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Everything about Pokemon sword and shield for Nintendo switch!


Pokemon has lasted two decades, eight generations, and more than two dozen major games, including remakes and expanded versions, for Nintendo handheld platforms. Each one takes the same route. You go through a region, catching and training Pokemon, defeating eight gym trainers, and then defeating the region’s champion. It’s easy, predictable, and pleasant. Pokemon is a gaming comfort, and the latest Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch are Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Moreover, these $59.99 games are the newest core Pokemon video games introduced in the eighth generation of Pokemon. With the greatest visuals, the series has ever seen. You won’t notice any significant differences in gameplay. But both versions will satisfy your urge to catch cute Pokemon and train them to combat. From my visualization, it has too many things to discover. Pokemon sword and shield can become one of the best games in the Pokemon industry.

Welcome to Galar region

Welcome to Galar region of pokemon sword and shield

Firstly, Pokemon sword and shield have a new region ”Galar”. This is based in the United Kingdom. This influences some of the landscape, buildings, and language. The Galar region of pokemon sword and shield has new energy named ”Dynamax” which is created by a “wishing star” asteroid that falls from the sky. The asteroid created a massive amount of energy. However, in regions where the energy is exceptionally strong, this energy powers Galar and allows a new Pokemon battle feature called Dynamaxing.

Dynamax can transform your usually human-sized  Pokemon into a gigantic pokemon with new stats and attacks. From the time your Pokeball increases to the size of a beach ball. Before you launch it with two hands to create a Pokemon kaiju, it’s aesthetically stunning.

Dynamax operates similarly to Mega Evolutions in previous Pokemon games. In that, your Pokemon changes form and gains more power for a few minutes before returning to normal. However, the only difference is that you can only use Dynamax in specific locations such as Pokemon stadiums. This new feature is only in Pokemon sword and shield.

For a pleasant change of pace, you can face Dynamaxed wild Pokemon. However, you can only bring one of your Pokemon into these battles against gigantic Pokemon. But it can Dynamax, and you’re joined by three friends or software trainers to fight alongside you. Turning it into a raid battle of sorts. In pokemon sword and shield, you can catch wild pokemon and train them to become your companion in other battles.

If you want to buy the Pokemon sword for Nintendo switch:

If you want to buy the pokemon shield for Nintendo switch:


Satrters of galar region

Pokemon Sword and Shield, like all other main duos in the series, allows you to select one of three Pokémon as your starter. Of course, Sword and Shield will make this early decision extremely difficult for you. All three of the starters are adorable.

Water style: The water-style starter of Pokemon sword and shield is Sobble. However, Sobble is a sad little lizard who seems to be unable to believe what it is witnessing. It was chosen as one of the starters by the Pokémon Company.

Fire style: The fire-style starter of Pokemon sword and shield is Scorbunny. However, scorbunny is a cute rabbit with an immense amount of energy in it. It is also chosen as one of the starters in Pokemon sword and shield.

Grass style: The Grass-style starter of Pokemon sword and shield is Grookey. Grookey is a Pokémon that looks like a monkey and has an innate curiosity. It is also in three of the starters.

The eight Gym Leaders of Pokemon sword and shield

The Eight Gym Leaders of Pokemon sword and shield

The structure of Pokemon Sword and Shield follows the series’ traditions. You take the role of a new trainer who should grow and develop one of three Pokemon (a fire, grass, or water type specific to the region) and defeat eight gym leaders across the region before meeting the champion and becoming the new champion. You’re attacked by a criminal organization while doing so. You ultimately go on a mission to save the country. It’s standard Pokemon material.

However, there are a few minimal changes that make the concept feel at least a bit unique. The gym challenge is a formal athletic event in Galar, and it adds a competitive element to the events that earlier Pokemon games lacked.

Rather than the standard Elite Four boss rush seen in every other Pokemon game. It ends in a tournament-style battle with trainers before facing the champion. Also, Team Yell. The antagonistic group is more of a rowdy nuisance than pure evil. It’s the Pokemon version of soccer hooligans rooting for their favorite trainer to win.


Dynamax of Pokemon sword and shield

The Dynamax transformation is the most significant new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You have the ability to transform one of your Pokemon into a gigantic pokemon with more powerful moves once for each battle. This effect is similar to the transformations seen in the 3DS games. Although it lasts only three rounds.

To convert your Pokemon, you’ll need a special Dynamax Band item. You can see an additional effect added to their attacks when they use their Max Moves.

The game will also have a comparable event known as “Gigantamax.” Certain Pokemon will grow in size, gain access to a special “G-Max Move,” and also have their look changed as a result of this.

Legendaries of Pokemon sword and shield

Legandaries of Pokemon sword and shield

Legendary Pokemon have been featured on the covers of each major game by the Pokemon Company. The key art for Sword and Shield didn’t look to be clear at first, but it was in fact.

Zacian and Zamazenta are the two legendary Pokemon you’ll be able to gain. This may vary depending on the game you choose. They each have a sword and shield, with Zacian wielding the weapon in its jaws like a Dark Souls monster. They’re both wolves, as the game’s art has already revealed.


The pokemon sword and shield come with an amazing feature “Dynamax” I personally love this feature. Also, this feature can give your pokemon new stats, new moves, and a new personality. The galar region has three types of starters Fire, grass, and water. They all are best in their types sobble is a sab lizard with the ability of Water. Scorbunny is a rabbit with an immense amount of energy and has the ability to use fire. And Grookey is a monkey with an ability of grass. Moreover, the game has too many features that can’t be explained. You can purchase these games with the help of Amazon.

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