design is subtly different from the first packaging. There’s nothing to make clear it contains a newer version of Nintendo’s hardware.

You’ll search for a Nintendo Switch box with a red background. Likewise, when holding the Switch, if you check the model number on the rear of the Switch, the new model number should read HAC-001 (- 01), as opposed to the original’s number of basically HAC-001. Essentially, be cautioned that it’s absurdly difficult for specific retailers to tell whether you’re buying the new or old Switch when shopping on the web.

Things to consider before purchasing Nintendo:

Here are a few tips you should consider before purchasing Nintendo:

  • Just buy from trusted sellers: To protect yourself from many scams, buy from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or other trusted sellers.
  • The Nintendo Switch sells for $300: The MSRP for the Nintendo Switch is generally $300. You’ll realize somebody is a gouger if they’re selling for more than that.
  • If a Switch cost is unrealistic, don’t buy it: If you see a Nintendo Switch selling from a third-party merchant at a much lower cost than $300, it’s a scam. These devices are in excessively high demand for any trust seller to sell beneath that cost. You’ll just wind up losing cash and not receiving anything in return.
  • Use Stock Informer:: If you’re making some tough time discovering the Nintendo Switch in stock, use Stock Informer. This assistance sends stock alert notifications so you can buy from a trusted sellers.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is over a month away, yet there’s one new piece of Nintendo hardware you can get now. The so-called V2 version of the dockable Switch has quietly made its way into stores, and specific individuals are in any event, exchanging their unique hardware for the new model. The V2 version of the Switch can be identified by its red box and interesting, unique serial number.

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